Love according to God

Love According to God

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?” (Romans 8:35)”

“Nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:39)

Love According to God

That’s what the Bible says about God’s love for men. It encompasses His love for His Son, Jesus Christ. God equates to love. This love is the kind of love that we see from God. He is the God of love, grace, and mercy.

In reflection, we as humans, as people searching for love most of our lives, tend to look at love as emotions. We end up lonely every time we think of the state of our relationships. Questioning God, ending up impatient and lacking trust in Him that He will provide us with what’s best for us in His own perfect time.

Our tendency is to look for love in different areas of the world. We seek for worldly things, habits, experiences, and people. Consumed by different vices like alcoholic drinks, gambling, overspending, and dwell on various addictions. Thinking that through these we will get the love we deserve.

Real love is not like that. His desire to love is sincere. God wants to empower us and be the best at everything that we do. The love that we have from God is never-ending that we do not have to seek refuge from temporary sources of this feeling. With God, there is an overflowing love.

No other human possession or affections can compare with God’s love; He gave His Only Son Jesus Christ to save us from our sins. Imagine a Father who would send His Son to die. Who would do such a thing? No one else can do that for you and me only God.

He Sacrifices His Son

Jesus died to redeem us from our sins. He gave up His life to spare us from the wraths of hell. That’s how powerful God is.

God created us with a true purpose. We were given the chance to live in this world to marvel at His gifts to us. He gave us a family and more to experience life to the fullest.

He gave us our talents to share with the world. God granted us values and virtues to be instruments of His love. He gave us the free will to search for our purpose.

This is how amazing God is! We were bestowed with all these presents to experience his great enthusiasm for us. God is a God of love and will always be. He is our loving Father, a God of ultimate compassion for us. There is no reason for us to feel unloved.

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Why You Should Recommend To Watch Christian Movies For Teenagers?


Teenage is a very important phase of life during which the child grows into an adult. During this phase of life teenagers go through many influences in life which to a large extent determine how their future would shape up. The choices that they make have a major impact on their life.

Hence, it is important that they get the right message during this phase of life. Christian values can help teenagers to determine what is right and what not and make right choices in their lives. Christian movies for teens are a great option to impart the Christian values in the teenagers as well as provide them with an entertainment option.

Teenagers watching Christian movies – Benefits

Christian movies offer great life learning around various aspects like morality, good -bad, right things to do etc, which would help teenagers to build up right perspectives about life. These teenage movies like Christian Kids movies cater to themes which relate to the specific age group. They necessarily might not be stories from the bible but could contain characters similar to real life to which the teenagers can connect. The benefits of watching Christian Movies for teens include:

  • Source of learning: Christian movies cover a wide range of aspects which provide scope for teenagers to learn many things regarding the good aspects of life. During this phase of life, there are many factors which influence the thought process of the teenagers. There are many sources that they seek to learn new things and to satisfy the questions they have about life. Christian movies with focus on teenagers provide them with the right source which imparts the right knowledge of various things in life.
  • Connect: All the stories in Christian movies are not based on the stories from bible. The movies are more contemporary and are picked up from real life situations which the teenagers are likely to encounter. These stories narrate a situation and offer a solution. Teenagers would be able to connect their own life with the stories in the Christian teenage movies and thereby develop an understanding on the things which are considered as good and the ones which are not.
  • Entertainment: One of the basic perceptions as far as learning especially in regards to a good Christian way of life is to sit in the sermons and being sermonized to on how to live a good life. Teenagers would find this boring and not an attractive option especially with a wide variety of entertainment options being available. Christian movies new releases for teens are made keeping this aspect in focus, to develop an entertaining content which would attract the attention of the teenager as well as impart learning. There are many good movies which are made in this genre which manage to serve the dual purpose.

Changing trends require change in approach in the way things are done. Christian teenage movies are one such innovative way of reaching out to teenagers to provide the right advice which would help shape a good future for them.

Joy in Christ Jesus

Joy in Christ Jesus

Joy in Christ Jesus 

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 15:13)

Are you joyful with your life right now? How are you feeling right now? If you are not feeling joyful right now, what makes you feel lonely instead?

Does your heart leap with joy, the kind that genuinely comes from the inside? Yes, joy is different from happiness. Happiness is externally inspired while joy, on the other hand, can be founded on internal motivations.

God wills that we be joyful, experiencing it through the power of the Holy Spirit. As one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, joy in Christ Jesus is meant to be experienced if we live in the Spirit.

