Before the Border: A Girl’s Determined Act of Defense

Before the border

Before the Border: A Girl’s Determined Act of Defense

The Christian film Before the Border tells a story about a girl’s determination guided by a principle that everyone has a right to defense. The main character Samantha Johnson was a college student. On the verge of graduation, she was preparing to present a case about the Underground Railroad and legislation governing US border. Unfortunately, another student named Tarquin got interested in the same case. He offered a partnership for the presentation. When Sam declined, he took her notes and conned her to go to the Canadian border if she wanted her notes returned. Otherwise, she gives up her notebook to Tarquin so he can complete the case. Sam accepts the deal including his rule not to use any modern means of transportation to get there.

The first scenes showed the difference in traits between Sam and Tarquin. Sam’s awareness about politician’s ways of excluding immigrants’ rights was her inspiration to pursue becoming a lawyer. She says she wanted to help defend people’s rights for equality especially those who can’t help themselves. On the other hand, Tarquin was the son of a politician who doesn’t care about having dignity in one’s work. He doesn’t care to steal Sam’s ideas for his advancement. In life, we do meet the likes of Sam and Tarquin. This deal sets an example for us to guard not only our written works but more of our guiding principles in life.

Tarquin offered money to hunt for Sam and Jack and prevent them from reaching the border. He reminds us of a rich brat who could afford to pay to get what he wanted. He even raised the amount for grabs upon learning that Sam was heading the border. Towards the end, we learned that what he yearned for was his father’s attention who was a busy politician.

Another notable character is Jack, Sam’s friend who was supposedly a couch potato. Upon realizing that Sam will be trekking to the border alone, he immediately packed things and joined her without hesitation. We have friends like Jack who is readily willing to share our load and go with us in times of our distress. He even gave his clothes to Sam so she could go en-route while he lured the paparazzi away from their track.

While there were setbacks that made their hike more difficult, there were also some people out to help them without breaching the rules of this deal. These scenes remind us to consider people around us willing to help in times of our need. We can also keep ourselves grounded with word of honor the way Sam did. There was an offer to reach the border faster but she chose not to cheat. She kept her word in the bargain.

To conclude, there was not any vital information written in Sam’s notebook. All she wanted was to prove how a determined girl can fight for her goals in life.

One Night with the King

One Night with the King

One Night with the King: A Tale of a Queen’s Love and Courage

Released in 2006, the Christian film “One Night with the King” was based on the biblical story of how a Jewish orphan named Hadassah became Queen Esther to King Xerxes of Persia. It tells about Esther’s character that made her become Queen. She is literate that is uncommon for a woman in those days. And boldly expresses her thoughts and opinions to any man who speaks to her regardless of rank even to the King. By demonstrating how to make good use of God-given abilities to serve others. Her act of reading to the other maidens vying for Queen means she cared more about them learning from her than using her knowledge for her own advancement.

The story revolved around the period where avenging persecution of the forefathers was highly regarded. The main antagonist Haman has set himself to lead killing all Jews to avenge his forefathers Agag. It is no different to what goes on in Syria at present time. For as long as there’s no repentance and remission, we know not how racial war ends. In spite of the repercussions of killing, we still hope for God’s protection towards His chosen people.

Queen Vashti’s character showed us that she stood her ground opposing the war. She refused to bid the King’s summon stating that she will not lower her dignity to his drunken men. Due to the King’s pride being defied by his Queen, he banished her and announced to find a replacement. On the other hand, Esther used to love to link her to the King.

She became Queen because she treated love as a treasure beyond jewels. When Haman was about to lead annihilation of the Jews. Queen Esther defied protocol by presenting herself before the council chamber unsummoned. Unlike Queen Vashti who got banished from the kingdom.

On this movie, we see that the King’s love weighed more than rules. He lowered his scepter for Queen Esther. In this plot, we also see Queen Esther’s courage to face adversaries in spite of knowing that a possible punishment awaits her.

Mordecai is another character that influenced the turn of events. Being one of the King’s scribes at the palace and acting as uncle to Esther. Mordecai guided her to protect her identity so the Jews could be saved. He did not kneel before Haman and boldly declared that he bows down only to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and before their King. Its message to us is to firmly defend the God we believe in no matter the situation we are in.

In conclusion, the film was able to effectively convey that greed is foolishness, love and trust are a treasure, peace is far superior to recklessly avenge past wrongdoings, and that there is hope for God’s people.

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Learn to defend your faith with movie ‘The Case for Christ’

The Case for Christ

The Case for Christ Movie review

The Case for Christ’s Ressurection, indeed, proves that Jesus Christ isn’t just another good man or a superstition to whom people believe.

The lead character Lee Strobel, a Chicago Tribune legal affairs reporter, starts out to be a tough atheist who believes that anything that is not substantiated with solid factual foundation and basis is not worth believing in. With his strong influence, he then influences his own household to share the same skeptic belief with him. A notable part to that aggressive skepticism is a scene with his daughter Alison wherein he states that they should only believe what’s real – things that can be seen and touched.

As the Christian movie, Christian Videos unfolds, an incident happened that rocked the family’s belief a 180 degrees. The family was dining in a restaurant when their daughter started choking and nearly died because of it. During the incident, a woman named Alfie came to the rescue. The couple later finds out that she is a Christian as she shares how she got convicted to dine in that restaurant and that everything was not a mere coincidence. This part is surely an impetus for the heat to rise in the movie as a simple dining mishap then leads to the couple rocking out of their former belief system.

And as the audience may expect, here it goes. Leslie, Strobel’s spouse, falls prey into an unexpected evangelism. She chases down after Alfie and then becomes a devout Christian. As a militant atheist, this definitely enraged Lee. Then goes the painstaking research to disprove the whole Christian belief. In order to do so, he dug down to the foundation of Christianity which is the event of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. The resurrection ultimately sets Jesus apart as he isn’t just another spirit of Mother Earth nor is he another noble mortal like Nelson Mandela.

Lee with all his impulse and guts willingly went beyond his stretch and went to different places to find answers which proved his hypothesis wrong. And this part of the film will surely make Christian believers ecstatic and pre-believers cling on their seat even more.

Overall, the movie isn’t just another ‘Ancient Aliens’ documentary filled with conspiracies and ‘what ifs,’ but rather it shows hard bound pieces of evidence and factual foundation that Christianity doesn’t add up to the gods we may worship. Also, it gets more interesting with the intertwined testimony of the Strobel household and the fact derived through the research. The movie exposes the burden faced by Leslie as she painstakingly prays for her husband throughout the journey and how Lee was forced into a truth that he never thought existed.

Now, is a testimony of an atheist-turned-Christian also be compelling to other atheists out there? Are life’s paradigm shifts just meant to virtually mold us into good human beings, expecting good Karma in the afterlife or achieving Nirvana in this lifetime? Or is there a being such as Christ that can diminish all the other gods and spirits we worship and prove Himself to have the ultimate dominion?

Those are questions which may be sincerely answered by the Case for Christ. To some, the movie may also embark them on a journey in pursuit of the truth. Therefore, it can be concluded that the movie is more than a movie with happy endings and ‘happily ever after,’ but instead a movie that is thought-provoking and faith-strengthening.

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