Letters to God Movie Review

Letters to God Movie Review: A Story of Linking Prayers and Finding Hope

Thoughts and words are much better when written than spoken as some people would have it. The Christian movie “Letters to God” tells a story of a boy named Tyler who is suffering from cancer and corresponds to God every day. He sends his letter to the postman in the hopes that it will reach God. This innocent, childlike gesture showed us how to tell God our wishes and worries about ourselves and the people around us in written form. The boy believed in having a friendship with God, and this act encourages us to do the same.

Several scenes in this film showed unconditional love, compassion, and hope. Tyler’s mother Maddie is a widow who juggles her hours as a nurse in a children’s hospital at night and a caring mother to her two sons during the day. Tyler knew about his mother’s sacrifices on his behalf that all he wished is for God to send someone who can make his mother smile again. When we do get entangled in a situation beyond our control.  We could only wish for better things to happen primarily to the people who matter in our lives.

The turning point in the story happened when the alcoholic Brady replaced the regular postman who took leave. He found himself conflicted on what to do with Tyler’s letters to God. His boss lets him have his way with them, so he resorted to leaving them in their local church. The pastor told him that there’s a purpose why the letters fell in his hands. They prayed over before going to the church. Moved by the scene in the church, Brady recalled the past hurts that led him to become alcoholic. It gives us a realization that when a person gets broken. There’s a process of healing and restoration to look forward.

Brady is drawn to Tyler’s positivity every day. He attempts to make his day a little happier. Like when he pleaded Maddie to allow Tyler to play football in spite of his limitations. This tells us that no matter how difficult the trials we go through, there’s still a chance for a pleasant day in simple ways.

The film showed Tyler as a supportive brother and a good friend. He forgives his classmate who said hurtful remarks about his condition. Guided by Jesus’ teachings, he wanted to show others what compassion means to him. From Tyler’s last hours to his passing, Brady used Tyler’s letters to inspire more people to write to God. The film closes with snippets of other people who battled Cancer and kept their faith. Letters speak about thoughts left unspoken. Letters to God speaks about prayer bearing hope for one another. The end of one’s life may give direction and meaning to another life story.

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