Jeremy Lin’s Road to NBA

Jeremy Lin’s Road to NBA: The rise of Linsanity

Every successful person has humble beginnings. The inspiring documentary film Linsanity takes us to Jeremy Lin’s journey from dreaming to become a basketball player to living the dream as an NBA superstar.

Jeremy Lin began his training for basketball at a young age. Dad Geiming was an NBA fanatic. He grew up in Taiwan where academics are prioritized over athletics. He got accustomed to playing basketball after getting home from work that his love for this sport was passed on to his three close-knit sons Joshua, Jeremy, and Joseph. Jeremy grew taller and more passionate in mimicking the moves of the NBA players he watched on TV. Lin’s love for basketball showed us that no matter how preoccupied our life gets, we can still pursue a skill or a hobby that will give fulfillment to our soul.

Jeremy grew up in Palo Alto, California. He was the best basketball player in his senior year but no university clamored for him because he was an Asian kid. He got teased for his Chinese features and descent.  His struggles were no different to every kid who gets bullied due to racial discrimination. Instead of fighting them back, he turned to his Christian faith and family for moral support. Mom Shirley was always affirming that he is strong-willed on his every game. By having this kind of support system, Jeremy learned to trust God when he is low and praise God when he is up. Seldom do we get to watch an athlete who acknowledges God’s ways in his life at his interviews.

After his standout collegiate basketball career at Harvard, Jeremy was undrafted in any NBA team. There were moments that he felt unwanted like when he got cut by two NBA teams and was just sitting on the bench on the third, but what’s remarkable was his unwavering faith in God. He translated his faith into making himself a better player with constant practice. And he used the lockout period at the NBA season to prepare for the upcoming game. He anticipated playing the game of his life. When he got the chance to play point guard, he scored the most number of points in a game that created a public frenzy. Thus, the term Linsanity was born.

Jeremy’s perspective in his life and career came to a turn when he went to Taiwan to get to know his roots and its culture. He came up with Jeremy Lin Basketball Academy in Palo Alto to teach kids to play basketball. Jeremy came to believe that God orchestrated the events in his life. He realized that he can only find peace in himself when he plays for God. He acknowledged that he became a better person through tough times and that is part of His will for him.

Linsanity’s core message is to give hope to the kids who think never could I have the chance. With faith and perseverance, a dream can become a reality.

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