Five Feet Apart

Five Feet Apart

Five Feet Apart: Love Beyond Measure

The heart knows no boundaries and the soul knows no time, as they say. This inspirational film presents a teenage love story that’s hindered not by the people around them but their own medical condition called Cystic Fibrosis.

The story opened with a narration about human touch as our first form of communication. Touch connects us to other people and we need that touch from the one we love almost as much as we needed air to breathe. Main characters Stella, Will and Poe were teenagers who considered the hospital as their second home. All three of them have Cystic Fibrosis, a lung disease that restricts them from having normal teenage lives. Stella’s best coping mechanism is sticking to her regimen of pills and tube tune-up. Scenes showing the funny Stella in front of her friends and in her vlog and the Stella alone in the hospital room tells us a lot about how we too, seem okay in front of an audience when the truth is being sick alone is a lonely battle.

They have to rush Will to Saint Grace Hospital to receive a new drug for CF. He noticed Stella passed by his partially opened room so he followed her to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The short introduction immediately ended upon Nurse Barb’s warning to always check their distance. The reason for this is because Will may contract Stella with B-cepacia infection that may make her ineligible for a lung transplant.

Stella then grabbed a pool cue to measure the distance between her and Will. She can roam around the hospital with Will five feet apart. In one tender moment by the pool, Stella showed Will her body with scars and so is Will. No matter the restrictions between them, they who are in-love have such moments to share and cherish. Even without touching, Will expressed his love for Stella through his drawings and Stella showed how much she cared about Will by arranging his medicine cart and coaxing him to take their regimen at the same time while on video-call.

Stella and Poe were friends since they were young. They couldn’t hug each other to express their feelings be it happy or sad. Poe ended his relationship with Michael even when he loves him despite having CF. Just when Poe planned his reconciliation with Michael and meeting his mom, his lungs gave up on him. Brokenhearted, Stella left the hospital with Will, even disregarding calls and text messages informing her about the lungs transplant.

Have your Kleenex handy for the culminating scenes. The walk towards the light showed two faces under one poignant scene. This film made us understand that regardless of being healthy or not, we could do better at getting the most from the time we have. In a world of uncertainty, there’s life and death, there’s hope and hurt, and there’s love that surpasses time.

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Indivisible: A Fight to Keep a Fort Undivided


Indivisible: A Fight to Keep a Fort Undivided

This film was based on true events that happened in the life of Army Chaplain Darren Turner and his wife Heather.

He brought his wife and three kids with him to Fort Stewart. Heather took all the responsibility of caring for their kids. She also attends to the wives of other soldiers at the Fort while Darren was in Iraq.

In this kind of separation between husband and wife, we see two different perspectives. For Darren, it means self-sacrifice to go and serve his duty at an uncertain place for the first time. For Heather, it means containing her strong-will so she can take care of her daughter.  Setting aside her personal need so she could provide for her daughter’s needs.

In Iraq, the shooting takes a toll on the soldiers. Their physical energies and emotional strength deplete. At the passing of months, Darren keeps his communication with Heather and his daughter but his spirit weakens at the sight of dead soldiers and a dead girl brought to him to pray for before they bury the bodies. Darren realizes that each soldier keeps themselves alive for their loved ones while they try to save as many innocent lives as they can in the battleground.

Lance questions Darren about God’s will and why He allowed the death of innocent people. He is unable to quote anything from scripture at that time.

However, Darren’s caring ways have drawn Lance to rekindle his belief in God to the point of getting baptized. Another character that he influenced was his neighbour Michael who also has some troubles with his wife. Darren convinced him to call his wife and connect with her again.

To both Lance and Michael, Darren served as a guide and a brother that reminded them God is with them even in their personal battles. Before returning home, an explosion killed Lance and Michael’s leg got severed that it was to be cut off. The incident traumatized Darren until their homecoming. Heather faced a withdrawn husband who was even edgy towards their children.

And these scenes truly happen in real life. There are soldiers who get into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This film showed us how it developed, how to get help and how the afflicted and their loved ones address it so they all could go into a healing process.

Darren decided to leave the military service in favor of working at a flower farm. He and Heather continue with their counselling sessions with an elderly Army Chaplain until he courts her again.

Michael, already in a wheelchair, confronts him that what happened to them in Iraq was beyond his control and that they need to move on from it. He becomes enlightened and ready to reunite with his family again.

Indivisible presented to us a powerful and inspiring journey of a soldier’s personal struggles, a marriage strain, spiritual healing and restoration of faith.

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Welcome to Paradise: A Leap of Faith

Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Paradise: A Leap of Faith

Transitions in life are inevitable.

