Heaven is for Real Movie Review: A Walk of Faith

Heaven is for Real

The discussion about proving the existence of heaven is a much talked about topic even among Christians who expressively professed their faith. The movie Heaven is for Real was based on a true story about circumstances that led the four-year-old boy Colton to proclaim that he went to heaven while undergoing surgery.

The Burpos are a typical Christian family who holds multiple roles within and outside the church family apart from their own. Personal and financial issues were presented. What made scenes profound is the way they faced problems that came their way. One notable scene was when despite Todd having kidney stones and an injured leg that he got from softball, the couple decided to go and have a family road trip to relieve them from all the pressure. As an audience, it teaches us to pause when problems seem to form a chaos within us so it will not consume us. This way, we take a side step and breathe so we can think clearly of a way to resolve them.

When Colton became ill halfway en route, the child was brought immediately to the hospital. His appendix ruptured and a surgery was performed. At this emotional moment, family friends and church members united in prayer for Colton to surpass this ordeal. This scene showed how powerful the act of prayer is to the one we pray for. The boy miraculously recovered. Just when things are getting back to normal, Colton tells his parents about his visit to Heaven and what he saw there. Initially perplexed, the Burpo couple thought it uncertain for them to believe. We too fall prey into uncertainty over matters beyond our level of logic or reason. It is in moments like this where our faith in the Lord becomes our stance for belief.

A tug in the heart moment in the story was when Colton told his mom Sonja about meeting his older sister who hugged him when he was in Heaven. The revelation shocked Sonja because the boy was unaware of his previous miscarriage. Another heartwarming scene was when Colton told his dad Todd about meeting Pop, Todd’s grandfather who passed on long before he was born. Later on, Colton also mentioned the real image of Jesus that was painted by a four-year-old girl that was pretty accurate to what he saw in heaven. These scenes led to sharing Colton’s story to bring a message of hope for everyone.

As much as this is a highly emotional movie to watch, it is an effective story about faith and healing. Despite the trials that the Burpo family went through, they have proven that they are strong as a family unit and can influence extended family, friends and members of the church to draw them closer to believing that heaven is indeed real.

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