The Passion of the Christ and Its Essence to Christian Faith

The Passion of the Christ

The much talked about as the most violent and controversial film in 2004 is The Passion of the Christ. The story walks us through the part in the Bible that describes the suffering and pain in the remaining hours of Jesus Christ on the day he was crucified in Jerusalem. From the moment of his handover to the Roman guards until his death on the cross, the horrendous beatings were vividly reenacted right before our very eyes. The faith based christian movie provided a visualization of Jesus’ suffering that left a powerful message for its audience. It allowed a deeper sense for us to ponder why and how Jesus’ death is essential to redeem the sinners of this world.

For this review, let’s focus on scenes where we can pull life lessons and connect them to Christian faith.

The scene in the Garden of Gethsemane showed us an example of how to wholeheartedly pray to God in the midst of a life crisis. No one gets exempted from fighting our own demons that come in different faces. In this film, Satan was played by a female. The way she tempted Jesus showed her envy and jealousy of his significance to God the Father. Her pride tested Jesus to submit to her which he successfully resisted. It is in the same manner that believers can use the power of prayer to overthrow the demons that corrupt our daily lives. It may also come through to us in the form of the seven deadly sins that by faith, we can also resist.

Judas’ behavior is common among us. He is vulnerable, easily swayed to take the safer side for himself without consideration for others and later, becomes remorseful due to guilt. Meanwhile, Peter’s impulsive actions when he cuts off the ear of the Roman guard Malchus and denying knowing Jesus in the crowd in the Temple showed us cowardice when caught up in the middle ground. By embedded faith, both behavior we can put under self-control before we plunge into unfavorable situations.

The Roman governor Pontius Pilate and Jewish high priest Caiaphas represent like modern day clashes between the State and the Church. They will always oppose each other as to who has the final say when it comes to deciding for the people under their hands. Their decisions may impact our place in a society. However, it is still our walk of faith that guides and guards us to become an effective model of Christianity.

Overall, the film was able to send an impactful meaning of Christian faith through Jesus Christ’s suffering, pain and death on the cross. Overcoming death meant overpowering the wages of sin in mankind.

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