The film Welcome to Paradise tells us the story of preacher Debbie. A widow with a teenage son, Hayden.  She described his son as having difficulty coping since his father’s death. Bishop Jim misinterpreted her attitude as arrogance. She disrobed at the pulpit during church service one time that displeased the bishop further. He took that incident as a way to send her off to a small community church in Paradise.

These scenes showed us how one false move can lead to different consequences. These events affected Debbie’s job and her son’s disposition towards the aftermath of moving residence. It is clear that Hayden detests going to Paradise. This show how a person usually behave when forced out of their comfort zone.

In Paradise, Debbie saw a homeless guy Trevor who sings along the street to earn some alms. Impressed with his singing, she invited him to sing during church service. He was reluctant at first knowing that the well-off people who go to church may not like seeing him there. He accepted Debbie’s invitation and came to church the following Sunday. When Debbie called on him to sing in front of everyone, he sang his heart out that Sunday. Through Debbie’s encouragement, he felt he was welcome at the church.

Frances, another homeless person, shared thought-provoking ideas during their potluck after church service. She told everyone her misfortune. She admitted that when her husband died, it left them with a huge debt. This was due to his medical bills which is why she ended up losing her house and everything she owns. Frances reminds us how quickly we judge a person upfront that we missed to know that they have a story.

This film revolved around giving second chances. Debbie was given another chance to be a good church leader and a better mom. She told Hayden that despite Dyslexia she couldn’t ask for a better son. She pointed out that everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses, and that he has other talents other than reading.

Frances accidentally neglected a lump of small burning coal when she slept outside the church that led to getting the entire structure burned down. Later on, the church members forgave her and even gave her a room to stay at the barn that became the new church.

After the fire incident, it was found out they cannot build another church on the same lot anymore because the contract got revoked due to missed payments. Patsy offered her old barn while Bobby commissioned John and the other men to work out fixing the barn to become the new church. The support given by church members including the homeless showed what Christians can accomplish by faith and resilience.

We go through struggles and transitions in life. What made Debbie’s transition purposeful is her strong faith that no man can stand in the way of the kingdom of God.

Dog Jack: A Boy Becomes a Soldier and a Dog Becomes a Hero

Dog Jack

The Christian movie Dog Jack set during the American Civil War where black people are slaves to white people. The main character in this movie is Jed. A 14-year old slave that grew up in General Eli Cooper’s plantation. Although the General treated him better than other slaves. He beat Jed’s father a lot that led to his death.

The film demonstrated how white people treated the black people so poorly in that era. Fast forward to this day, racial discrimination still exists. One race goes against another. Regardless of the difference in skin color, physical appearance or culture, we can find ways to accept each other.

There are several poignant scenes in this film. One worth mentioning is Jed’s scene with his mother handing him the cross and telling him not to forget the Lord. Bitterness was broiling within Jed, so his mother reminded him to hold on to what he knew about the Lord.

Trials in life are aplenty. We can choose to wallow in our sorrow or lift to the Lord all the matters that are beyond our control. Jed escaped the plantation with his dog Jack so he could join the Union army opposing General Eli.

Revenge was his driving force so he can become a soldier. Much like when we face difficult situations in our lives. We were pushed to take action especially when we are deeply hurt. The ones that scarred our heart the most we use as a reason to survive the odds.

Another important character is Reverend Stewart. He showed his vulnerabilities as a person and yet, he protected Jed from bounty hunters by claiming that he is an altar boy.

We may sometimes think we face our battles alone. In moments like this, we get words of encouragement from those we consider friends.  The Reverend told Jed that God and Christ could give him the power to forgive General Eli. It is the same for us. We seek the Lord’s forgiveness so we can forgive ourselves and others who wronged us.

The film also revolved on how brave and loyal the dog Jack was to Jed especially when he served as a mascot to the regiment. His skills were valuable. There were scenes that showed Jack running ahead of the corps in spite of the exchange of bullets flying in the air.

The climax of the film happened when Jed learned the truth about his identity before he came face to face with General Eli in the battlefield. The scene portrayed a powerful message of forgiveness that frees the forgiver more than the forgiven, and that’s what freedom from bondage means.

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Peace of Mind Can Be Found in Christ Alone

Peace of mind

If you need peace of mind. Here’s a promise from God:

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)

How many times have you felt “under the weather”? Was there a moment when you just mumbled and sighed at the thought of waking up on a bright sunny Monday morning, thinking about your purpose and all? What about those times when you really felt down, not able to move a limb, so sluggish that everything is a burden?

