Run the race

Run the race: Finding Strength in the Bonds of Brotherhood

Run the race is a film that portrays brotherhood amidst individual life situations. Zach, a football superstar bent on using this sport as a ticket to a scholarship at a university. His younger brother Dave was a devout Christian in spite of having an illness. Both worked at a local grocer owned by their godmother Annie. She cared for them after their mom’s passing to cancer.

Zach enjoyed his fame but kept a deep hurt against his dad who left them. At their mom’s grave, their dad asked for forgiveness. Dave readily granted while Zach called him a drunk coward. Zach’s ego masked his long-standing pain. Dave’s strong faith in God opened his heart to forgive. Despite the contrasting perspective of the two, Dave consistently encouraged Zach to turn in to God all his frustrations and seek guidance from Him.

The story turns when Zach’s knee got hit after a petty fight on an outdoor drinking spree with his football buddies. At an instant, Zach loses his chance to play football. His good coach encouraged him to try running track once his leg gets better. Dave overheard their conversation and got himself a medical clearance so he can compete in running. His underlying motive was to convince Zach to train him so he can work on his leg again. Dave placed second in the preliminaries but due to a severe seizure, he got confined at a hospital.

Zach’s emotional struggle was feeling broken and thus, finding it difficult to forgive. One of the heartwarming scenes was his conversation with godmother Annie. She told him how hurt she was finding out that she’s unable to conceive but through a twist of fate, she became a mother and cared for them both as if they were her own.

These words teach us that when we forgive regardless of our reasons and desired outcome, it heals the hurt we have kept for too long.

There are several inspirational words in this film. Their musings validated their faith. Coach pointed out to Zach’s dad that he needed a father by his side after the leg injury. Their dad confessed for his shortcomings and admits that he was mourning for the loss of his wife too. These subplots not only justified their pivotal role in the story but it lets us see that broken people are willing to repent and change for the better too.

Run the race culminates with Dave’s passing at the hospital while Zach was running the race. Dave’s purpose in Zach’s life has ended. On the other hand, Zach’s run as a substitute for Dave may have just paved the way for a good start at a brighter future on track and his journey of faith.

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