The Way Home: A Christian Movie Review

The Way Home: A Reminder of Priorities in Life and Goodness in People

This top Christian movie, The Way Home has a heartwarming message about priority setting and seeing the goodness in people. This top Christian movie is unique because it has no antagonist. It has a simple plot and yet, it has brought forward emotions we can relate to so we can realize what matters most to us.

Main character Randy Simpkins was more preoccupied with workload over family to the disdain of his wife Crystal. Because of this, Crystal wanted them to go on a family vacation. The couple was arranging items in the van when their 2-year-old son Joe asked his dad if they can bring along the black Labrador named Cleo. Randy gently refused then went inside the house to check emails on his laptop leaving the boy and the dog playing in the driveway. In just a few minutes, they disappeared. The couple panicked. Crystal blamed Randy that had he tucked Joe into the van then he could not have wandered off. These scenes remind us to balance commitment towards job and family.

The Simpkins property is a 5-acre land, and for a 2-year-old boy, the area was treacherous. Some parts looked like a forest, having small lakes and swampy areas. There are areas littered with construction materials, equipment and debris. The land description may represent roadblocks in our personal and professional lives. Clearing the litter may give us a better perspective on which direction we choose to go.

One poignant scene worth noting was when Randy fell on his knees in the middle of the woods and prayed to God. He asked for signs to lead him to find his son and to let him not be dead. This scene reminds us that we can turn to God when we are feeling distraught, confused and hurt. Hurting is inevitable. However, lifting our hurts to God allows us to bravely face an emotionally draining situation such as in this story.

The Community Helping Each Other

The film highlights how the townsfolk, the police, firefighters and church-workers came together to search for Joe. It showed us the goodness in people. Some joined to pray with Crystal and gave moral support. At most times, we need words of encouragement to keep our faith and hope anchored. The help extended to us adds up to the spiritual strength we need during our times of desperation.

A retired engineer named Ed Walker joined the search party in spite of walking with a stick because for him, finding Joe unharmed was like saving his younger brother that he failed to do when he died on a road accident a long time ago. He felt released from self-imposed guilt upon seeing the boy.

The reunion scene was indeed a joyous moment for everyone. It’s like finding a treasure like gold. Nothing is more valuable than seeing a lost child, much like we are to Our Father in Heaven.