What about those times when you regret what you’ve said to your significant other (because you simply felt unappreciated and unloved)? Or maybe you’ve wondered why your boss was seemingly cold, never seeing you for the great employee you are? What about that time when you’re petty troubles won’t leave you, like the shadow that seems to be your twin?

I recall one time when I felt the same way. Feeling that I was in the dumps. I kept on worrying about my finances, my relationships, my job, and more. Thinking that I would give up. I felt like no one loves me and the world was just so heavy and I did not have any other reason to smile.

I prayed to God, “Lord, if you are really a God of abundance, please bless my family with riches enough for us to pay all our debts. Believing that He is there listening to our pleas. Please heed our call. Lord, you are the God of love. I believe you will turn my relationships around. Lord, please embrace me with your love and never leave me. I have no one to turn to but You.”

Days passed and I kept on waiting for God’s response. Still, our financial burdens were afloat. My partner then came colder until I decided to call it quits. I thought, maybe God was busy and does not have time to hear me. I must not be deserving of all the blessings in the world there are.

Not long after, an instrument of God came. I came to my senses. The morning came when I felt so excited to go to work again, to mingle with people who share the same values, and to even continue my planned business.

God woke me up from my slumber. That was the first time (again, after weeks of deep gloom) that I felt lighter than ever. I felt like there was no pressure, no negative force shrouding my senses. God must have been in control this time!

I then remembered God is a God of possibilities. He promised us blessings upon blessings. Just as He never left His Son Jesus when He was in the desert, so will He not leave us during times of trouble.

God is a God of wonders. He can provide the peace of mind that you need. His promise never falters. He has great plans for each of us. Despite our trials, He still keeps His promise of salvation. He does not falter. He will not fail us.

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In His Steps: A Commitment to Follow Christ

In His Steps

In His Steps: A Commitment to Follow Christ

This 2013 Christian film In His Steps has a simple plot. What is not so simple is the impression that the film leaves on the viewers. It tells a story about the different personalities of people who go to the same church and listen to the same sermon every Sunday.

The church practice may have been the same but the difference is the impact His words bring to life those who took preaching to their hearts. Thus, the theme of this film is applying the words and teachings of Jesus into our daily lives.

Jack is a homeless man who came to the town of Raymond seeking a possible way of living and not alms. He went out to seek for help but he was turned down and pushed away. His life ended abruptly after questioning the churchgoers about what Jesus would do.

Jack’s situation tells us that we seek hope and refuge among the people around us. When disappointment and loneliness hit its rock bottom, it cuts the cord of life in our being. Death from within is far more painful than physical hurt. Hope that is lost is synonymous to losing the meaning of existence.

Following Jack’s death, Pastor Henry decided to challenge the congregation to follow in the steps of Jesus before taking any action or decision in their lives. Guilt was the driving force of this act. We can relate to that. Guilt from mistakes we have made pushes us to self-commit into doing something that may absolve us from it.

This Christian Film has given the audience a reflection of what it is like to be torn between circumstances and standing up for faith. The characters demonstrate why and how each of them shall embody the standards of Jesus after pledging their commitment.

Rachel turned down a singing contract offer and was bashed online. Alex adjusted quotation rates in his business to a more fair range to his co-worker’s dismay. He was also firm in disciplining his daughter Celia who goes home late due to peer pressure. Virginia volunteered to help in a feeding program at the Rectangle where she met Loreen who ran away from her abusive boyfriend. Scared and pregnant, Virginia took her home in spite of her grandmother’s protests. Jasper’s cowardice led to Loreen being taken with force by her boyfriend and in a heated argument. Loreen’s life ended when she fell off the stairs after being hit.

These scenes tell us that there will always be people who will contradict us and be displeased in what we do no matter how good our intentions are. Decisions we make in life may lead to varying outcomes, sometimes for the better and at other times, the result may oppose what we wanted but we derive lessons from them. Following the principles of Christianity is a life-long journey and our guide is His Steps.

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Unconditional Movie Review

Unconditional Movie Review

Unconditional Movie Review: A Story of Walking Past the Clouds in Life

Inspired by a true story, Unconditional is a drama film released in 2012 with an aim of encouraging its audience to reach out and serve others.

The film revolved around Sam and Joe who were childhood friends. The story started with Sam narrating about her husband getting killed and how it pained her to lose him to the point that she wanted to kill herself.

All of us at one point in our lives have lost a loved one regardless of kinship. The grieving process is truly difficult to endure. Some people’s hurts take far longer than others. What hurts the most is losing someone and not knowing how it is to live without the one that was lost such as in the case of Sam.

Just as when Sam was about to shoot herself in a dark alley, she heard kids being chased in the streets until one got hit by a car. Sam brought the kids to the hospital where by chance, she meets Joe again after 20 years.

