Romero: An Archbishop’s Life as the Voice of the Church and its People


Romero: An Archbishop’s Life as the Voice of the Church and its People

The film Romero released in 1989 tells a biopic of a Salvadoran bishop named Oscar Romero who became an Archbishop during the military regime. The story set in 1977 when El Salvador was holding a presidential election in the midst of a troublesome society, guerilla uprising and public unrest.

The first subplot showed us how people risk their lives for their right to vote. Main character Bishop Romero was initially a mere spectator between what goes on with the government officials, the military, the bishops confederate, and the masses as he tries to stay apolitical.

Meanwhile, his friend Father Grande openly fights for the people’s rights. In their short chat, he says to Romero, “I cannot love a God that I cannot see if I don’t love my brothers and sisters that I can see.” Father Grande’s stance is that regardless of tribulations, the Church as well as we hold a moral responsibility towards our brethren in faith.

The scene where armed soldiers blocked the road and won’t allow voters from reaching the poll precinct has shown their determination to vote. No matter the threat, they proceeded to walk and be able to vote.

Father Romero became a hero to his people 

To this day, these scenes speak about what’s really happening during an election in some areas of the world. These scenes tell us that whether it’s 1977 or 2018, situations may be different but the motive is still rooted in greed for power.

Another angle worth noting is the conspiracy within the Bishop confederate. They chose Bishop Romero to become Archbishop because they think of him as a compromise choice with a delicate health condition. This scene has shown us a good example of duplicity.  Sometimes, we need to look closely within the confines of our circle if those we trust are truly trustworthy.

In this case, the Bishops elevated Romero. And use him to influence the masses to stir away from government. There are many poignant scenes in this film. During the shooting at the town plaza, we see death and grieving all over the place. Archbishop Romero rejected the violent methods both of the guerillas and the military.

In the end, he got assassinated while consecrating the Eucharist during Mass. He risked his life being persecuted in a society permeated with injustice. Oscar Romero died but his influence to fight for peace and freedom in El Salvador goes on.

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Polycarp: A Man of Unwavering Faith


Polycarp: A Man of Unwavering Faith

The story in the film Polycarp took its inspirations from the book “Polycarp: Destroyer of Our Gods” by Rick Lambert. Main character Polycarp was a known aged bishop and a disciple of John the Apostle. He stood as a leader to the followers of the teachings of Christ after the death of the Apostles.

The first subplot focused on Polycarp buying a slave girl for 50 denarii. She became an adopted child in their home. She listens while he preached within the household. However, she is adamant in believing their act of faith as her prayers are left unanswered.

As an audience, we relate to Anna’s emotions when we feel confused after being saved by an unnoticed divine intervention from any form of mishap. There’s still hesitation to look into faith when bad experiences in life outweigh the teachings we hear from religious leaders. In Anna’s case, she came to accept her fate upon knowing that both Germanicus and Polycarp got saved from slavery like herself.

Germanicus was Polycarp’s adoptive son who also serves as his messenger, tasked to deliver the scriptures to other Christian followers. Since the Roman government imposed on publicly worshipping only Caesar as God, the proconsul Quadratus orders to capture and kill those that refuse to renounce their faith. During one of his errands, Germanicus got captured.

However, he has kept his faith to the end. Polycarp mentioned to Anna that he ran to face the lions although it was not shown anymore. These scenes depict the picture of commitment to serve God regardless of circumstances.

Following the death of Germanicus, getting Polycarp captured and killed was the proconsul’s next agenda. Anna ran to his place to warn him. Instead of running away, he told her the analogy of the lampstand that intends to give light to many relating it to the purpose of his life. He stands for his faith amidst an impending persecution. He says one can always hope and one can always pray.

This act reminds us of Jesus Christ praying at the Garden of Gethsemane before he got captured. Polycarp, in the same way, prayed to God to prepare himself before facing Quadratus. He was calm and sure of himself as he defended God as the creator of man and that Caesar is only a man. His stance provoked the proconsul to declare that he has committed treason against Rome. Polycarp was burned at a stake.

