8 Reasons to Watch Christian Family Movies At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Christian Family Movies

Watching movies is a beloved hobby and pastime for many people today. With the increased ease of access for a wide variety of movies thanks to the internet, more and more people now have personalised access to them. There are classic cult movies that have influenced art throughout the decade, and there are just must-watch hits of the box office alike, but amongst the titles of movies that you must watch in your lifetime, Christian family movies are a must on that list. A list of absolute must-watch Christian movies to enjoy over the weekend or through the holidays is always a great decision. These movies are inclusive of all ages, family-friendly and carry important spiritual messages on Faith and Life.

Why should you watch a Christian Family movie at least once? Here’s why!

  • Worth your time

As compared to many other movies that go on about nonsensical concepts and ideas, one is continuously confused when simply trying to choose a movie to watch. But Christian movies are absolutely worth your time and money and revolve around ideas and concepts of faith.

  • Strong messages

Nothing can really rival what is offered by Christian movies for family and friends. The message of true love, hope and faith are not really seen in any other movie of this generation as much as it is seen in Christian ones.

  • Thought-provoking

These movies aren’t just for watching, but they also make you think and rethink several things way after they are over.

  • Asks Questions

Christian family movies put forth incredibly important questions on life and faith that one absolutely needs. There is no passive watching- there are questions that will make you ponder and pray.

  • Improves relationships

Movies on the Faith are great to watch with family because it gives a fresh new perspective on relationships such as romantic, familial, friendships, and so on as compared to the single-layered perspectives of most modern movies.

  • Powerful

Films that are based around Christianity have strong stories and plots. They not only tug at your heart strings but also leave a strong and real impact on your heart and can even make you relate to what is happening on the screen.

  • Faith Strengthening

Needless to say, these movies provide an excellent reason to strengthen your Faith in God by showing you consequences and truth.

  • Message for Society

Many movies these days do not carry a strong message for the general viewing public. Sometimes, they carry totally useless or entirely the wrong ideas forth. Christian family movies make sure to avoid this at all costs; they are filled with news and messages that are quintessential to moving the society forward by fighting the spiritual war on our knees.

It is very rare to find main stream movies that can give anyone such a powerful, rewarding and strengthening experience as much as a Christian film does. It is near impossible to find such a movie these days and therefore, it is imperative that you spend the time to watch at least one Christian movie in your lifetime.

Christian Movies That You Must Watch

Christian Movies

Faith based Christian films are emerging these days and have captured the mainstream with their encouraging stories and meaningful messages. Christianity based movies carry some of the best inspirational stories ever told. There is a bit of mainstream films in the market nowadays that are worth to watch. And there is an abundance of lament types of films in the mainstream that we allow our children and family to watch.

Whereas, an ideal movie is what which provides us entertainment along with some meaningful message, teach us about Christian values and convey us good morals. A good Christian movie encompasses all these features.

That’s why we have prepared a list of christian movies that you should watch. These Christian films can be a perfect option for your next family movie.


This film is based on marriage.  The character of Caleb Holt is of a dedicated and heroic fire captain who vastly values his job and services he delivers to other folks. However, there is only a single issue which he has to be sought. Though he is great in the work field, but his relation with his wife is in trouble. Actually, he is addicted to pornography and becomes unable to maintain a strong bond with her wife. Due to which his relation with wife gets weakened day after day and split up his marriage until he received the 40-day love dare of his dad.

The Shack

One of the best Christian movies in 2017! After the kidnapping and presumed demise of Missy, who is the youngest daughter of Macakenzie Allen Phillips, Mack gets a letter and doubts it is from God, requesting him to arrive to the shed where Missy was killed. After considering it, he visits to that shed for the first time after the death of Missy and a confront alters his life forever.

God’s not dead 2

The movie has achieved the highest success alike its predecessor God’s not dead. A secondary teacher Grace Wesley got arrested for talking amenably about biblical expressions and Jesus in her class of history. The movie actually depicts the reality of what happens in today’s world. Tremendous acting, incredible story, this film is definitely a worth watching.

The case of Christ

This movie is based on the actions of a prosperous attorney “Lee Patrick Strobel”. As an unembarrassed cynic, he took the alteration of his wife to Christianity with a pinch of salt. To condemn his partner’s self-assurance that was underlining their marriage, he moves out to analyze the trustworthiness of Jesus Christ. Utilizing his journalism background, academic capabilities and knowledge of law, Lee in his role is expressed as one the most fervent Christian faith supporter.