Joe’s role was like a guardian to children with no father in their underdeveloped small community. The hospital scenes in this film showed us the gesture of looking out for someone not related to us. It is a good example of serving others.

Another way is how Joe spends some time to sit down and teach kids about caring for one another. He demonstrated that being a guardian and a teacher is a free opportunity for everyone who is up for the role. He acts as a father even when he has no child of his own. He is a like a teacher outside the confines of school. His intention was clear and that is making a difference in the children’s upbringing whether they have parents or not to guide them.

On a personal note, Joe’s kidneys have already shut down and relied on Dialysis. He told Sam about being on top of his class in Engineering, having a nice job, got influenced by friends to hack a bank and this failed attempt led him to spending 8 years in prison where he got consumed by pride and ego because his father left him, asked God’s forgiveness during his 40 days solitary period until he got released from prison and became part of the community.

The hills and valleys in our life’s course are part of our life’s purpose. Sam thought the death of her husband is her dead-end but Joe made her realize through his life story that it isn’t a dead-end if it takes her somewhere she needed to go. That’s pressing forward despite trials that come our way. It will always be our choice whether we make ourselves a better person out of it or otherwise.

Taking the entirety of the film into account, the core message is that no storm can take the sun away as much as God’s love for each one of us is constant. We just need to walk past the clouds in order for us to see the sunshine again.

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Facing the Giants Movie Review

Facing the Giants

Facing the Giants Movie: A Uplifting Story of Facing Obstacles in Life

When you watch the trailer of Facing the Giants movie, you would think that it may revolve around challenges in being a part of a football team. You would think perhaps that it deals with the role of the coach, attitudes that make up for teamwork and how to win a game. It is certainly more than that. It is more than the elements of football, losing, fighting back and winning.

The main character Grant Taylor is the head coach of Shiloh Eagles for six consecutive years. He has not led the team to a winning season yet so after three losses on the seventh season, the players’ fathers wanted to have him replaced. Aside from his leadership dilemma, he learned that he is the reason his wife Brooke is unable to conceive. These problems meant career and personal lives separately. All of us get to experience facing problems in both areas of our lives and it sometimes happens at the same time. The important message here is that we take the problems one at a time so that the weight of the burden does not overwhelm us. Grant showed us to turn to God in moments of desperation.

What became the turning point in the story is when Grant dared his team members to believe in God and in their ability to conquer disappointments. Grant made them realize that there’s still a chance to give their best shot in the next game. Life in itself is like a game. There’s a season for losing, hoping and winning. Determination presses us to move forward until we overcome trials in life. Depression may cripple our emotions for a while. However, it is hoped that serves as a torch that ignites our spirit to carry on.

As for Grant’s infertility, it demonstrated to us a situation beyond our control. There is always a purpose why certain things happen to us and why certain things didn’t happen the way we expect them. Suffering may mean to happen in order for us to realize that we are being led towards a different path or purpose in life.  Grant may not get to become a biological father but served as a second father to his players.

In a nutshell, Facing the Giants movie teaches us the value of leadership and in creating an impact in the lives of those we lead. Furthermore, we have seen hope and courage not only in the playing field but in fighting off personal battles too. Indeed, this is more than a sports movie. It is about the spiritual strength that builds up character. This strong spirit is what we can hold on to so trials are unable to break us apart when we fall and can sustain us when we rise up again after the fall.

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Crossflix is a Christian movie channel that offers a 24/7 Christian Movie Streaming Channel for Adults and Kids alike.

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God’s Not Dead 2

God's Not Dead

How Christian Faith put on trial in “God’s Not Dead 2”

“But even if you should suffer for righteousness’ sake, you will be blessed. Have no fear of them, nor be troubled, but in your hearts honour Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defence to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you…” -1 Peter 3:14-15

Who would think that just another class discussion and a sudden conversation about Jesus Christ will put not only a middle school teacher but also the whole Christian faith into the rial?

This is exactly what happened in God’s Not Dead 2. The second installment is also plotted in the academic horizon; but this time, an educator is the one put on trial.

The conflict arose when the correlation of Jesus Christ’s teachings to that of Martin Luther was tackled during a class recitation. This hugely enraged the school administrators, putting middle school teacher, Grace Wesley, into a bad light. The school staff tried to appease the situation by asking Wesley to apologize for mentioning Jesus in her class.

Wesley, however, held onto her faith and rejected the proposition. She chose to defend her side and opted to resolve things in court.

However, Wesley’s defence was not strong enough. He needs to win over the testimonies of the opposing party. Her position just kept on worsening, even her student showed up in the court to stand against her.

