Watching Christian Movies Is One Habit Children Could Treasure For A Lifetime

When God gave us the precious gift of becoming a parent , it becomes our responsibility that our kids will grow up to become good and God fearing members of our community.
Raising faith centered kids in this era is one tough task due to the huge influence of social media in our everyday lives.
With just a click of a finger, your children can easily view various forms of entertainment online most of which promote violence and hate.
The task of becoming a good parent in the era of the “Millenials” might be hard but it can still be done because God put your children in your hands, you need to make wise choices that will be most pleasing to God.
One of the best and most effective ways to raise our kids is to allow them access to wholesome and Jesus Christ centered entertainment at a young age.
Our children might not like the idea of watching Christian movies instead of their favorite Hollywood flicks but I guarantee you they will treasure it in their lifetime.
As parents we should train our children to appreciate Jesus Christ themed movies than the usual worldly films so that wholesome values will be inculcated in their heart while they are still young.
When children learn the value of self denial, sacrifice and helping others it will go a long way in their growth as an adult in the future.
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Our children are the hope of our land, let’s make sure they will grow up to become good citizens in our society by allowing them unlimited access to Jesus Christ themed shows during their free-time.
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