The culminating scenes in this film speak volume in terms of losing life for Christ’s sake. In this era, preaching Christianity is still being persecuted in some parts of the world and yet, more Christians are out to spread the word.

Truly, passing on the teachings of our faith is what makes our life’s purpose well served. A grown-up Anna passing on her learnings to a girl in the cell before she faces her own death ended this story.

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Dog Jack: A Boy Becomes a Soldier and a Dog Becomes a Hero

Dog Jack

The Christian movie Dog Jack set during the American Civil War where black people are slaves to white people. The main character in this movie is Jed. A 14-year old slave that grew up in General Eli Cooper’s plantation. Although the General treated him better than other slaves. He beat Jed’s father a lot that led to his death.

The film demonstrated how white people treated the black people so poorly in that era. Fast forward to this day, racial discrimination still exists. One race goes against another. Regardless of the difference in skin color, physical appearance or culture, we can find ways to accept each other.

There are several poignant scenes in this film. One worth mentioning is Jed’s scene with his mother handing him the cross and telling him not to forget the Lord. Bitterness was broiling within Jed, so his mother reminded him to hold on to what he knew about the Lord.

Trials in life are aplenty. We can choose to wallow in our sorrow or lift to the Lord all the matters that are beyond our control. Jed escaped the plantation with his dog Jack so he could join the Union army opposing General Eli.

Revenge was his driving force so he can become a soldier. Much like when we face difficult situations in our lives. We were pushed to take action especially when we are deeply hurt. The ones that scarred our heart the most we use as a reason to survive the odds.

Another important character is Reverend Stewart. He showed his vulnerabilities as a person and yet, he protected Jed from bounty hunters by claiming that he is an altar boy.

We may sometimes think we face our battles alone. In moments like this, we get words of encouragement from those we consider friends.  The Reverend told Jed that God and Christ could give him the power to forgive General Eli. It is the same for us. We seek the Lord’s forgiveness so we can forgive ourselves and others who wronged us.

The film also revolved on how brave and loyal the dog Jack was to Jed especially when he served as a mascot to the regiment. His skills were valuable. There were scenes that showed Jack running ahead of the corps in spite of the exchange of bullets flying in the air.

The climax of the film happened when Jed learned the truth about his identity before he came face to face with General Eli in the battlefield. The scene portrayed a powerful message of forgiveness that frees the forgiver more than the forgiven, and that’s what freedom from bondage means.

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Gallows Road: A Christian movie about Brotherhood and Finding Direction

Gallows Road

The Christian movie Gallows Road takes us to a story of brotherhood beyond measure. Main characters Bob and Seth Collins were about to open the Antique Shop. It was formerly owned by the father of the Cain Brothers Maddy and Snake.

Grieving for both the death of their father and losing their shop. The Cain Brothers connived to scare Bob Collins. This led to hitting his head unconscious and setting his house ablaze killing his wife and kids.  Since the plot missed to present how the Collins acquired the shop. The driving force of the Cain Brothers was more of envy than retribution. Envy is a deadly sin that provokes us to act against our neighbor regardless of its consequences.

Jake was unaware of the Cain Brothers’ intention against Bob but joined them for the sake of brotherhood. Viewers can relate to his role when we fall into the peer pressure trap. We saw Jake’s fear when Maddy threatened him with a shotgun and retreated to the vehicle while witnessing what they did to Bob’s family. The feeling he had in that scene is the same feeling we get when we get pushed by peers into a situation we may later regret.

The tragedy has left Bob to become reclusive. This act gives us two things. Either we linger in our sorrow or give ourselves the time to heal so we can move forward. In Bob’s case, he chose to blame God for his mishap that made him stop going to church.

The turning point in the story revolves on two scenes. One with guilt-stricken Jake and the other with God-fearing Seth. Still deciding if he will join Bob in taking vengeance through arms. While Jake fails as a family man, his employer and friend Frank encouraged him to get through his inner torment and fix his wrongdoings. It was Frank who expressed the message of this film. He said that everyone has abilities to get out of their Gallows Road. He also stated that Jake was not lost but just in the wrong direction.

