Dog Jack: A Boy Becomes a Soldier and a Dog Becomes a Hero

The Christian movie Dog Jack set during the American Civil War where black people are slaves to white people. The main character in this movie is Jed. A 14-year old slave that grew up in General Eli Cooper’s plantation. Although the General treated him better than other slaves. He beat Jed’s father a lot that led to his death.

The film demonstrated how white people treated the black people so poorly in that era. Fast forward to this day, racial discrimination still exists. One race goes against another. Regardless of the difference in skin color, physical appearance or culture, we can find ways to accept each other.

There are several poignant scenes in this film. One worth mentioning is Jed’s scene with his mother handing him the cross and telling him not to forget the Lord. Bitterness was broiling within Jed, so his mother reminded him to hold on to what he knew about the Lord.

Trials in life are aplenty. We can choose to wallow in our sorrow or lift to the Lord all the matters that are beyond our control. Jed escaped the plantation with his dog Jack so he could join the Union army opposing General Eli.

Revenge was his driving force so he can become a soldier. Much like when we face difficult situations in our lives. We were pushed to take action especially when we are deeply hurt. The ones that scarred our heart the most we use as a reason to survive the odds.

Another important character is Reverend Stewart. He showed his vulnerabilities as a person and yet, he protected Jed from bounty hunters by claiming that he is an altar boy.

We may sometimes think we face our battles alone. In moments like this, we get words of encouragement from those we consider friends.  The Reverend told Jed that God and Christ could give him the power to forgive General Eli. It is the same for us. We seek the Lord’s forgiveness so we can forgive ourselves and others who wronged us.

The film also revolved on how brave and loyal the dog Jack was to Jed especially when he served as a mascot to the regiment. His skills were valuable. There were scenes that showed Jack running ahead of the corps in spite of the exchange of bullets flying in the air.

The climax of the film happened when Jed learned the truth about his identity before he came face to face with General Eli in the battlefield. The scene portrayed a powerful message of forgiveness that frees the forgiver more than the forgiven, and that’s what freedom from bondage means.

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