“Rejoice in the Lord.” (Philippians 3:1)

This is a clear manifestation of God’s will for us to remain joyful. It’s not just about thinking happy thoughts; it’s more about a longer lasting feeling of satisfaction with God by our side.

Do we experience beauty in the works of God? If so, that is a joy as well. When you feel down and do not know what to do or who to turn to, remember that God wants us to experience joy and eternal pleasures.

These truths are in the form of God’s wisdom. God’s wisdom may not be the shortcut route we are imagining, however. We may encounter difficult times ahead when we follow God’s will. However, this is where authentic joy abounds.

The Bible, in fact, is filled with the ways to live and find joy in Christ Jesus. As long as we live up to these principles, we will definitely feel lasting joy. The Ten Commandments, for one, is a great source of tenets we can refer to when we feel lost. By honoring God and our parents, loving our neighbors, and caring for the people around us and for God’s creations, we can never go wrong.

Part of living with joy is resting in God’s promise of a great life as long as we trust in Him. Sure, there may be times when we underestimate God’s plans for us. We worry too much, ending up miserable because of the littlest things. And forget that God has an ultimate plan for us. We just have to have a firm trust in Him.

“You have turned my mourning into dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy.” (Psalm 30:11)

The verse above just states how God can readily turn our mourning into joy. It reminds us that God does not forget His promises. He loves us so much that He wants to bless us with everlasting joy and peace.

When we manifest a joyful heart and being, trust that it will radiate onto the others we encounter. We will serve as the gem in the pile of rocks, with God by our side. And bring light and life to the people around us. We will be instruments of joy, ready to spread this contagious feeling to the ones who need it the most.

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Why Do People Like to Watch Christian Movies Nowadays?

Christian Movies

Nowadays people have been fed up with that old stuff of content shown in generic movies where people are usually depicted scenes of crime, adultery, sorrow and fraud, which adversely impacts the mental state of people and makes them unstable as well.

On the contrary side, a Christian movie does not only provide quality entertainment but also makes them peaceful as well. Almost every current Christian movie delivers some meaningful message which is generally not in the case of other mainstream movies. Faith-oriented movies cover all range in Hollywood in the modern time.

Ranging from Biblical epic “Son of God” to encouraging story of “God’s Not Dead”, faith based movies are bringing big stars and a huge audience.

Here we tell you the reason behind watching Christian movies by the folks and why do they like to watch them.

They strengthen the central value of Christian faith

Faith-oriented movies have a manner of depicting sincerely held Christian value in order to provide them new expression and life. You usually come to hear phrase like “unconditional love”. Christian movies enable you to watch value become personified in new characters, unforeseen relationship and exclusive settings- and usually form a contemporary prospective that enables you to develop deep interest straight into the movie.

They deliver a good way to participate in wholesome family time

The entertainment world is completely loaded with movies that glorify- lust, violence, greed, addiction and so on. So people seek for faith-based movies as a substitute- as a way to encourage and give optimism in what can sometimes appear like a desperate and lost world.

They consist of powerful script depicting in an entertaining way

Contemplate about Bible- it is an assembly of tales that ultimately create an epic tale. Now also imagine about faith films- they also provide a glance at the untold stories of folks, life and relationship. In specific, faith-oriented movies portray the exceptional struggle that convey actual life as a Christ follower. Just like we acquire the lesson of living from the stories of Bible, we can pick up lessons about the life from the portrayed stories in such kind of movies.

Faith-oriented movies can be thought provoking, emotional and even funny- all these features enable audience to draw any other movie. Such movies reflect that without ignoring the struggles.

They further support to spread the word of God

Movies can be a significant way of introducing folks to the reality of the gospels in a relevant manner. It is a key of reaching folks who are great pictorial learners. Biblical stories come to life in such kind of movies and you never realize when you capture the words proclaimed in the holy bookies,so people are making their life better by learning crucial life lessons with the help of these movies.

Some Christian movies like Letters to God, Heaven is for real and all others movie by Kirk Cameron and Alex Kendrick have an exceptional position in hearts of several folks. Due to the complete package of entertainment and inspiration being offered by the best Christian movies, it has become the main reason of people’s interest towards them.

Noah and the Great Flood

Noah and the great flood

Noah and the Great Flood: A Reminder about Man’s Redemption and God’s Mercy

The Christian movie Noah released in 2014 tells us about the wicked ways of men during the period of Noah’s life. Although they took the plot on some events described in Genesis in The Bible, the presentation contained more cinematic effects intended to please the audience.

