Broken is a must watch Inspirational Film

Some people are in desperate need of inspiration, they feel like everything they do seems to go wrong. Did you ever feel like your circumstances controlled your life? Actually all people feel that way at one time or another, that’s why it’s so important to keep the faith.

This story is a bout a troubled teen who is broken and needs to stand up from a bad fall. He is seeking redemption and a new dose of energy to rise from a fall. This Christian Movie about how a young man was able to overcome his downfall to rise up and face life again with a renewed spirit and enthusiasm is truly inspirational to Kids, Teens and Adults.

In the Faith Movie, Broken, a troubled teen recounts the events that led him to the bottom of a cliff, broken and clinging to life.

John, the lead in this great Christian Drama, is clinging to life by a thread. He’s at the bottom of a hundred foot cliff recounting the events that got him to this point of complete brokenness.

As his life passes before his eyes we see a troubled kid on a weekend, youth retreat with his friends. It’s there that John gets captured by three escaped convicts, who are hiding out in the vast expanses of the rocky mountains. As a result, John must leave behind a troubled past and face the challenge of a lifetime, if he’s to survive.


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Life might be hard for you at the moment but but don’t despair prayer and faith can always save you! Although you may not see him God is always listening to you and loves you! All men have self will so it is up to each one of us to follow the right path in life and when we feel broken to turn to God and our Brother Jesus Christ.

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