Love according to God

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?” (Romans 8:35)”

“Nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:39)

Love According to God

That’s what the Bible says about God’s love for men. It encompasses His love for His Son, Jesus Christ. God equates to love. This love is the kind of love that we see from God. He is the God of love, grace, and mercy.

In reflection, we as humans, as people searching for love most of our lives, tend to look at love as emotions. We end up lonely every time we think of the state of our relationships. Questioning God, ending up impatient and lacking trust in Him that He will provide us with what’s best for us in His own perfect time.

Our tendency is to look for love in different areas of the world. We seek for worldly things, habits, experiences, and people. Consumed by different vices like alcoholic drinks, gambling, overspending, and dwell on various addictions. Thinking that through these we will get the love we deserve.

Real love is not like that. His desire to love is sincere. God wants to empower us and be the best at everything that we do. The love that we have from God is never-ending that we do not have to seek refuge from temporary sources of this feeling. With God, there is an overflowing love.

No other human possession or affections can compare with God’s love; He gave His Only Son Jesus Christ to save us from our sins. Imagine a Father who would send His Son to die. Who would do such a thing? No one else can do that for you and me only God.

He Sacrifices His Son

Jesus died to redeem us from our sins. He gave up His life to spare us from the wraths of hell. That’s how powerful God is.

God created us with a true purpose. We were given the chance to live in this world to marvel at His gifts to us. He gave us a family and more to experience life to the fullest.

He gave us our talents to share with the world. God granted us values and virtues to be instruments of His love. He gave us the free will to search for our purpose.

This is how amazing God is! We were bestowed with all these presents to experience his great enthusiasm for us. God is a God of love and will always be. He is our loving Father, a God of ultimate compassion for us. There is no reason for us to feel unloved.

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