China Cry is one film that demonstrates strong faith towards God

Following Jesus Christ results in difficult challenges you will face in life, but these challenges shall define your FAITH.

In certain parts of the world many Christians are persecuted and over the years a lot of Christian have given up their lives to prove their faith. While today we have it much easier it’s still difficult to be a Christian, in a lot of Main Stream Media for example portray Christians to be lunatics. I’m sure you’ve noticed. What we see on Television is reflected in our Society as Media is a powerful tool.

In some parts of the World, even in today’s World some Christians have it really hard, for example I’m sure that you seen on Television reports of Churches being bombed and Christians being killed for practicing their faith. We do have to Pray for all those Brothers and Sisters. In some Countries like Saudi Arabia Christians are not allowed to have Churches or to Preach. In some Countries spreading the word of the Gospel can be a capital offense.

One country that made it hard for Christians to Practice their faith as recently as the 1990’s is China. Many Christians in China were Persecuted and even killed because they chose to follow Jesus Christ. You can see the movie “China Cry” on Crossflix. It is a great Christian Movie. China Cry is a 1990 biographical film set during rise of the communist state in China, based on the book by Nora Lam. It is set in the 1950s based on the true story of Sung Neng Yee. Born into a wealthy Chinese family, she is first eager to become part of Mao Zedong’s “new society”. But the Maoist regime brings hardship and misery to her family. She is arrested by authorities, and she believes that only Jesus Christ must have saved her when she survived a firing squad. She is taken to a labor camp while pregnant, but survives to take her children and family to freedom.

If you are one of those Christians who is struggling with your FAITH this film is a must watch. We guarantee you this film will certainly enhance your with towards God and your will to continue your Christian journey will be renewed.

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