On Angel’s Wings: Intent of Prayer and Miracles

On Angel’s Wings presented teenager issues in a lighthearted story.

McKenzie was a water girl in their soccer team. One day, Coach Carter ordered her to play after Amaya sprained her ankle. She kicked the ball out of range that the team lost the game. Just like any typical teenager, her worries include being teased, having no friends and feeling like a loser.

At some point in our lives, we had the same issues she has. We all experienced pain. And wished that we are on the winning side than being looked downcast as a failure. McKenzie almost followed Amaya’s prodding to quit the team.

However, Coach Carter told her it’s not winning that matters but trying to do the best she can each time she plays. Aside from practice, the Coach encouraged her to believe in herself.

In a subplot, McKenzie’s younger brother Josh was having difficulty reading in class. His teacher and classmates think he can’t read. But Josh speaks with clarity and sensibility in casual conversations with his sister, mom Amber and the preacher at church. His tutor showed patience in determining whether he was dyslexic. Feeling odd with himself, Josh visits the church to pray and not bother his mom or sister with his problems.

These scenes showed us that some people would be quick to judge us for falling short of their expectations, but some people are willing to open their hearts to motivate us to do better like the tutor and the preacher.

The story turned when the siblings wished for a miracle. Under different circumstances, both had a chance to encounter an angel. Angel Michael gave McKenzie three wishes.

Firstly, she wished to become rich after feeling embarrassed over an old pair of rubber shoes. She and Josh found a pouch full of money near the dumpster. They bought new clothes, but the surprised Amber told them to return the money. Her second wish was to become good at sports so she will be famous and have new friends. In spite of granting McKenzie’s wishes, the angel pointed out things that don’t won’t last.

In the movie, they subtly highlighted bullying. The girls who once teased McKenzie befriended her when she became a famous soccer player. They told her to discard her nerd brother, and in one instance, she did that hurt his feelings. Her mom advised her about choosing friends and not hurting the ones she loves to impress somebody else.

In the end, Angel Michael pointed out that believing in herself made her win the game. The intention of prayer is not for one’s self but for asking God to meet other people’s needs. McKenzie’s final wish was to enable her brother to read without glasses or surgery. Overall, we learned from this film that we are God’s angels sent to give others a miracle.

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