The Way Home is a must watch film to those who are struggling to find God

When disaster strikes our lives many of us  shy away and worse even blame God for our predicament.It is very hard for us us to see God if our lives are a mess and many of us don’t turn to God when disaster strikes in the hope of not being hurt or disappointed.
If you are a person who is struggling with your FAITH then you must see the movie “The Way Home”  on Crossflix the best Christian Movies Channel in the Country.
The Way Home is about a missing child. A family in crisis. A faith tested. In their darkest hour, God offers them hope.
Dean Cain stars as Randy Simpkins, a husband and father torn between the demands of his job and family. Asked by his wife to watch their two-year-old son Joe for a few minutes, he becomes distracted by work. When he returns, Joe is gone.
He and his wife search desperately for their missing son through the vast countryside. But as their fear grows, the community responds. Hundreds of supporters unite behind the family in a powerful spiritual journey that will test the couple’s love and faith, and forever change a community.
This movie will tell us that in the darkest hours of our lives God will send angels to help us and show us that His love is always there for all us.
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Some Movies can help families come together


One of the best ways to bond with your family is to watch a movie at your own home.For generations watching films together has been a favorite activity of families everywhere because it’s a great bonding experience.

When families watch faith films or documentaries together it’s even more special because of the great messages the family can discuss together after the show. Watching Christian faith films and documentaries together will entertain, educate and   inspire your family. It’s great to watch content about God and that what Crossflix is all about.

Getting the chance to watch Christian films and Documentaries with your family also allows you to share Good values with your kids.

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Crossflix is a Christian channel that offers a 24/7 Christian Movie Streaming Channel for Adults and Kids alike.

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Dealing with personal tragedies might be very hard but if you allow God to help you it will be a lot easier.

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Our Prayers to the Victims of Toronto’s Latest Attack

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At Crossflix, The Christian Channel that is quickly becoming known as the Christian alternative to Netflix , a great place to find your latest Christian Movies such as “Like a Country Song” with Billy Ray Cyrus or “Gallows Road” with Kevin Sorbo to name a few, we are truly saddened for the victims of this latest senseless attack.

We pray for the victims and pray that more people will turn to the teachings of Jesus Christ, we try to do our part by offering the latest Christian Movies, Award Winning Christian Documentaries and Christian Education for Children and Adults.

We want the world to practice more Love and less Hate. Hate is the work of the Devil and we unfortunately, the Devil has done a great job of using Social Media and Digital Platforms to spread hate.

Lets not forget that this Country was founded on the principles of Judaeo Christian Values, lets be proud of our Heritage. There are 271,000,000 Christians in the United States and more than 100,000,000 Christians that go to Church every week. Lets get into the habit of supporting Christian Media say NO to Media that is Anti Christian. Support Christian Channels like Crossflix. Sign up for your Free One Month Trial to Crossflix Now.

Warm Regards,

Why Supporting Christian Media and Christian Movies Is Important !

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Our Christian Faith Needs the help of Media. Many Christians complain about the Negative influences of Mainstream Media on our youth but what really are we doing about it ? Are we getting rid of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon and replacing it with a great Alternative to Netflix like Crossflix? Not really because Main Stream Streaming Channels have hundreds of Millions of Subscribers while Christian Streaming Channels have less than 500,000 Subscribers. Some Christians may complain that the Christian Streaming Channels don’t have the best Prime Content but in large part that’s because they don’t have the Subscriber base to be able to acquire or produce Prime Content, Christian Streaming Channels like Crossflix negotiate with Major Mainstream Distributors to acquire Prime Content but the reality of it is that Mainstream Film Distributors who control the licenses to some of the best Christian Movies refuse to be reasonable with Christian Streaming Channels and ask the same money to license content as they would from a Streaming Channel like Netflix which has over 100,000,000 Subscribers.

We, Christian Streaming Channels do the best we can to license and produce the best Christian content that our money could buy but the key to getting the very best content is for Christians to Subscribe in large  numbers to Channels like Crossflix so that we can acquire the Best Christian Content.

To those of you who support us, God Bless you.

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China Cry is one film that demonstrates strong faith towards God


Following Jesus Christ results in difficult challenges you will face in life, but these challenges shall define your FAITH.

In certain parts of the world many Christians are persecuted and over the years a lot of Christian have given up their lives to prove their faith. While today we have it much easier it’s still difficult to be a Christian, in a lot of Main Stream Media for example portray Christians to be lunatics. I’m sure you’ve noticed. What we see on Television is reflected in our Society as Media is a powerful tool.

In some parts of the World, even in today’s World some Christians have it really hard, for example I’m sure that you seen on Television reports of Churches being bombed and Christians being killed for practicing their faith. We do have to Pray for all those Brothers and Sisters. In some Countries like Saudi Arabia Christians are not allowed to have Churches or to Preach. In some Countries spreading the word of the Gospel can be a capital offense.

One country that made it hard for Christians to Practice their faith as recently as the 1990’s is China. Many Christians in China were Persecuted and even killed because they chose to follow Jesus Christ. You can see the movie “China Cry” on Crossflix. It is a great Christian Movie. China Cry is a 1990 biographical film set during rise of the communist state in China, based on the book by Nora Lam. It is set in the 1950s based on the true story of Sung Neng Yee. Born into a wealthy Chinese family, she is first eager to become part of Mao Zedong’s “new society”. But the Maoist regime brings hardship and misery to her family. She is arrested by authorities, and she believes that only Jesus Christ must have saved her when she survived a firing squad. She is taken to a labor camp while pregnant, but survives to take her children and family to freedom.

If you are one of those Christians who is struggling with your FAITH this film is a must watch. We guarantee you this film will certainly enhance your with towards God and your will to continue your Christian journey will be renewed.

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Christian Entertainment is Fun and Meaningful for Kids


Having Children is one of the Greatest Gifts that God has given us.

When God created the Earth and the Heavens one of his gifts was to give us Children to raise..

 Being a parent is not an easy task you need to have the passion to do it well and the tools to make your role easier.
One of the best ways to become a parent is to allow your child access to Christian movies or faith films.

Allowing our Little Angels to watch Christian movies and faith films at an early age, will help them develop Christian that will take them closer to Jesus Christ and God.

These Christian movies and faith films will allow your child to learn the values of sacrifice and loving others unconditionally and that will help them develop into great human beings. What kids learn at home especially in the early years is crucial to the experiences they will have in the later years.

The Christian movies, Documentatires, unase Jesus Christ themed show will also make your job as parents more fun and meaningful.

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