Christian education and animation is the best alternative to popular mainstream violent cartoons

In today’s world even Cartoons are full of violence and negative political and social messages. It’s been proven that the first five years of a child’s life are the most important in the development of their personality. So, exposing your kids to violent cartoons can result in harm to them. Your kids need your guidance and protection, especially when they are young and impressionable. Parenting requires special attention to what your kids are watching.

Today even Disney is producing a series of Gay Cartoons, so making sure that what your kids are watching is free of violence and social and political messages is crucial to their future. Cartoons are not harmless as many parents believe they are a tool that can be used by against your kids.

The easy Solution to negative Mainstream Cartoons is to go to and have your kids watch great Animation that Entertains, Educates and Inspires. All of the Content that is on Crossflix is educational and much of it is Biblical. The more exposure your Child has to Great Christian Education the better person he or she will be.

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Our children holds a special place in this world and in the heart of God so let’s make sure they will grow up to be Great citizens, and members of Society.

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