Fireproof: Watch on this Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine’s Day is one for celebrating the romance and togetherness between couples. Although a typical V-day means going out on a date, but one can also choose to spend quality time with their loved one by watching good Christian online movies. Fireproof is a movie which is available on online streaming services and it concentrates on love between two people. The following reasons state why it is a good watch for V-Day:

  • Marriage takes work

Marriage is in many ways like any other relationship, but differs when it comes to commitment and togetherness. Both partners need to work to make the marriage last long. This is one of the truths of life people do not discuss a lot, maybe because we are now in a different generation. People think that being in love mean never saying sorry, what people do not understand is that being together means always forgiving each other and believing in the relationship. The sad part is that after marriage, people tend to display “buyer’s remorse”, which is not evident while the same people are dating. One needs to take time to invest emotions into the relationship and have patience so as to build a strong faith of love.

  • Falling apart happen even in the strongest of relationships

People have seen a lot of friends fall apart, but the same happens in marriages as the partners are a lot like friends. Since friendship is the first step towards love, a marriage is also a lot like friendship. However, people do not consider each other top priority after getting married, and show less interest in each other. Marriages can also fall apart due to events like bankruptcy, affair, etc. What people must understand is that falling apart happens due to all the mistakes and wrong emotions piling up since long before. The effects of mistakes are slow but steady, which many people fail to find out. Which is why partners should take care of the little things and ensure that they keep each other happy, just like in the beginning of the relationship?

  • Separation creates more problem than it solves

A divorce is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Every problem can be taken care of if the partners are willing to go the distance and solve it together. The chain of events which kick starts after a divorce can affect the person’s feelings in a drastic way. At the end, both of them will be scarred as they decided to part ways and not face the struggles together.

  • This is what a true Biblical love looks like

The father of the male lead advises to hold off the divorce for some days and gives him a book to teach him what he was missing. The book provided him essential guidance and brought him closer to his true self. His dad told him he was getting away from God in simple ways, which is why this problem was upon him. The man makes amends and makes everything right in the end, in true biblical fashion.

Other than these points, the importance of Christian movies is cemented by the fact that it brings relevant topics like adultery and bitterness. On the other hand, the Christian films have no blasphemy or inappropriate inuendos. This V-day, Fireproof must be on your watch list.