Gallows Road is a must watch film on healing and forgiveness

One of the most painful things in life is when we lose someone we love.

Most often if someone kills our loved ones we usually want revenge and go into isolation.

Many of those who are victims of violent crimes eve blame God.If you are one of those persons seeking healing and forgiveness it would help if you take the time to watch Gallows Road.

Gallows Road is a story of choices. An evil act takes the lives of a man’s wife and children.

In Despair he retreats to isolation. He is done with God and men. Two children discover him and their friendship begins to penetrate his soul.Can he rise above the ashes and learn to forgive or will he seek revenge? Ask and ye shall receive… seek and ye shall find.

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Dealing with personal tragedies might be very hard but if you allow God to help you it will be easier.
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