These are some of the best christian movies which you should not miss. Though there might be several other films available in the market, but these movies won’t dishearten you at all.

Mary of Nazareth Movie Review

Mary of Nazareth

Mary of Nazareth: A Story of a Mother’s Love, Devotion and Sorrow

The Christian movie Mary of Nazareth revolves around how Mary was as a child, a wife, and a mother.

Mary of Nazareth led a difficult life before, during and after the life of Jesus Christ. She accepted the worldly humiliation for the sake of becoming his mother. Mary endured being subject to gossip and stares during her early period of conception.  She also faced embarrassment during her wedding day. Mary taught us in these scenes to trust God’s will then react to the scrutiny of others who knew so little about what goes on in her life. The lessons imparted to us in these scenes include selecting moments, circumstances and people that mattered to us. Every stage in our lives is a passing phase, and all that will remain are the ones we gave importance.

Aside from Mary’s life’s course dedicated in service to God, we were also presented with the characters of Mary Magdalene and Herodias, daughter of Herod. Magdalene seeks self-worth validation through debauchery and lust. On the other hand, Herodias was a cold-hearted vindictive woman who goes after the head of John the Baptist. The movie has shown us the difference between the three women’s qualities and how their decisions have affected the lives they led. Magdalene was vulnerable to worldly temptation as much as some of us follow the acceptable norms of the society we belong. A compelling scene was when Christ hindered people from stoning Magdalene, and that changed her way of living moving forward. This scene means that every sinner can repent and be forgiven and can change for the better.

Another pivotal character is Joseph who sheltered Mary from all semblance of scandal by marrying her. This way, Mary was able to keep her immaculate purity and the holiness of her son. The movie showed how Joseph loved Mary before, during and after giving birth to Jesus. For Joseph, marriage means saving the reputation of the woman he loved. He is out to defend his chosen spouse regardless of being a virgin or otherwise, and that is the measure of true love. Until his dying moment, Joseph was able to acknowledge how special Mary was to him as his wife and mother to Jesus Christ.

Mary embodied a loving, protective mother who always looks after her son from childhood to adulthood. She goes out of her way to see to it that no physical harm shall befall him. Imagine how painful it is. She witnessed her son beaten, made to carry a cross and nailed to it. Mary knew that Jesus Christ needed to do God’s bidding. She mustered an enormous amount of courage to stand by the cross and bring his body to the tomb. No greater love can surpass that of a mother as Mary of Nazareth. Her story was and will be the greatest mother’s story ever told.

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War Room Movie Review: Using Prayer to Face Life’s Battles

The War Room

Using Prayer to Face Life’s Battles

The American Christian film War Room released in 2015 talks about the power of prayer and using prayer as the first armor of defense when we face our life’s battles. Tony and Elizabeth’s characters illustrated a modern family set-up. Both of them do well in their respective career and yet, there’s a brewing strain in their marriage relationship. They have presented issues about looking at each other’s faults resulting in verbal abuse. Indeed, it is easy to point against who is at fault instead of owning shortcomings. The frequent arguments between the couple showed us what ego can do to gradually destroy marriage.

As for Tony, he was enjoying the rewards that he was getting from his boss and it made him want for more. This desire led him to steal medicine samples that can translate into making more money for him. The scenario was relatable to anyone who gives more weight to the pleasure money brings. Temptation comes as an open invitation to those who are vulnerable to worldly desires.

The turning point in the story came into view when the realtor Elizabeth meets the elderly Miss Clara. While the process of selling her house was underway, they developed fondness for each other. Miss Clara began asking Elizabeth about her life issues and her belief in God. She introduced her to a special closet in the house that she calls War Room where she prayed for every aspect and stage in her life. She encouraged Elizabeth to pray for her marriage and she did. Marriage is a work in progress each day. Prayer comes as a form of guide, a protection for temptation and an avenue for forgiveness.

Another important scene in this film was when Tony decided to return the medicine samples to his boss after he got terminated from his job. At this point, he was no longer bound to return them. He knew that he can go to prison but then, he chose to do the right thing. This act showed us that when we commit a wrongdoing, we should stand up and face the consequences. Tony humbled himself before his bosses in the hopes of seeking forgiveness. The scene where his boss freed him from persecution manifested God’s grace. Tony turning into prayer opened his heart to repairing his brokenness.

