Grace Unplugged: A Plug and Play between Dreams and Realities

Grace Unplugged

Grace Unplugged tells a story about a teenage daughter and dad relationship. Having just turned 18, Grace felt that singing alongside her dad Johnny at the worship band was constraining her. She felt that she’s missing opportunities elsewhere. She grew up knowing that her father was a famous rock star.  Who hit the charts on Billboard and she was only a shadow of his fame. She becomes defensive in having her way with her life.

Regardless of a Christian upbringing, most teens are out to prove to their parents that they have gone past childhood. Believing they can handle life’s issues without their upper hand. Grace only knew her dad as a singer.  But she missed to realized his love for family and God that outweighs fame.

The story came to a turn when Johnny’s former manager Mossy came to visit. His father’s former boss offered to include him on tour but he declined. Grace recorded her version of Johnny’s hit song Misunderstood and emailed it to Mossy. After a heated argument with her dad, Grace boldly goes to LA to pursue a singing career. Her naiveté towards her new audience excites her. Having a car, her place, getting dressed up by an image maker and meeting the boss of Sapphire Music provided temporary happiness.

These scenes remind us about having desires that please our eyes and feelings. But it diverts our attention away from God.

Ego overcame Grace that she turned her back when dad asked him to come home. She enjoyed the cheers and the spotlight, but when she’s in her room, she felt the loneliness of being alone and away from home. Grace learned that her new circle of people has underlying motives and adding up the pressure to compose a new song, she felt losing her game.

The self-pressure we impose upon ourselves is no different from what Grace has shown us. We have ego instead of acknowledging that we needed God’s direction and our elders’ guidance to show us a better way than we think we are capable of doing.

Amidst the odds, Grace kept her morals like when she walked out on the TV personality upon overhearing his plans to take her to his place. Another was when she resisted the song about the one-night stand. Quentin who handles Grace’s wardrobe became an unlikely friend. Incidentally, he and his Christian family has seen Grace and Johnny sing together at church a while back. It reminded Grace about getting back into God’s favor. He gave her a book that she read while on the tour that helped her realize that her family and the church was her home.

In a nutshell, the film tells us that all of us may fall short in our roles in life, be it a parent or a child. When we do, we can always turn to God’s love to keep us connected in spite of differences in perspective.

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