Faith’s Song is a beautiful film about how One’s Faith can shine through and change the life of the hardest hearts !

Even for true believers there are times when our Faith towards God is tested. I’m sure we can all remember when we were put in hard situations, and we really had to look deep inside of ourselves to keep the faith. Often times our faith is tested by non-believers.
Faith’s Song is a beautiful Christian Movie about a girl who was very passionate about her religion, she loved singing Christian Songs and her talent shined. One day her whole world was taken from her when her parents got killed in a Car accident and she ended up having to live with her Aunt, her Mom’s sister and her Uncle. It wasn’t long before she learned that her Uncle despised her because she was a believer.
He made this wonderful person’s life a living hell. She could not understand why? and she was very frustrated. But, she did not waiver in her faith even though her life would have been much easier if she just tried to fit in and stop believing in God.
In this Great Christian Film she finally gets thru to her Uncle and he eventually comes back to Jesus. You have to watch this wonderful Christian Movies to understand why he does. It’s a real tear jerker. It demonstrates how if you stand strong in your faith you can not only feel better about your own faith but you can turn Non Believers into Believers.  
Faith is the name of our main character and in this Faith Film, she finds herself in a new city, new school and no friends… She is a talented singer, who wants to worship God with her songs, but her uncle and others at school challenge her faith.
Only one boy seems to see the greatness in her… She has to come to grips with either fitting in or following God, which may cost her more than just her faith. It’s a must watch Christian Film so go to now and sign up for a 30 Day Free Trial and watch thousands of great Christian Movies and Documentaries.
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