In one way or another, we may have already come across with what it is when we feel like we hit rock bottom. It is under these circumstances where we turn for prayer in the hopes of divine intervention. What this film is teaching us is that we will come across situations that will test our faith and it is by prayer we get spiritual strength and guidance to do the right thing as we face our battles.

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Learn to defend your faith with movie ‘The Case for Christ’

The Case for Christ

The Case for Christ Movie review

The Case for Christ’s Ressurection, indeed, proves that Jesus Christ isn’t just another good man or a superstition to whom people believe.

The lead character Lee Strobel, a Chicago Tribune legal affairs reporter, starts out to be a tough atheist who believes that anything that is not substantiated with solid factual foundation and basis is not worth believing in. With his strong influence, he then influences his own household to share the same skeptic belief with him. A notable part to that aggressive skepticism is a scene with his daughter Alison wherein he states that they should only believe what’s real – things that can be seen and touched.

As the Christian movie, Christian Videos unfolds, an incident happened that rocked the family’s belief a 180 degrees. The family was dining in a restaurant when their daughter started choking and nearly died because of it. During the incident, a woman named Alfie came to the rescue. The couple later finds out that she is a Christian as she shares how she got convicted to dine in that restaurant and that everything was not a mere coincidence. This part is surely an impetus for the heat to rise in the movie as a simple dining mishap then leads to the couple rocking out of their former belief system.

And as the audience may expect, here it goes. Leslie, Strobel’s spouse, falls prey into an unexpected evangelism. She chases down after Alfie and then becomes a devout Christian. As a militant atheist, this definitely enraged Lee. Then goes the painstaking research to disprove the whole Christian belief. In order to do so, he dug down to the foundation of Christianity which is the event of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. The resurrection ultimately sets Jesus apart as he isn’t just another spirit of Mother Earth nor is he another noble mortal like Nelson Mandela.

Lee with all his impulse and guts willingly went beyond his stretch and went to different places to find answers which proved his hypothesis wrong. And this part of the film will surely make Christian believers ecstatic and pre-believers cling on their seat even more.

Overall, the movie isn’t just another ‘Ancient Aliens’ documentary filled with conspiracies and ‘what ifs,’ but rather it shows hard bound pieces of evidence and factual foundation that Christianity doesn’t add up to the gods we may worship. Also, it gets more interesting with the intertwined testimony of the Strobel household and the fact derived through the research. The movie exposes the burden faced by Leslie as she painstakingly prays for her husband throughout the journey and how Lee was forced into a truth that he never thought existed.

Now, is a testimony of an atheist-turned-Christian also be compelling to other atheists out there? Are life’s paradigm shifts just meant to virtually mold us into good human beings, expecting good Karma in the afterlife or achieving Nirvana in this lifetime? Or is there a being such as Christ that can diminish all the other gods and spirits we worship and prove Himself to have the ultimate dominion?

Those are questions which may be sincerely answered by the Case for Christ. To some, the movie may also embark them on a journey in pursuit of the truth. Therefore, it can be concluded that the movie is more than a movie with happy endings and ‘happily ever after,’ but instead a movie that is thought-provoking and faith-strengthening.

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Faith’s Song is a beautiful film about how One’s Faith can shine through and change the life of the hardest hearts !

Even for true believers there are times when our Faith towards God is tested. I’m sure we can all remember when we were put in hard situations, and we really had to look deep inside of ourselves to keep the faith. Often times our faith is tested by non-believers.
Faith’s Song is a beautiful Christian Movie about a girl who was very passionate about her religion, she loved singing Christian Songs and her talent shined. One day her whole world was taken from her when her parents got killed in a Car accident and she ended up having to live with her Aunt, her Mom’s sister and her Uncle. It wasn’t long before she learned that her Uncle despised her because she was a believer.
He made this wonderful person’s life a living hell. She could not understand why? and she was very frustrated. But, she did not waiver in her faith even though her life would have been much easier if she just tried to fit in and stop believing in God.
In this Great Christian Film she finally gets thru to her Uncle and he eventually comes back to Jesus. You have to watch this wonderful Christian Movies to understand why he does. It’s a real tear jerker. It demonstrates how if you stand strong in your faith you can not only feel better about your own faith but you can turn Non Believers into Believers.  
Faith is the name of our main character and in this Faith Film, she finds herself in a new city, new school and no friends… She is a talented singer, who wants to worship God with her songs, but her uncle and others at school challenge her faith.
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Our Prayers to the Victims of Toronto’s Latest Attack

Crossflix logo home

At Crossflix, The Christian Channel that is quickly becoming known as the Christian alternative to Netflix , a great place to find your latest Christian Movies such as “Like a Country Song” with Billy Ray Cyrus or “Gallows Road” with Kevin Sorbo to name a few, we are truly saddened for the victims of this latest senseless attack.

