Why Supporting Christian Media and Christian Movies Is Important !

Our Christian Faith Needs the help of Media. Many Christians complain about the Negative influences of Mainstream Media on our youth but what really are we doing about it ? Are we getting rid of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon and replacing it with a great Alternative to Netflix like Crossflix? Not really because Main Stream Streaming Channels have hundreds of Millions of Subscribers while Christian Streaming Channels have less than 500,000 Subscribers. Some Christians may complain that the Christian Streaming Channels don’t have the best Prime Content but in large part that’s because they don’t have the Subscriber base to be able to acquire or produce Prime Content, Christian Streaming Channels like Crossflix negotiate with Major Mainstream Distributors to acquire Prime Content but the reality of it is that Mainstream Film Distributors who control the licenses to some of the best Christian Movies refuse to be reasonable with Christian Streaming Channels and ask the same money to license content as they would from a Streaming Channel like Netflix which has over 100,000,000 Subscribers.

We, Christian Streaming Channels do the best we can to license and produce the best Christian content that our money could buy but the key to getting the very best content is for Christians to Subscribe in large  numbers to Channels like Crossflix so that we can acquire the Best Christian Content.

To those of you who support us, God Bless you.

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