Masterless Movie Review

Masterless: A Quest to Seek Your Own Master

The Christian film Masterless opens with a quote “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the principalities of darkness in the heavenly realm.” This quote prepares our consciousness to a concept of two parallel worlds, one for real and the other a netherworld. The story depicts a man’s journey towards his innermost antagonist and that is himself.

Masterless is an allegorical film that shows what it is like for the main character Kane to go through a mental and emotional battle to enable him to overcome stressful issues that came his way. He was a driven architect who goes for having his own way until he got laid off. These scenes reflected how we put our careers on a pedestal as if our existence depends on it.  When our stature falls, our disposition crumbles. During the transition period, we drift from feeling secure to uncertainty like being in limbo and that is where the journey of crossing over the realm of self-doubt becomes a test.

Kane’s wife Emy is a Japanese girl who gave up their traditional beliefs. She embraced Christianity and became a wife to Kane in spite of the difference in race and religion. Although frail and sickly, she is a source of moral support to Kane. She urged him to talk to their local priest and read the Bible.

There were several nuggets of wise words imparted in both worlds. The Masked Dark Master says a dagger represents a poison, first to the mind than to the heart.  In reality, it means self-justification when there’s a lack of better judgment until the wound runs deeper to hurt the heart. Pain and rage lead to the death in spirit. And the best way to combat them is to have Hope so we can overcome our own weaknesses.

When Emy got hospitalized, there were some noteworthy scenes that followed. Her Japanese mother brought into their house a red printed jar that symbolizes their racial beliefs. Kane’s act of fighting her back in words and breaking the jar means he fought against submitting to the old Japanese religion. He was firm in keeping his faith.

Kane got a new job where he leads a team. His busyness again consumed him to the point of forgetting his wife as she lay in a hospital bed. When she died, Kane thought of taking pills to end his life too. These scenes remind us how success, money, and fame block us from those people who truly mattered to us.

The quote “Who’s next, my Lord?” means that the dark side of our nature is just lurking overhead waiting for an opening where it can affect our brain, heart, and soul. We should always be on guard with our thoughts and feelings so we won’t go astray from the path towards our true Master, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.