We pray for the victims and pray that more people will turn to the teachings of Jesus Christ, we try to do our part by offering the latest Christian Movies, Award Winning Christian Documentaries and Christian Education for Children and Adults.

We want the world to practice more Love and less Hate. Hate is the work of the Devil and we unfortunately, the Devil has done a great job of using Social Media and Digital Platforms to spread hate.

Lets not forget that this Country was founded on the principles of Judaeo Christian Values, lets be proud of our Heritage. There are 271,000,000 Christians in the United States and more than 100,000,000 Christians that go to Church every week. Lets get into the habit of supporting Christian Media say NO to Media that is Anti Christian. Support Christian Channels like Crossflix. Sign up for your Free One Month Trial to Crossflix Now.

Warm Regards,

Why Supporting Christian Media and Christian Movies Is Important !

Crossflix Intro

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China Cry is one film that demonstrates strong faith towards God


Following Jesus Christ results in difficult challenges you will face in life, but these challenges shall define your FAITH.

In certain parts of the world many Christians are persecuted and over the years a lot of Christian have given up their lives to prove their faith. While today we have it much easier it’s still difficult to be a Christian, in a lot of Main Stream Media for example portray Christians to be lunatics. I’m sure you’ve noticed. What we see on Television is reflected in our Society as Media is a powerful tool.

In some parts of the World, even in today’s World some Christians have it really hard, for example I’m sure that you seen on Television reports of Churches being bombed and Christians being killed for practicing their faith. We do have to Pray for all those Brothers and Sisters. In some Countries like Saudi Arabia Christians are not allowed to have Churches or to Preach. In some Countries spreading the word of the Gospel can be a capital offense.

One country that made it hard for Christians to Practice their faith as recently as the 1990’s is China. Many Christians in China were Persecuted and even killed because they chose to follow Jesus Christ. You can see the movie “China Cry” on Crossflix. It is a great Christian Movie. China Cry is a 1990 biographical film set during rise of the communist state in China, based on the book by Nora Lam. It is set in the 1950s based on the true story of Sung Neng Yee. Born into a wealthy Chinese family, she is first eager to become part of Mao Zedong’s “new society”. But the Maoist regime brings hardship and misery to her family. She is arrested by authorities, and she believes that only Jesus Christ must have saved her when she survived a firing squad. She is taken to a labor camp while pregnant, but survives to take her children and family to freedom.

If you are one of those Christians who is struggling with your FAITH this film is a must watch. We guarantee you this film will certainly enhance your with towards God and your will to continue your Christian journey will be renewed.

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Christian Values are good for the World


Crossflix is a great Christian Channel that streams Christian Content that fosters Christian Values. Crossflix’s content includes great Christian movies,  Christian Documentaries, Biblical Movies and Education and Animated Christian Content for kids.

Christians are good for the World because they believe in brotherly love and kindness. They understand that nobody is perfect and that men do sin. Christians understand that Jesus Christ beard the Cross for them. This compassion Christians have makes for a great society.

Today, we live in a Society that spreads the wrong values through Digital Media and Cable Television, our goal at Crossflix is to be the the Christian Movie Channel that uses a Digital Platform to promote the word of God. We want the holy spirit to use the Crossflix Platform to help spread the word of God, help us do that.

The Government of the United States was founded on Judaeo Christian Values, that is why our Dollar had ” God We Trust ” on it and why our youth showed respect to God in the pledge of Alliance. While no country is perfect ours was a much more peaceful place because of those values. Today there is a shift away from God when it comes to Government, we see that shift in Schools and as a result we see a much more violent society with a breakdown of the family unit and increased mental health problem. Shootings in schools is a more recent phenomenon, we now see that on a regular bases to the point that teachers are told that it might be a good idea to carry guns or to have kids where bullet proof vests.

Many Christians have become very wary of main stream television, and many have decided to home school their children with God in their Lives. Crossflix is a tool to by used by parents for the Entertainment and Education of kids. It is the Christian Alternative to Netflix.

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