In God’s Time

In God’s Time: Keeping Faith Amidst Life’s Uncertainties

Time is precious at any given point in our lives. This film takes us to four people dealing with difficult phases in their separate lives. A watchmaker narrates that God intervenes in the workings of his creation. In a twist of fate, a wristwatch showed each character the moments that affected them most.

Sleeping on a friend’s couch and without a job, young Rorry worries about her pregnancy. It doesn’t even help that her uncle Dr. Phillips suggested considering abortion as an option. He showed insensitivity to Rorry despite hurting over losing his wife to cancer. He tried to numb his pain by becoming alcoholic and taking prescribed pills to cope up with life without her. Meanwhile, Brandon left the Army on AWOL. He was guilt-stricken for accidentally killing a man and a child when he was in Afghanistan. His brother’s suicide also tortured him so he sleeps in his truck. And there was Jerry, a belligerent vagrant who intimidates other beggars. These characters relate to how vulnerable we are when troubled with life-changing trials that come our way.

The story turned when Jerry received a wristwatch from a mysterious man. He was examining the watch on his wrist when it sparked. With the hands of time spinning, Jerry fell into a dreamlike state seeing himself as a devoted father to his young daughter. He saw Christ extending his hand to him. Snapping back to reality, he decided to clean himself up and find his daughter. These scenes remind us about losing grip of faith when we are downtrodden. Then, we redeem faith again when we are ready to take another shot at life.

Jerry saw Brandon beaten at a parking area. After a short conversation, he handed the mystical wristwatch to Brandon wishing it will help him too. It made him see scenes in Afghanistan, his brother giving him a Popsicle and laughing while they play football. Then he saw Christ’s hand as if reaching out to him. His soul yearns for redemption and this time, he may need to forgive himself. God’s mercy allows us to make peace with our past hurts so we can move forward and see a good life beyond the pain.

Brandon left the wristwatch with Dr. Phillips when he went to his clinic. The wristwatch opened a trance for Dr. Phillips to see blissful moments with his loving wife. By seeing her with Christ, he has come to accept that she has already passed on. The doctor handed the wristwatch to Rorry. She, in turn, realizes she’d rather transform her worries into believing that God loves her.

When you thought you figured out how the intertwined story of these characters end, the culminating scenes come as a surprise. Worry, grief, disappointment and being heartbroken usually comes to us unexpectedly. However, God allows time for healing so we can stretch faith in Him. We learn from each other’s experiences and these things happen In God’s Time.

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