The main idea of this film is to show that the Creator has made a world that is good and that men through free will have chosen to corrupt it. To serve justice and destroy the world and its inhabitants.

The young Noah saw his father’s death in the hands of a Tubal-Cain. From that scene, we get to feel his numbing pain that he brought to his adult life. Noah lived with his wife and three sons as far away from the Tubal-Cain as possible. It’s not because he was afraid of them but because he knew he would fight for their survival. Like Noah, strong-willed people keep their distance from adversaries but can and will fight back when the situation calls for it.

In a dream, Noah saw the great flood. He sought guidance from his grandfather Methuselah who confirmed God chose him for a reason. We can relate to this scene when we face life-changing problems. We sometimes see ourselves caught in between reasoning and emotions that it takes a wise person in our lives to give us words of encouragement so we can get things done.

The existence and description of The Watchers are not from an account in The Bible. However, one compelling scene was when one of them said, “We begged the Creator to take us home, but He was silent.” The Watchers acknowledged where they came from and would return to the Creator. The silence mentioned here may mean moments in our lives when we beg to Him to take away our pain. He may have been distant at times.  His silence may teach us patience to wait for a clearer perspective, a firm decision or another chance to change our course in life.

Ila’s character, Tubal-Cain’s group attacking the Ark and Noah’s son Ham conspiring with Tubal-Cain in trying to kill Noah in the Ark may have been fictional scenes to create more drama to the plot. However, we can relate to Ila’s fears when Noah was about to kill her twins. We feel Tubal-Cain’s wrath and Ham’s disobedience to Noah. Their characters represent who we choose to follow. They have shown possible consequences derived from their actions.

In conclusion, the Christian films Noah was a creative interpretation of some of the scriptural account. The context was about the Creator’s mercy. Men’s wicked ways pained Him, and by the great flood, humanity’s redemption happened.

In this generation, we get to fail Him multiple times. But His mercy remains the same. We now have the opportunity to repent, be saved from our sins and live a purposeful life.

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Peace of Mind Can Be Found in Christ Alone

Peace of mind

If you need peace of mind. Here’s a promise from God:

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)

How many times have you felt “under the weather”? Was there a moment when you just mumbled and sighed at the thought of waking up on a bright sunny Monday morning, thinking about your purpose and all? What about those times when you really felt down, not able to move a limb, so sluggish that everything is a burden?

What about those times when you regret what you’ve said to your significant other (because you simply felt unappreciated and unloved)? Or maybe you’ve wondered why your boss was seemingly cold, never seeing you for the great employee you are? What about that time when you’re petty troubles won’t leave you, like the shadow that seems to be your twin?

I recall one time when I felt the same way. Feeling that I was in the dumps. I kept on worrying about my finances, my relationships, my job, and more. Thinking that I would give up. I felt like no one loves me and the world was just so heavy and I did not have any other reason to smile.

I prayed to God, “Lord, if you are really a God of abundance, please bless my family with riches enough for us to pay all our debts. Believing that He is there listening to our pleas. Please heed our call. Lord, you are the God of love. I believe you will turn my relationships around. Lord, please embrace me with your love and never leave me. I have no one to turn to but You.”

Days passed and I kept on waiting for God’s response. Still, our financial burdens were afloat. My partner then came colder until I decided to call it quits. I thought, maybe God was busy and does not have time to hear me. I must not be deserving of all the blessings in the world there are.

Not long after, an instrument of God came. I came to my senses. The morning came when I felt so excited to go to work again, to mingle with people who share the same values, and to even continue my planned business.

God woke me up from my slumber. That was the first time (again, after weeks of deep gloom) that I felt lighter than ever. I felt like there was no pressure, no negative force shrouding my senses. God must have been in control this time!

I then remembered God is a God of possibilities. He promised us blessings upon blessings. Just as He never left His Son Jesus when He was in the desert, so will He not leave us during times of trouble.

God is a God of wonders. He can provide the peace of mind that you need. His promise never falters. He has great plans for each of us. Despite our trials, He still keeps His promise of salvation. He does not falter. He will not fail us.

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In His Steps: A Commitment to Follow Christ

In His Steps

In His Steps: A Commitment to Follow Christ

This 2013 Christian film In His Steps has a simple plot. What is not so simple is the impression that the film leaves on the viewers. It tells a story about the different personalities of people who go to the same church and listen to the same sermon every Sunday.

