Broken: A Tale between Vengeance and Forgiving


Broken: A Tale between Vengeance and Forgiving

The film Broken opened its story with a caption New Zealand (1836). The murder of a girl changes the course of history. The astonishing acts of forgiveness that follow bring peace between the warring tribes. The spirit of this story is inspired by hers. From these words alone, we were given a premise that the film’s main theme is the act of forgiving.

Main character Logan used to lead a gang called The Mad Bulls. He left them to raise his daughter Tori and settled himself as a boxing coach at a gym. Both of them enjoyed surfing just in time for sunrise. That morning, Logan’s former mate Murphy showed up on his dock to coax him to return to their brotherhood. Logan declined his offer even after knowing that the rival gang Pouakai was after him. All he wanted was a quiet life with his teenage daughter and nothing more.

Tori was a Christian. She invites her dad to come to church with her but he refused. She and her friend Josh picked up Jess so she can witness a worship performance at church. Jess later confessed that she planned to commit suicide if not for that invitation. These scenes remind us how a simple act of encouragement can save a life.

The story turned when the worried dad decided to fetch his daughter at church after not being home by the promised time. Logan drops by the boxing gym and sees his friend hurt, told him to find Tori sooner. He was still on the road when Tori picked up the phone at home. Men came and shoot her for dead with dad hearing it on his phone. Logan showed us how anger translated to wanting to avenge his daughter’s death. During Tori’s wake, he decided to put revenge in his hands and joined The Mad Bulls again.

Another pivotal character in this tale is Pouakai gang leader Cruz. He took Tori’s laptop in search for information but ended watching her video message about forgiveness. His mother was already confined at hospice care. In a short intimate chat, she told him to forgive everyone and himself so he could be set free. It was the same message bespoke by Tori.

Logan and Murphy came to kill Cruz’s mom. Logan was unable to act on it so Murphy pressed a pillow on top of her face. She was barely alive when Cruz came to see her. She reminded him to forgive everyone before passing on. Cruz made a noble act and that was to face Logan. Both men understood that they wanted to end the impending bloodbath. As it turns out, Murphy used Tori’s death as a match to ignite the fire between the two gangs so theirs can take over the town. He got shot dead as well.  In the end, Logan wore Tori’s cross necklace as a sign of his newfound faith in Christianity.

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Broken is a must watch Inspirational Film


Some people are in desperate need of inspiration, they feel like everything they do seems to go wrong. Did you ever feel like your circumstances controlled your life? Actually all people feel that way at one time or another, that’s why it’s so important to keep the faith.

This story is a bout a troubled teen who is broken and needs to stand up from a bad fall. He is seeking redemption and a new dose of energy to rise from a fall. This Christian Movie about how a young man was able to overcome his downfall to rise up and face life again with a renewed spirit and enthusiasm is truly inspirational to Kids, Teens and Adults.

In the Faith Movie, Broken, a troubled teen recounts the events that led him to the bottom of a cliff, broken and clinging to life.

John, the lead in this great Christian Drama, is clinging to life by a thread. He’s at the bottom of a hundred foot cliff recounting the events that got him to this point of complete brokenness.

As his life passes before his eyes we see a troubled kid on a weekend, youth retreat with his friends. It’s there that John gets captured by three escaped convicts, who are hiding out in the vast expanses of the rocky mountains. As a result, John must leave behind a troubled past and face the challenge of a lifetime, if he’s to survive.


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