Christian Values are good for the World

Crossflix is a great Christian Channel that streams Christian Content that fosters Christian Values. Crossflix’s content includes great Christian movies,  Christian Documentaries, Biblical Movies and Education and Animated Christian Content for kids.

Christians are good for the World because they believe in brotherly love and kindness. They understand that nobody is perfect and that men do sin. Christians understand that Jesus Christ beard the Cross for them. This compassion Christians have makes for a great society.

Today, we live in a Society that spreads the wrong values through Digital Media and Cable Television, our goal at Crossflix is to be the the Christian Movie Channel that uses a Digital Platform to promote the word of God. We want the holy spirit to use the Crossflix Platform to help spread the word of God, help us do that.

The Government of the United States was founded on Judaeo Christian Values, that is why our Dollar had ” God We Trust ” on it and why our youth showed respect to God in the pledge of Alliance. While no country is perfect ours was a much more peaceful place because of those values. Today there is a shift away from God when it comes to Government, we see that shift in Schools and as a result we see a much more violent society with a breakdown of the family unit and increased mental health problem. Shootings in schools is a more recent phenomenon, we now see that on a regular bases to the point that teachers are told that it might be a good idea to carry guns or to have kids where bullet proof vests.

Many Christians have become very wary of main stream television, and many have decided to home school their children with God in their Lives. Crossflix is a tool to by used by parents for the Entertainment and Education of kids. It is the Christian Alternative to Netflix.

The rampant shooting incidents in many parts of the world should be a cause for alarm for parents and as Christians we should do what we can to foster our Values, we are doing it with Crossflix.  Christian Movies, Christian Documentaries and Christian Education is the way to go, so please help Crossflix by spreading the word.

As parents we need to protect our child from the “no-care” attitude of this world by teaching them to love others and make the necessary sacrifices to make our family and others happy.

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Crossflix is a Christian channel that offers a 24/7 Christian movie streaming to all especially to children.

This channel has got you covered in all the genres you are looking for in a movie from drama, faith, family, classic movies, comedy, action and adventure, love and relationship, biblical films and documentaries and original flicks among others.

What separates Crossflix from the competition is the fact that this channel only offers Christian themed shows which will not only entertain you but educate and inspire you as well.

Crossflix also offers affordable subscription rates because the main mission of the people behind this channel is not about profit but to spread and strengthen the faith in Christ by offering entertaining movies, documentaries, and Biblical education for adults and children.

“Virtually all of Crossflix’s content delivers a strong faith message. Through its success, Crossflix plans to empower Christian Artists, Directors, Producers, Distributors, and Production Companies.

If you love your children make sure they will grow to be Christ-centered who value life and property.

Let us at Crossflix help you achieve your ultimate goal of making your children a model in our Society. Promoting good values is our Goal !