Into His Arms

Into His Arms

Into His Arms: Letting Go and Letting God

This drama film released in 1999 revolves around a 7-year-old girl named Jennifer and her mom Sharla. A well-off family in a community surrounded by friends. Until one day, the two went shopping to find a nice dress Jennifer can wear at her first piano recital. Sharla coaxed her daughter to try out a dress while she gets busy choosing other dresses for her. After a few minutes, her daughter was not there anymore. Fear surged Sharla knowing that Jennifer wouldn’t leave the shop without her. This story is a reminder to every parent to always be watchful of your child even as you go to the same old shop.

Sharla was remorseful to the point of having nightmares about the incident. Her husband Jim blamed her. Her sorrow was beyond words. Neighbours reached out to her but she became reclusive. She attempted to resist her friend Bren who bought some groceries to ease her chores. She offered to pay knowing she’s more financially able than her but Bren was quick to remind her that she’s willing to lend a hand because she was her friend. Later on, we learned Bren lost her husband on a road accident. Sharla asked how she managed to cope and her reply was that she asked God for comfort. Their conversation scene showed us how good it was to have an understanding and encouraging friend especially in times when our heart gets troubled.

They found the body of Jennifer in the woods. However, Gary cannot just accept what happened. He believes that Jennifer can’t simply run away and die like that. A police officer told him to close the case since they know enough. What triggered Gary was this guy’s statement that if he is going to chase phantoms, it will just hurt everyone. Gary was persistent to pursue his investigations further. Instinct and conscience was his guide for running after the truth. And sometimes, it is the gut feeling that tells us that something’s wrong. Gary’s persistence leads him to track Sharla’s neighbour and family friend Bill. His capture revealed the real story behind the untimely death of the girl.

This film is an eye-opener. Some pain never goes away like losing a loved one. We learned that forgiveness for the offender allows her to rebuild her faith. Sharla may not have granted her forgiveness to Bill at this time. Just maybe, she’ll come around to it once she becomes ready to forgive herself and heal her wounded soul thereafter.

We question God for tragedies that come our way. The message is for us to acknowledge that by submitting Into His Hands our lives, we let go of the pain and we let God unfold a new us as we move on.

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The Shack Movie Review

The Shack movie Review

Discover what wonders God’s Healing can bring in, “The Shack”

An encounter with Papa that results in a pursuit of healing and forgiveness. This is the journey that, “The Shack” is putting its viewers into. The Shack takes things to a whole new level and illustrates the Christian faith and the Trinity more vividly.

The story begins with the lead character, Mack Philips. He started out as a kid with a vulgar and abusive father. As he came into his senses and after repetitive abuse, he came into the monumental angst to kill his own father.

The Christian movie turned relatively smoother after this chapter as Mack then grows up and started with a happy family with three kids. Conflict, however, rose up because of a family camp outing that they never knew would tear them apart. In contrary to the outing’s purpose of being a leisure outlet for the family, a tragedy occurred as Missy, youngest daughter, was stolen while Mack was rescuing his other children from boating. Investigations went on and they found Missy raped by a man.

This took Mack into a depressive chapter. A family that once was whole was torn apart in front of the lead character. In the midst of this dark segment, Mack received a letter from ‘Papa’ inviting him to go to a shack. Though resistant, at first, he submitted to the invitation and that led him to a vivid and unforgettable journey of his life.

As Mack got into the shack, things started out to be a stiff and cold surrounding to a bright and vibrant lush surrounding, where he meets the Son. The Son then took him into a house where he met the rest of the troupe- the Father and the Holy Spirit. His encounter with the ‘I am’ revealed Mack at his most naked and vulnerable just like David.

The trinity took Him into three days of healing and forgetting. He went into different activities during his encounter experience in order for him to realize that the Lord isn’t just someone who makes things beautiful on the surface, but rather cooks up something so intricate from the inside and grows out to be a processed beautiful jewel. Mack also got answers to certain questions and doubts about God’s parity and the abundance of His love.

A whole roller coaster ride with ‘Papa’ allowed Mack to start fresh with his family. He continues to live his life in a fuller sense. This also allowed him to heal the scars left by his traumatic childhood experiences. The loss of his daughter Missy. Moving forward, he now held better grasp of his role in the patriarchy- to be a good and loving spouse and also to lead his children to be closer to the Heavenly Father.

This movie shows its viewers that with every hurting and resentment comes a fresh beginning in Christ. Brokenness doesn’t always lead to a dark path but instead can be beautified when broken in front of the Lord. The challenge just lies in how Christians live a life of surrendering after encountering Him.

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Broken is a must watch Inspirational Film


Some people are in desperate need of inspiration, they feel like everything they do seems to go wrong. Did you ever feel like your circumstances controlled your life? Actually all people feel that way at one time or another, that’s why it’s so important to keep the faith.

This story is a bout a troubled teen who is broken and needs to stand up from a bad fall. He is seeking redemption and a new dose of energy to rise from a fall. This Christian Movie about how a young man was able to overcome his downfall to rise up and face life again with a renewed spirit and enthusiasm is truly inspirational to Kids, Teens and Adults.

In the Faith Movie, Broken, a troubled teen recounts the events that led him to the bottom of a cliff, broken and clinging to life.

John, the lead in this great Christian Drama, is clinging to life by a thread. He’s at the bottom of a hundred foot cliff recounting the events that got him to this point of complete brokenness.

As his life passes before his eyes we see a troubled kid on a weekend, youth retreat with his friends. It’s there that John gets captured by three escaped convicts, who are hiding out in the vast expanses of the rocky mountains. As a result, John must leave behind a troubled past and face the challenge of a lifetime, if he’s to survive.


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