The court was able to press on to the conclusion that aside from discussing Christ as a historical figure, she also tried to integrate religion in a non-sectarian institution.

The threat of losing the case provoked Wesley and her lawyer, Jesse Metcalfe to charge up their defence. They started to team up in digging hard pieces of evidence to prove that Jesus Christ is a real person who existed and walked the earth, and not a mere superstition.

Metcalfe explained that the story of Jesus’ resurrection isn’t just a telltale story people based from Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey, but a true occurrence in a point of history.

On the final hearing, Metcalfe came into the court enraged and put his client on the witness stand. He then began to expose Wesley’s passion for Christ. This hugely made Wesley worry because she thought that her Bible beliefs will just shatter all the defences they made. In the end, the battle was worth it. They successfully defended the case.

God’s Not Dead 2 is indeed a must-watch movie. This is for someone who wants to be thrilled. Or someone who has a hint of doubt towards his belief in Christ. This Christian movie online truly proves a number of things. Christianity is also one of the most significant worldviews history has unravelled before us. Prepare to see Christianity under a new light and have you inner Strobel be ignited!

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Crossflix is a Christian movie channel that offers a 24/7 Christian Movie Streaming Channel for Adults and Kids alike.

This Christian channel has a wide array of healing and faith films that will not only educate but also inspire anyone who will view it. The channel also offers friendly subscription rates because the main purpose of this website is to spread God’s word and not profit.

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Learn to defend your faith with movie ‘The Case for Christ’

The Case for Christ

The Case for Christ Movie review

The Case for Christ’s Ressurection, indeed, proves that Jesus Christ isn’t just another good man or a superstition to whom people believe.

The lead character Lee Strobel, a Chicago Tribune legal affairs reporter, starts out to be a tough atheist who believes that anything that is not substantiated with solid factual foundation and basis is not worth believing in. With his strong influence, he then influences his own household to share the same skeptic belief with him. A notable part to that aggressive skepticism is a scene with his daughter Alison wherein he states that they should only believe what’s real – things that can be seen and touched.

As the Christian movie, Christian Videos unfolds, an incident happened that rocked the family’s belief a 180 degrees. The family was dining in a restaurant when their daughter started choking and nearly died because of it. During the incident, a woman named Alfie came to the rescue. The couple later finds out that she is a Christian as she shares how she got convicted to dine in that restaurant and that everything was not a mere coincidence. This part is surely an impetus for the heat to rise in the movie as a simple dining mishap then leads to the couple rocking out of their former belief system.

And as the audience may expect, here it goes. Leslie, Strobel’s spouse, falls prey into an unexpected evangelism. She chases down after Alfie and then becomes a devout Christian. As a militant atheist, this definitely enraged Lee. Then goes the painstaking research to disprove the whole Christian belief. In order to do so, he dug down to the foundation of Christianity which is the event of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. The resurrection ultimately sets Jesus apart as he isn’t just another spirit of Mother Earth nor is he another noble mortal like Nelson Mandela.

Lee with all his impulse and guts willingly went beyond his stretch and went to different places to find answers which proved his hypothesis wrong. And this part of the film will surely make Christian believers ecstatic and pre-believers cling on their seat even more.

Overall, the movie isn’t just another ‘Ancient Aliens’ documentary filled with conspiracies and ‘what ifs,’ but rather it shows hard bound pieces of evidence and factual foundation that Christianity doesn’t add up to the gods we may worship. Also, it gets more interesting with the intertwined testimony of the Strobel household and the fact derived through the research. The movie exposes the burden faced by Leslie as she painstakingly prays for her husband throughout the journey and how Lee was forced into a truth that he never thought existed.

Now, is a testimony of an atheist-turned-Christian also be compelling to other atheists out there? Are life’s paradigm shifts just meant to virtually mold us into good human beings, expecting good Karma in the afterlife or achieving Nirvana in this lifetime? Or is there a being such as Christ that can diminish all the other gods and spirits we worship and prove Himself to have the ultimate dominion?

Those are questions which may be sincerely answered by the Case for Christ. To some, the movie may also embark them on a journey in pursuit of the truth. Therefore, it can be concluded that the movie is more than a movie with happy endings and ‘happily ever after,’ but instead a movie that is thought-provoking and faith-strengthening.

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Crossflix is a Christian movie channel that offers a 24/7 Christian Movie Streaming Channel for Adults and Kids alike.

This Christian channel has a wide array of healing and faith films that will not only educate but also inspire anyone who will view it. The channel also offers friendly subscription rates because the main purpose of this website is to spread God’s word and not profit.

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