I Am Gabriel: A Messenger of Hope

I am Gabriel

I Am Gabriel: A Messenger of Hope

Life’s challenges bring us to a test of faith. With hope gone, we would instead find refuge elsewhere than look into a silver lining where we are. This film brings a message of hope for those overwhelmed by problems.

The story began with the couple Ellen and Joe losing a child at birth. They were heartbroken. In a small town of Promise, people believed this incident started a curse of drought to their lands resulting in poor business conditions, unemployment, and foreclosure of homes. They have become hopeless that some even considered leaving town to have a job. These forms of suffrage aren’t a far-fetched reality, and thus, the question of why do bad things happen to good people emerge.

Out of nowhere, a boy named Gabe arrives in Promise with just the clothes on his back and a rolled prayer mat in tow. He was on the road when Joe, driving with his wife Ellen, almost hit him. With no home or parents to go to, the couple took him in. They reported the matter to Sheriff Brody, then he searched online for a missing boy across neighboring towns but unable to find a lead as to where Gabe could come from. Meanwhile, Gabe took action on his divine mission, rousing faith in each person he talks to. He reinforces the power of prayer so that God will listen. The boy made it clear that relationship to God means talking to Him that many people often forget.

As the story unfolds, each character showed how they were dealing with their own struggles. Doc has been silent about his terminal illness, the pastor’s daughter was taking pills to cast aside her hurt, Sheriff scrambles to save everyone’s issues while unable to come to terms about his wife’s death and his friend turns to alcohol due to depression that he lost his job. These people lack encouragement for one another as much as each of them lacks self-encouragement. Gabe’s mission was to remind them how connected they are to each other and to God who will not forsake them amidst their troubles.

There are several tender moments in this film. One is when Gabe sits beside Wesley, a young man with Down’s syndrome. Amazingly, he knew who Gabe really is. He sat on a bench outside the church expecting the boy to make it rain. True enough, the rain came to drench everyone with fresh hope.

The glimmer of hope turns to skepticism when Doc dies. Gabe’s presence was again deliberated among townsfolk. The sheriff pushed the matter further that led to Gabe finally revealing his identity for everyone to see and believe.

As it was written in Scriptures, Blessed are those who do not see and yet believed. We suffer not only due to lack of faith but lack of hope in believing that there’s a better tomorrow to look forward to. And this inspiring film illustrated the meaning of hope and the miracles it brings to those who believe.

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Childlike Faith: I Believe Movie Review

childlike faith

I Believe: The Meaning of Childlike Faith

I Believe demonstrated how to have faith similar to a child. The main character is 9-year old Brian who has parents that are unbelievers of God and Christianity. In a scene where Brian’s father openly tells him that there is no God, he attempts to persuade the belief of the child.

We relate to this scene as most of us get influenced by the people around us. Influence is not synonymous with having a personal belief in something especially God. What our parents, relatives and friends believe may or may not sync with our own. We uphold our belief regardless of other people’s convictions.

Brian was assigned to write about pilgrims in his class. Aside from the assignment, his innocent curiosity led him to exert an extra effort to research further about Jesus, His teachings and His works. The teacher did remind him not to turn into a fanatic. Despite the comment, the smart boy pressed on to learn more about Jesus.

He uses different channels including the internet, buying a Bible and visiting the church for the first time. We too have a gut-feel experience like this. We persistently look for answers to satisfy our curiosity with facts that concerns our belief in God.

Brian’s act of prayer and an unwavering act of sharing his faith led to miracles that made him newsworthy. The boy’s faith in the power of prayer has convinced those lives he touched to believe including the US Marine and the woman who has a blind baby. In this modern age, there are many among us who do not believe in miracles anymore.

Only when we open our hearts do we get to see miracles happen in our lives. And by giving thanks with a grateful heart, we expand the width and the length of our faith in God.

Another scene worth mentioning was when Brian abducted by a mob. The leader asked the boy if God listens to him and his reply was it is the opposite, it is he who listens to Him. The intention was to strain the boy’s faith and destroy him from making the headlines. When the little girl was shot. Brian prayed for her quick recovery.

There will always be a set of bad people who are out there to inflict physical or psychological harm. They will be out to test where our faith lay. Sometimes, all it takes is a childlike faith to keep us grounded. Against whatever odds that come and passes through our course in life.

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