Christian Movie Review: All Saints

All Saints: Planting Seeds of Faith

Based on a true story, the Christian movie All Saints tells us about a salesman turned Pastor named Michael Spurlock. The Council assigned him to assess and sell the property where the church was situated. His acquaintance with the elderly townsfolk gave him a peek into the history of the place and its people.

These scenes remind us to look beneath the surface of our problem so we may better understand it before deciding how to resolve it. Pastor Michael agreed to issue flyers to invite more people to attend the church service. He showed us his openness to consider options to save the church.

On another sub-plot, Korean refugees from Burma came to town as a result of a civil war. Due to limited food stamps and with no potential employment available, they went to the church for refuge.

There were fifteen families needing food and shelter, and the church was up for sale. A compelling scene was when Pastor Michael was having a pep talk with his son about the Koreans fate after the church gets sold. During their exchange of thoughts, the son’s reply was, “Aren’t you God’s help?”

Another scene was when Pastor Michael was out in the fields one evening when it rained. He went into the bedroom to tell his wife that God made him realize he has land and farmers. His idea was to come up with a farm to feed the people and pay the mortgage.

Both scenes remind us about the skills and resources that we can make good use of when we are in a life-changing situation especially if it will impact the people around us.

Pastor Michael led the Korean farmers to till the land and plant vegetables. Then the challenges unfold one after the other. They needed equipment for watering the field. Pastor Michael required to keep the Koreans committed to their tasks even when they face problems of their own. Heavy rains came, and they try to salvage crops as much as they can.

There was an offer to take in the leafy vegetables across town, but their vehicle got impounded resulting to the leaves getting spoilt. In our life’s course, challenges are aplenty. They may come one after the other or sometimes, drown us until frustrations engulf us.

These scenes teach us about surrendering to God what is beyond our control so He can have His way with it.

In his last mass, Pastor Michael invited the churchgoers to go out in the field to tell everyone that they may have failed to save the church, but they were able to care for one another regardless of racial differences. The sermon moved the Bishop who decided to vacate his post so there will be funds to save the church.

These ending scenes demonstrated hope against all the odds. The film All Saints plants seeds of faith and hope within us where we can draw spiritual strength from when we need it.

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