Unlike other Streaming Channels Crossflix refuses to Get Political

Crossflix was created to help spread the Word of the Gospel by using Movies, Educational videos such as the “Living Bible Series” where young and passionate Pastors explain the meaning of the passages of the Bible from Creation to Revelations.  Many of the films hosted on Crossflix are about real people and true stories that all have some kind of lesson or inspiration within them.  Crossflix is more Faith Focused than other Christian Streaming Channels and we aim to stay politically neutral for we believe how you vote is between you and God.

In today’s world that is hard to find.  For example recently Netflix hired The Obama’s to provide the Channel with Exclusive Content and they also hired Susan Rice the former U.N. Ambassador during The Obama’s administration, who many believe that she deceived the American Public in reference to the Benghazi incident as she originally stated that the killing of Americans in Benghazi was not a terrorist act but rather the result of an Islamic backlash to American Movies.

Some looking at this picture might say that because of this Netflix Streaming Channel is getting too political and the politics will be reflected in the Content. While we have nothing against either The Obama’s nor Ms. Rice however, we do feel that hiring partisan people to either produce content or to sit on one’s Board of Director’s is inappropriate.

Crossflix is a Christian Movie Channel and a Christian Educational Channel that inspires. The only side we will ever take at Crossflix is to spread God’s Word through entertainment and educational content. We pray that everyone that subscribes to Crossflix will enjoy it and will spread the Word about our Christian Streaming Channel. God Bless !