The Young Messiah

The Young Messiah: A Glimpse of Jesus’ Childhood

We have seen many stories about the life of Jesus in the film, but an account of what his childhood could be like is what inspires The Young Messiah.

The story began with a Jewish girl playing with Jesus who was then about seven years old. A bigger kid teased and hit him for playing with a girl. A tall man in black cloak appeared and threw an apple to trip the kid, so Jesus gets blamed for his immediate death. Mary pulled Jesus from the crowd and locked the door. Jesus’ cousin asked if he can restore the kid’s life the way he did with the dead bird. Jesus sneaked out and prayed for the dead kid who woke up still angry at him.

The elders presumed that Jesus might be evil, so Joseph decided to leave Egypt and take his family to Nazareth. Both Joseph and Mary knew that at all cost, they are there to protect Jesus. At the slightest incident that may cast doubts about Jesus’ powers, they flee to secure his safety.

This narrative showed us common scenarios in those days. Roman soldiers easily wield their swords to kill anyone they suspect as rebels, so Joseph exclaims that they are travellers.

Two notable highlights worth noting in this film were the devil whispering to Jesus that his mother is a whore and father is a liar. The young Jesus was firm in telling the devil not to touch him, and that scene captured Jesus’ authority over him. It reminds us that the devil can influence bad thoughts to come to our minds that can lead to bad deeds, but he cannot harm us when we are firm believers that we are children of God. Another compelling scene was Jesus’ answering the rabbis at the temple in Jerusalem. A rabbi asked if God was a carpenter. He replied God gave Noah the dimensions for the ark and directions for building the temple. Jesus reminded us of how God’s guidance works for the chosen ones.

The culminating scene happened when Jesus stood face to face with the Roman soldier Severus. The devil whispered to his ear to go and kill the boy. But Jesus, looking at him, made him feel his power, so he let Jesus and his parents go.

Towards the end, Mary explained to Jesus that He is the begotten Son of God. He goes on top of the hill to accept and claim He is the child of God. A kind, humble, obedient and smart child preparing to become The Messiah to humanity.

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