When we have a friend like Frank, he is a blessing. His friendship extended understanding when Jake needed it the most. On the other hand, Seth showed Bob his loyalty by being at his side even if he knows that Bob may hurt him. This act reminds us that the bond between siblings runs deep. A brother can and will defend a brother against all odds.

The culminating scene in this film was when Jake sacrificed himself to save the boy. Bob forgives Jake seeing that he risked his own life to save Bay. This act means each of us has the chance and the choice to do the right thing and make amends for any wrong we may have done. This Christian movie Gallows Road reminds us to choose wisely which direction to go.

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Noah and the Great Flood

Noah and the great flood

Noah and the Great Flood: A Reminder about Man’s Redemption and God’s Mercy

The Christian movie Noah released in 2014 tells us about the wicked ways of men during the period of Noah’s life. Although they took the plot on some events described in Genesis in The Bible, the presentation contained more cinematic effects intended to please the audience.

The main idea of this film is to show that the Creator has made a world that is good and that men through free will have chosen to corrupt it. To serve justice and destroy the world and its inhabitants.

The young Noah saw his father’s death in the hands of a Tubal-Cain. From that scene, we get to feel his numbing pain that he brought to his adult life. Noah lived with his wife and three sons as far away from the Tubal-Cain as possible. It’s not because he was afraid of them but because he knew he would fight for their survival. Like Noah, strong-willed people keep their distance from adversaries but can and will fight back when the situation calls for it.

In a dream, Noah saw the great flood. He sought guidance from his grandfather Methuselah who confirmed God chose him for a reason. We can relate to this scene when we face life-changing problems. We sometimes see ourselves caught in between reasoning and emotions that it takes a wise person in our lives to give us words of encouragement so we can get things done.

The existence and description of The Watchers are not from an account in The Bible. However, one compelling scene was when one of them said, “We begged the Creator to take us home, but He was silent.” The Watchers acknowledged where they came from and would return to the Creator. The silence mentioned here may mean moments in our lives when we beg to Him to take away our pain. He may have been distant at times.  His silence may teach us patience to wait for a clearer perspective, a firm decision or another chance to change our course in life.

Ila’s character, Tubal-Cain’s group attacking the Ark and Noah’s son Ham conspiring with Tubal-Cain in trying to kill Noah in the Ark may have been fictional scenes to create more drama to the plot. However, we can relate to Ila’s fears when Noah was about to kill her twins. We feel Tubal-Cain’s wrath and Ham’s disobedience to Noah. Their characters represent who we choose to follow. They have shown possible consequences derived from their actions.

In conclusion, the Christian films Noah was a creative interpretation of some of the scriptural account. The context was about the Creator’s mercy. Men’s wicked ways pained Him, and by the great flood, humanity’s redemption happened.

In this generation, we get to fail Him multiple times. But His mercy remains the same. We now have the opportunity to repent, be saved from our sins and live a purposeful life.

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Christian Movies That You Must Watch

Christian Movies

Faith based Christian films are emerging these days and have captured the mainstream with their encouraging stories and meaningful messages. Christianity based movies carry some of the best inspirational stories ever told. There is a bit of mainstream films in the market nowadays that are worth to watch. And there is an abundance of lament types of films in the mainstream that we allow our children and family to watch.

Whereas, an ideal movie is what which provides us entertainment along with some meaningful message, teach us about Christian values and convey us good morals. A good Christian movie encompasses all these features.

That’s why we have prepared a list of christian movies that you should watch. These Christian films can be a perfect option for your next family movie.


This film is based on marriage.  The character of Caleb Holt is of a dedicated and heroic fire captain who vastly values his job and services he delivers to other folks. However, there is only a single issue which he has to be sought. Though he is great in the work field, but his relation with his wife is in trouble. Actually, he is addicted to pornography and becomes unable to maintain a strong bond with her wife. Due to which his relation with wife gets weakened day after day and split up his marriage until he received the 40-day love dare of his dad.

