Noah and the Great Flood

Noah and the great flood

Noah and the Great Flood: A Reminder about Man’s Redemption and God’s Mercy

The Christian movie Noah released in 2014 tells us about the wicked ways of men during the period of Noah’s life. Although they took the plot on some events described in Genesis in The Bible, the presentation contained more cinematic effects intended to please the audience.

The main idea of this film is to show that the Creator has made a world that is good and that men through free will have chosen to corrupt it. To serve justice and destroy the world and its inhabitants.

The young Noah saw his father’s death in the hands of a Tubal-Cain. From that scene, we get to feel his numbing pain that he brought to his adult life. Noah lived with his wife and three sons as far away from the Tubal-Cain as possible. It’s not because he was afraid of them but because he knew he would fight for their survival. Like Noah, strong-willed people keep their distance from adversaries but can and will fight back when the situation calls for it.

In a dream, Noah saw the great flood. He sought guidance from his grandfather Methuselah who confirmed God chose him for a reason. We can relate to this scene when we face life-changing problems. We sometimes see ourselves caught in between reasoning and emotions that it takes a wise person in our lives to give us words of encouragement so we can get things done.

The existence and description of The Watchers are not from an account in The Bible. However, one compelling scene was when one of them said, “We begged the Creator to take us home, but He was silent.” The Watchers acknowledged where they came from and would return to the Creator. The silence mentioned here may mean moments in our lives when we beg to Him to take away our pain. He may have been distant at times.  His silence may teach us patience to wait for a clearer perspective, a firm decision or another chance to change our course in life.

Ila’s character, Tubal-Cain’s group attacking the Ark and Noah’s son Ham conspiring with Tubal-Cain in trying to kill Noah in the Ark may have been fictional scenes to create more drama to the plot. However, we can relate to Ila’s fears when Noah was about to kill her twins. We feel Tubal-Cain’s wrath and Ham’s disobedience to Noah. Their characters represent who we choose to follow. They have shown possible consequences derived from their actions.

In conclusion, the Christian films Noah was a creative interpretation of some of the scriptural account. The context was about the Creator’s mercy. Men’s wicked ways pained Him, and by the great flood, humanity’s redemption happened.

In this generation, we get to fail Him multiple times. But His mercy remains the same. We now have the opportunity to repent, be saved from our sins and live a purposeful life.

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One Night with the King

One Night with the King

One Night with the King: A Tale of a Queen’s Love and Courage

Released in 2006, the Christian film “One Night with the King” was based on the biblical story of how a Jewish orphan named Hadassah became Queen Esther to King Xerxes of Persia. It tells about Esther’s character that made her become Queen. She is literate that is uncommon for a woman in those days. And boldly expresses her thoughts and opinions to any man who speaks to her regardless of rank even to the King. By demonstrating how to make good use of God-given abilities to serve others. Her act of reading to the other maidens vying for Queen means she cared more about them learning from her than using her knowledge for her own advancement.

The story revolved around the period where avenging persecution of the forefathers was highly regarded. The main antagonist Haman has set himself to lead killing all Jews to avenge his forefathers Agag. It is no different to what goes on in Syria at present time. For as long as there’s no repentance and remission, we know not how racial war ends. In spite of the repercussions of killing, we still hope for God’s protection towards His chosen people.

Queen Vashti’s character showed us that she stood her ground opposing the war. She refused to bid the King’s summon stating that she will not lower her dignity to his drunken men. Due to the King’s pride being defied by his Queen, he banished her and announced to find a replacement. On the other hand, Esther used to love to link her to the King.

She became Queen because she treated love as a treasure beyond jewels. When Haman was about to lead annihilation of the Jews. Queen Esther defied protocol by presenting herself before the council chamber unsummoned. Unlike Queen Vashti who got banished from the kingdom.

On this movie, we see that the King’s love weighed more than rules. He lowered his scepter for Queen Esther. In this plot, we also see Queen Esther’s courage to face adversaries in spite of knowing that a possible punishment awaits her.

Mordecai is another character that influenced the turn of events. Being one of the King’s scribes at the palace and acting as uncle to Esther. Mordecai guided her to protect her identity so the Jews could be saved. He did not kneel before Haman and boldly declared that he bows down only to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and before their King. Its message to us is to firmly defend the God we believe in no matter the situation we are in.

In conclusion, the film was able to effectively convey that greed is foolishness, love and trust are a treasure, peace is far superior to recklessly avenge past wrongdoings, and that there is hope for God’s people.

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