The church practice may have been the same but the difference is the impact His words bring to life those who took preaching to their hearts. Thus, the theme of this film is applying the words and teachings of Jesus into our daily lives.

Jack is a homeless man who came to the town of Raymond seeking a possible way of living and not alms. He went out to seek for help but he was turned down and pushed away. His life ended abruptly after questioning the churchgoers about what Jesus would do.

Jack’s situation tells us that we seek hope and refuge among the people around us. When disappointment and loneliness hit its rock bottom, it cuts the cord of life in our being. Death from within is far more painful than physical hurt. Hope that is lost is synonymous to losing the meaning of existence.

Following Jack’s death, Pastor Henry decided to challenge the congregation to follow in the steps of Jesus before taking any action or decision in their lives. Guilt was the driving force of this act. We can relate to that. Guilt from mistakes we have made pushes us to self-commit into doing something that may absolve us from it.

This Christian Film has given the audience a reflection of what it is like to be torn between circumstances and standing up for faith. The characters demonstrate why and how each of them shall embody the standards of Jesus after pledging their commitment.

Rachel turned down a singing contract offer and was bashed online. Alex adjusted quotation rates in his business to a more fair range to his co-worker’s dismay. He was also firm in disciplining his daughter Celia who goes home late due to peer pressure. Virginia volunteered to help in a feeding program at the Rectangle where she met Loreen who ran away from her abusive boyfriend. Scared and pregnant, Virginia took her home in spite of her grandmother’s protests. Jasper’s cowardice led to Loreen being taken with force by her boyfriend and in a heated argument. Loreen’s life ended when she fell off the stairs after being hit.

These scenes tell us that there will always be people who will contradict us and be displeased in what we do no matter how good our intentions are. Decisions we make in life may lead to varying outcomes, sometimes for the better and at other times, the result may oppose what we wanted but we derive lessons from them. Following the principles of Christianity is a life-long journey and our guide is His Steps.

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Christian Movies That You Must Watch

Christian Movies

Faith based Christian films are emerging these days and have captured the mainstream with their encouraging stories and meaningful messages. Christianity based movies carry some of the best inspirational stories ever told. There is a bit of mainstream films in the market nowadays that are worth to watch. And there is an abundance of lament types of films in the mainstream that we allow our children and family to watch.

Whereas, an ideal movie is what which provides us entertainment along with some meaningful message, teach us about Christian values and convey us good morals. A good Christian movie encompasses all these features.

That’s why we have prepared a list of christian movies that you should watch. These Christian films can be a perfect option for your next family movie.


This film is based on marriage.  The character of Caleb Holt is of a dedicated and heroic fire captain who vastly values his job and services he delivers to other folks. However, there is only a single issue which he has to be sought. Though he is great in the work field, but his relation with his wife is in trouble. Actually, he is addicted to pornography and becomes unable to maintain a strong bond with her wife. Due to which his relation with wife gets weakened day after day and split up his marriage until he received the 40-day love dare of his dad.

The Shack

One of the best Christian movies in 2017! After the kidnapping and presumed demise of Missy, who is the youngest daughter of Macakenzie Allen Phillips, Mack gets a letter and doubts it is from God, requesting him to arrive to the shed where Missy was killed. After considering it, he visits to that shed for the first time after the death of Missy and a confront alters his life forever.

God’s not dead 2

The movie has achieved the highest success alike its predecessor God’s not dead. A secondary teacher Grace Wesley got arrested for talking amenably about biblical expressions and Jesus in her class of history. The movie actually depicts the reality of what happens in today’s world. Tremendous acting, incredible story, this film is definitely a worth watching.

The case of Christ

This movie is based on the actions of a prosperous attorney “Lee Patrick Strobel”. As an unembarrassed cynic, he took the alteration of his wife to Christianity with a pinch of salt. To condemn his partner’s self-assurance that was underlining their marriage, he moves out to analyze the trustworthiness of Jesus Christ. Utilizing his journalism background, academic capabilities and knowledge of law, Lee in his role is expressed as one the most fervent Christian faith supporter.

These are some of the best christian movies which you should not miss. Though there might be several other films available in the market, but these movies won’t dishearten you at all.

Mary of Nazareth Movie Review

Mary of Nazareth

Mary of Nazareth: A Story of a Mother’s Love, Devotion and Sorrow

The Christian movie Mary of Nazareth revolves around how Mary was as a child, a wife, and a mother.