The Shack

One of the best Christian movies in 2017! After the kidnapping and presumed demise of Missy, who is the youngest daughter of Macakenzie Allen Phillips, Mack gets a letter and doubts it is from God, requesting him to arrive to the shed where Missy was killed. After considering it, he visits to that shed for the first time after the death of Missy and a confront alters his life forever.

God’s not dead 2

The movie has achieved the highest success alike its predecessor God’s not dead. A secondary teacher Grace Wesley got arrested for talking amenably about biblical expressions and Jesus in her class of history. The movie actually depicts the reality of what happens in today’s world. Tremendous acting, incredible story, this film is definitely a worth watching.

The case of Christ

This movie is based on the actions of a prosperous attorney “Lee Patrick Strobel”. As an unembarrassed cynic, he took the alteration of his wife to Christianity with a pinch of salt. To condemn his partner’s self-assurance that was underlining their marriage, he moves out to analyze the trustworthiness of Jesus Christ. Utilizing his journalism background, academic capabilities and knowledge of law, Lee in his role is expressed as one the most fervent Christian faith supporter.

These are some of the best christian movies which you should not miss. Though there might be several other films available in the market, but these movies won’t dishearten you at all.

Mary of Nazareth Movie Review

Mary of Nazareth

Mary of Nazareth: A Story of a Mother’s Love, Devotion and Sorrow

The Christian movie Mary of Nazareth revolves around how Mary was as a child, a wife, and a mother.

Mary of Nazareth led a difficult life before, during and after the life of Jesus Christ. She accepted the worldly humiliation for the sake of becoming his mother. Mary endured being subject to gossip and stares during her early period of conception.  She also faced embarrassment during her wedding day. Mary taught us in these scenes to trust God’s will then react to the scrutiny of others who knew so little about what goes on in her life. The lessons imparted to us in these scenes include selecting moments, circumstances and people that mattered to us. Every stage in our lives is a passing phase, and all that will remain are the ones we gave importance.

Aside from Mary’s life’s course dedicated in service to God, we were also presented with the characters of Mary Magdalene and Herodias, daughter of Herod. Magdalene seeks self-worth validation through debauchery and lust. On the other hand, Herodias was a cold-hearted vindictive woman who goes after the head of John the Baptist. The movie has shown us the difference between the three women’s qualities and how their decisions have affected the lives they led. Magdalene was vulnerable to worldly temptation as much as some of us follow the acceptable norms of the society we belong. A compelling scene was when Christ hindered people from stoning Magdalene, and that changed her way of living moving forward. This scene means that every sinner can repent and be forgiven and can change for the better.

Another pivotal character is Joseph who sheltered Mary from all semblance of scandal by marrying her. This way, Mary was able to keep her immaculate purity and the holiness of her son. The movie showed how Joseph loved Mary before, during and after giving birth to Jesus. For Joseph, marriage means saving the reputation of the woman he loved. He is out to defend his chosen spouse regardless of being a virgin or otherwise, and that is the measure of true love. Until his dying moment, Joseph was able to acknowledge how special Mary was to him as his wife and mother to Jesus Christ.

Mary embodied a loving, protective mother who always looks after her son from childhood to adulthood. She goes out of her way to see to it that no physical harm shall befall him. Imagine how painful it is. She witnessed her son beaten, made to carry a cross and nailed to it. Mary knew that Jesus Christ needed to do God’s bidding. She mustered an enormous amount of courage to stand by the cross and bring his body to the tomb. No greater love can surpass that of a mother as Mary of Nazareth. Her story was and will be the greatest mother’s story ever told.

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Letters to God Movie Review

Letters to God Movie Review

Letters to God Movie Review: A Story of Linking Prayers and Finding Hope

Thoughts and words are much better when written than spoken as some people would have it. The Christian movie “Letters to God” tells a story of a boy named Tyler who is suffering from cancer and corresponds to God every day. He sends his letter to the postman in the hopes that it will reach God. This innocent, childlike gesture showed us how to tell God our wishes and worries about ourselves and the people around us in written form. The boy believed in having a friendship with God, and this act encourages us to do the same.

