The 15 Best Christian Movies to Watch on New Year’s Eve of 2019

This holiday season you and your whole family can sit together and watch great Christian movies. This article has top 15 best Christian movies you can watch this New Year’s Eve.

1. Homeless for the Holidays

This movie is about a person who lives a happy life, but bad things start happening. The movie is a great experience to thank for everything you have been given by the Lord this holiday season.

2. Like A Country Song

The movie revolves around a character who is a country singer. He doesn’t care about his fame and parties a lot. The story is about how he finds his success back and finds his father in the process.

3. Gallows Road

This movie has a story of guilt of committing a crime and fighting the inner demons. The male protagonist gets help from his brother who helps him understand the power of God.

4. Savannah

This true story is about a man Ward Allen. During the 1900s, he left everything behind to live in Savannah.

5. The Way Home

The Way Home is another true, inspirational story that shows family values and the search for a missing 2-year old boy.

6. The Light of Freedom

The story beautifully depicts the battle for freedom during the period of 1861. The Union Army’s involvement in the Civil War starts, while the Underground Railroad is fighting for their freedom.

7. War Flowers

Another war movie showcasing a beautiful story of a mother and daughter. They struggle to survive amidst the raging Civil War.

8. Faith’s Song

This is a great story about a girl who loses her parents in a car accident. She has to live with her relatives. But the relatives have different views regarding faith. It is one of the best Christian kids movies you can watch this new year.

9. In His Steps

The movie is about a man who is homeless and interrupts the smooth routine of a church. The changes in lives are depicted beautifully in the connection with Christian values.

10. Fathers

One of the most celebrated Christian children movies, Fathers is about 4 men who are searching for meaning in their life.

11. Beyond Acceptance

The movie showcases the struggles and acceptance of a foster kid in a family.

12. Revive Us

The concept of prayer, worship, and faith become clearer with the explanation offered by Kirk Cameron to the whole nation.

13. The Last Straw

The mom follows a tradition of making a straw bed for Baby Jesus. Each straw reflects a good deed done secretly by someone in the family for another member of the family. The last straw changes a lot for the family bringing them closer.

14. Lost in Wilderness

Lost in Wilderness is about 4 adventurers who want to find their family relic, but have to struggle with the wilderness and each other as well.

15. Molokai

Father Damien travels to the Molokai Island to minister. The island is where the exiled lepers live.

Get your popcorn buckets ready and enjoy all these Christian movies this New Year’s eve.