Mary of Nazareth led a difficult life before, during and after the life of Jesus Christ. She accepted the worldly humiliation for the sake of becoming his mother. Mary endured being subject to gossip and stares during her early period of conception.  She also faced embarrassment during her wedding day. Mary taught us in these scenes to trust God’s will then react to the scrutiny of others who knew so little about what goes on in her life. The lessons imparted to us in these scenes include selecting moments, circumstances and people that mattered to us. Every stage in our lives is a passing phase, and all that will remain are the ones we gave importance.

Aside from Mary’s life’s course dedicated in service to God, we were also presented with the characters of Mary Magdalene and Herodias, daughter of Herod. Magdalene seeks self-worth validation through debauchery and lust. On the other hand, Herodias was a cold-hearted vindictive woman who goes after the head of John the Baptist. The movie has shown us the difference between the three women’s qualities and how their decisions have affected the lives they led. Magdalene was vulnerable to worldly temptation as much as some of us follow the acceptable norms of the society we belong. A compelling scene was when Christ hindered people from stoning Magdalene, and that changed her way of living moving forward. This scene means that every sinner can repent and be forgiven and can change for the better.

Another pivotal character is Joseph who sheltered Mary from all semblance of scandal by marrying her. This way, Mary was able to keep her immaculate purity and the holiness of her son. The movie showed how Joseph loved Mary before, during and after giving birth to Jesus. For Joseph, marriage means saving the reputation of the woman he loved. He is out to defend his chosen spouse regardless of being a virgin or otherwise, and that is the measure of true love. Until his dying moment, Joseph was able to acknowledge how special Mary was to him as his wife and mother to Jesus Christ.

Mary embodied a loving, protective mother who always looks after her son from childhood to adulthood. She goes out of her way to see to it that no physical harm shall befall him. Imagine how painful it is. She witnessed her son beaten, made to carry a cross and nailed to it. Mary knew that Jesus Christ needed to do God’s bidding. She mustered an enormous amount of courage to stand by the cross and bring his body to the tomb. No greater love can surpass that of a mother as Mary of Nazareth. Her story was and will be the greatest mother’s story ever told.

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One Night with the King

One Night with the King

One Night with the King: A Tale of a Queen’s Love and Courage

Released in 2006, the Christian film “One Night with the King” was based on the biblical story of how a Jewish orphan named Hadassah became Queen Esther to King Xerxes of Persia. It tells about Esther’s character that made her become Queen. She is literate that is uncommon for a woman in those days. And boldly expresses her thoughts and opinions to any man who speaks to her regardless of rank even to the King. By demonstrating how to make good use of God-given abilities to serve others. Her act of reading to the other maidens vying for Queen means she cared more about them learning from her than using her knowledge for her own advancement.

The story revolved around the period where avenging persecution of the forefathers was highly regarded. The main antagonist Haman has set himself to lead killing all Jews to avenge his forefathers Agag. It is no different to what goes on in Syria at present time. For as long as there’s no repentance and remission, we know not how racial war ends. In spite of the repercussions of killing, we still hope for God’s protection towards His chosen people.

Queen Vashti’s character showed us that she stood her ground opposing the war. She refused to bid the King’s summon stating that she will not lower her dignity to his drunken men. Due to the King’s pride being defied by his Queen, he banished her and announced to find a replacement. On the other hand, Esther used to love to link her to the King.

She became Queen because she treated love as a treasure beyond jewels. When Haman was about to lead annihilation of the Jews. Queen Esther defied protocol by presenting herself before the council chamber unsummoned. Unlike Queen Vashti who got banished from the kingdom.

On this movie, we see that the King’s love weighed more than rules. He lowered his scepter for Queen Esther. In this plot, we also see Queen Esther’s courage to face adversaries in spite of knowing that a possible punishment awaits her.

Mordecai is another character that influenced the turn of events. Being one of the King’s scribes at the palace and acting as uncle to Esther. Mordecai guided her to protect her identity so the Jews could be saved. He did not kneel before Haman and boldly declared that he bows down only to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and before their King. Its message to us is to firmly defend the God we believe in no matter the situation we are in.

In conclusion, the film was able to effectively convey that greed is foolishness, love and trust are a treasure, peace is far superior to recklessly avenge past wrongdoings, and that there is hope for God’s people.

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