Several scenes in this film showed unconditional love, compassion, and hope. Tyler’s mother Maddie is a widow who juggles her hours as a nurse in a children’s hospital at night and a caring mother to her two sons during the day. Tyler knew about his mother’s sacrifices on his behalf that all he wished is for God to send someone who can make his mother smile again. When we do get entangled in a situation beyond our control.  We could only wish for better things to happen primarily to the people who matter in our lives.

The turning point in the story happened when the alcoholic Brady replaced the regular postman who took leave. He found himself conflicted on what to do with Tyler’s letters to God. His boss lets him have his way with them, so he resorted to leaving them in their local church. The pastor told him that there’s a purpose why the letters fell in his hands. They prayed over before going to the church. Moved by the scene in the church, Brady recalled the past hurts that led him to become alcoholic. It gives us a realization that when a person gets broken. There’s a process of healing and restoration to look forward.

Brady is drawn to Tyler’s positivity every day. He attempts to make his day a little happier. Like when he pleaded Maddie to allow Tyler to play football in spite of his limitations. This tells us that no matter how difficult the trials we go through, there’s still a chance for a pleasant day in simple ways.

The film showed Tyler as a supportive brother and a good friend. He forgives his classmate who said hurtful remarks about his condition. Guided by Jesus’ teachings, he wanted to show others what compassion means to him. From Tyler’s last hours to his passing, Brady used Tyler’s letters to inspire more people to write to God. The film closes with snippets of other people who battled Cancer and kept their faith. Letters speak about thoughts left unspoken. Letters to God speaks about prayer bearing hope for one another. The end of one’s life may give direction and meaning to another life story.

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War Room Movie Review: Using Prayer to Face Life’s Battles

The War Room

Using Prayer to Face Life’s Battles

The American Christian film War Room released in 2015 talks about the power of prayer and using prayer as the first armor of defense when we face our life’s battles. Tony and Elizabeth’s characters illustrated a modern family set-up. Both of them do well in their respective career and yet, there’s a brewing strain in their marriage relationship. They have presented issues about looking at each other’s faults resulting in verbal abuse. Indeed, it is easy to point against who is at fault instead of owning shortcomings. The frequent arguments between the couple showed us what ego can do to gradually destroy marriage.

As for Tony, he was enjoying the rewards that he was getting from his boss and it made him want for more. This desire led him to steal medicine samples that can translate into making more money for him. The scenario was relatable to anyone who gives more weight to the pleasure money brings. Temptation comes as an open invitation to those who are vulnerable to worldly desires.

The turning point in the story came into view when the realtor Elizabeth meets the elderly Miss Clara. While the process of selling her house was underway, they developed fondness for each other. Miss Clara began asking Elizabeth about her life issues and her belief in God. She introduced her to a special closet in the house that she calls War Room where she prayed for every aspect and stage in her life. She encouraged Elizabeth to pray for her marriage and she did. Marriage is a work in progress each day. Prayer comes as a form of guide, a protection for temptation and an avenue for forgiveness.

Another important scene in this film was when Tony decided to return the medicine samples to his boss after he got terminated from his job. At this point, he was no longer bound to return them. He knew that he can go to prison but then, he chose to do the right thing. This act showed us that when we commit a wrongdoing, we should stand up and face the consequences. Tony humbled himself before his bosses in the hopes of seeking forgiveness. The scene where his boss freed him from persecution manifested God’s grace. Tony turning into prayer opened his heart to repairing his brokenness.

In one way or another, we may have already come across with what it is when we feel like we hit rock bottom. It is under these circumstances where we turn for prayer in the hopes of divine intervention. What this film is teaching us is that we will come across situations that will test our faith and it is by prayer we get spiritual strength and guidance to do the right thing as we face our battles.

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