New World Order: Signs of the End Times

We can discuss the Book of Revelations in the Bible allegorically in a hundred different interpretations. It makes for a good film premise. The film New World Order released in 2013 used the mark of the Beast as its focal point.

The story opened with a van containing seven Christians who got captured for alleged treason against the New World Order. Officers brought them to a facility so each person can decide whether be marked or sentenced to death. These scenes gave us a glimpse of what will possibly happen during the reign of the Beast as foretold in the Book of Revelations. Main character Demi knew that receiving the mark means losing her soul that is why she influenced her friend Christen against getting marked.

Then the plot went to a flashback scene when Demi and Jason first met. The rear of her car slightly hit him because she was talking to Christen on her mobile while attempting to leave the parking area. There was an instant attraction between the two. Scenes that followed showed us how simple distractions could lead our faith astray. Demi and Christen left the church early to meet up with Jason and his friend at a bar.

The plot then moved its setting to three years since the inception of the New World Order. A tyrant general called Supreme Chancellor demands allegiance to Lord Aldo De Luca by the registry of a national census. Each person shall bear a mark on the forehead or wrist. Otherwise, they are unable to buy food and will have them listed as an offender until captured or killed. Demi’s parents decided to receive the mark. Her mother turned her in. These scenes remind us that regardless of what our parents or elders decide upon, we can defend the belief that we uphold as an individual. Our conscience and soul is our own.

There were only two critical twists in this story. One, Jason turned out as a traitor. He joined an underground Christian group so that he can kill its members one by one. Second, when they mark Demi to save her life. Christen chose to face the death chamber to keep her faith. It is ironic and yet true that those we think we knew turns out as something else beyond who we think they are to us. It may have been the same notion of the people who came up with this film.

The storyline may be in disarray. But the message of this film is for us to become aware of what’s happening around us. In the end, we all lose our existence in this world anyway. What matters is that our soul goes back to God.

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