Unconditional Movie Review

Unconditional Movie Review: A Story of Walking Past the Clouds in Life

Inspired by a true story, Unconditional is a drama film released in 2012 with an aim of encouraging its audience to reach out and serve others.

The film revolved around Sam and Joe who were childhood friends. The story started with Sam narrating about her husband getting killed and how it pained her to lose him to the point that she wanted to kill herself.

All of us at one point in our lives have lost a loved one regardless of kinship. The grieving process is truly difficult to endure. Some people’s hurts take far longer than others. What hurts the most is losing someone and not knowing how it is to live without the one that was lost such as in the case of Sam.

Just as when Sam was about to shoot herself in a dark alley, she heard kids being chased in the streets until one got hit by a car. Sam brought the kids to the hospital where by chance, she meets Joe again after 20 years.

Joe’s role was like a guardian to children with no father in their underdeveloped small community. The hospital scenes in this film showed us the gesture of looking out for someone not related to us. It is a good example of serving others.

Another way is how Joe spends some time to sit down and teach kids about caring for one another. He demonstrated that being a guardian and a teacher is a free opportunity for everyone who is up for the role. He acts as a father even when he has no child of his own. He is a like a teacher outside the confines of school. His intention was clear and that is making a difference in the children’s upbringing whether they have parents or not to guide them.

On a personal note, Joe’s kidneys have already shut down and relied on Dialysis. He told Sam about being on top of his class in Engineering, having a nice job, got influenced by friends to hack a bank and this failed attempt led him to spending 8 years in prison where he got consumed by pride and ego because his father left him, asked God’s forgiveness during his 40 days solitary period until he got released from prison and became part of the community.

The hills and valleys in our life’s course are part of our life’s purpose. Sam thought the death of her husband is her dead-end but Joe made her realize through his life story that it isn’t a dead-end if it takes her somewhere she needed to go. That’s pressing forward despite trials that come our way. It will always be our choice whether we make ourselves a better person out of it or otherwise.

Taking the entirety of the film into account, the core message is that no storm can take the sun away as much as God’s love for each one of us is constant. We just need to walk past the clouds in order for us to see the sunshine again.

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