Our Prayers to the Victims of Toronto’s Latest Attack

At Crossflix, The Christian Channel that is quickly becoming known as the Christian alternative to Netflix , a great place to find your latest Christian Movies such as “Like a Country Song” with Billy Ray Cyrus or “Gallows Road” with Kevin Sorbo to name a few, we are truly saddened for the victims of this latest senseless attack.

We pray for the victims and pray that more people will turn to the teachings of Jesus Christ, we try to do our part by offering the latest Christian Movies, Award Winning Christian Documentaries and Christian Education for Children and Adults.

We want the world to practice more Love and less Hate. Hate is the work of the Devil and we unfortunately, the Devil has done a great job of using Social Media and Digital Platforms to spread hate.

Lets not forget that this Country was founded on the principles of Judaeo Christian Values, lets be proud of our Heritage. There are 271,000,000 Christians in the United States and more than 100,000,000 Christians that go to Church every week. Lets get into the habit of supporting Christian Media say NO to Media that is Anti Christian. Support Christian Channels like Crossflix. Sign up for your Free One Month Trial to Crossflix Now.

Warm Regards,