Facing the Giants Movie Review

Facing the Giants Movie: A Uplifting Story of Facing Obstacles in Life

When you watch the trailer of Facing the Giants movie, you would think that it may revolve around challenges in being a part of a football team. You would think perhaps that it deals with the role of the coach, attitudes that make up for teamwork and how to win a game. It is certainly more than that. It is more than the elements of football, losing, fighting back and winning.

The main character Grant Taylor is the head coach of Shiloh Eagles for six consecutive years. He has not led the team to a winning season yet so after three losses on the seventh season, the players’ fathers wanted to have him replaced. Aside from his leadership dilemma, he learned that he is the reason his wife Brooke is unable to conceive. These problems meant career and personal lives separately. All of us get to experience facing problems in both areas of our lives and it sometimes happens at the same time. The important message here is that we take the problems one at a time so that the weight of the burden does not overwhelm us. Grant showed us to turn to God in moments of desperation.

What became the turning point in the story is when Grant dared his team members to believe in God and in their ability to conquer disappointments. Grant made them realize that there’s still a chance to give their best shot in the next game. Life in itself is like a game. There’s a season for losing, hoping and winning. Determination presses us to move forward until we overcome trials in life. Depression may cripple our emotions for a while. However, it is hoped that serves as a torch that ignites our spirit to carry on.

As for Grant’s infertility, it demonstrated to us a situation beyond our control. There is always a purpose why certain things happen to us and why certain things didn’t happen the way we expect them. Suffering may mean to happen in order for us to realize that we are being led towards a different path or purpose in life.  Grant may not get to become a biological father but served as a second father to his players.

In a nutshell, Facing the Giants movie teaches us the value of leadership and in creating an impact in the lives of those we lead. Furthermore, we have seen hope and courage not only in the playing field but in fighting off personal battles too. Indeed, this is more than a sports movie. It is about the spiritual strength that builds up character. This strong spirit is what we can hold on to so trials are unable to break us apart when we fall and can sustain us when we rise up again after the fall.

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