Gallows Road: A Christian movie about Brotherhood and Finding Direction

The Christian movie Gallows Road takes us to a story of brotherhood beyond measure. Main characters Bob and Seth Collins were about to open the Antique Shop. It was formerly owned by the father of the Cain Brothers Maddy and Snake.

Grieving for both the death of their father and losing their shop. The Cain Brothers connived to scare Bob Collins. This led to hitting his head unconscious and setting his house ablaze killing his wife and kids.  Since the plot missed to present how the Collins acquired the shop. The driving force of the Cain Brothers was more of envy than retribution. Envy is a deadly sin that provokes us to act against our neighbor regardless of its consequences.

Jake was unaware of the Cain Brothers’ intention against Bob but joined them for the sake of brotherhood. Viewers can relate to his role when we fall into the peer pressure trap. We saw Jake’s fear when Maddy threatened him with a shotgun and retreated to the vehicle while witnessing what they did to Bob’s family. The feeling he had in that scene is the same feeling we get when we get pushed by peers into a situation we may later regret.

The tragedy has left Bob to become reclusive. This act gives us two things. Either we linger in our sorrow or give ourselves the time to heal so we can move forward. In Bob’s case, he chose to blame God for his mishap that made him stop going to church.

The turning point in the story revolves on two scenes. One with guilt-stricken Jake and the other with God-fearing Seth. Still deciding if he will join Bob in taking vengeance through arms. While Jake fails as a family man, his employer and friend Frank encouraged him to get through his inner torment and fix his wrongdoings. It was Frank who expressed the message of this film. He said that everyone has abilities to get out of their Gallows Road. He also stated that Jake was not lost but just in the wrong direction.

When we have a friend like Frank, he is a blessing. His friendship extended understanding when Jake needed it the most. On the other hand, Seth showed Bob his loyalty by being at his side even if he knows that Bob may hurt him. This act reminds us that the bond between siblings runs deep. A brother can and will defend a brother against all odds.

The culminating scene in this film was when Jake sacrificed himself to save the boy. Bob forgives Jake seeing that he risked his own life to save Bay. This act means each of us has the chance and the choice to do the right thing and make amends for any wrong we may have done. This Christian movie Gallows Road reminds us to choose wisely which direction to go.

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