My God is Bigger than My Fears

The Bible

My God is Bigger than My Fears

Popular literature claims that we are living in an age of fear. Most of the lives we live influenced by fear. Fear of failing, fear of rejection, fear of being broke, fear of discomfort, and fear of defeat. Fear of even the smallest things.

Why do you keep staying where you are? Or why do you keep doing what you do? Why do you keep thinking the way you do?

Fear, according to the dictionary, is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat. It is a mental state that overcomes our body and paralyzes it or pushes it to act within what is known, what is familiar, what is within your comfort zone.

In the parable of talents, the slave who buried the talents entrusted to him was in great fear. He was afraid of the potential dangers of cultivating and multiplying them. He was comfortable with the idea of the talents staying underground, safe from all of those who had evil plans on it. So when the master came back, the master was disappointed. We have a huge tendency to be like this slave.

If Our Father is the King of all Kings, then we’re all princes and princesses in Our Father’s kingdom! We are members of the highest royal family. What must we fear?

“Tell everyone who is discouraged, be strong and don’t be afraid! God is coming to your rescue…” Isaiah 35:4

In times that we are down, in times that we are afraid, in times that we feel small and insignificant when the Devil says “You can’t!” you must look up, for He is always, invariably, lovingly gazing at you. Just as a father wants all things good for his child. Have you ever seen a father who purposefully puts his child in danger?

May we all have the faith of a small child three to four years of age. Like a toddler taking his first ever steps in the world, we must have absolute confidence in all things that Our Lord has put before us – where certainty ends, faith begins.

Our fear of suffering and discomfort prevents us from partaking in the loving passion of Our Lord.

And every time we stumble, when we take a wrong step; when we follow the wrong path, and we end up falling into a dark pit of uncertainty, Our Lord Jesus Christ comes to our rescue and picks us up,  and urges us to try again. Most days we feel like our fears are so large, large enough to crush us and block that glimmer of hope from reaching us. We must think, “My God is bigger than my fears!”

China Cry Movie Review

China Cry

China Cry: Keeping Christianity under Communist Invasion

The Christian movie China Cry is a riveting drama based on the life story of the main character Sung Neng Yee who became Nora Lam. The setting was in Shanghai in 1941, a decade before China’s Great Revolution. The Sung family belonged to the privileged class. Neng Yee was their pampered princess. Her childhood lifestyle ended when the Japanese army invaded Shanghai. These scenes tell us how a war between nations affects people from all walks of life regardless of stature.

There were several heartbreaking scenes in this film. Dr. Sung got detained in the hospital for days and was unjustly accused of stealing a large amount of money from the hospital. Soldiers marked their door and forced them to leave the house. These scenes pushed her to desire her professors’ respect. She fulfilled a feat when she ranked third highest honor on graduation day. She claims it as a moment that eased their humiliation. It reminds us that those who suffered quietly the most strive harder to overcome trials in life and those whose hurt runs deep endures pain in suffering. For Neng Yee, her graduation was the quiet victory that made her become strong-willed.

The film intensively deliberated on the depth of Capitalism and Communism’s ideology. In that era, officials of the New China insinuate that machines will replace workforce in all professions in the future. They believe that societies will collapse due to modern technology that is why they must impose forced labor.

Neng Yee married Cheng Shen who migrated from HongKong. Both knew the repercussions of their union and yet, they chose to stand by each other until the end. Love and commitment held their marriage especially when each of them went under detailed questioning about their personal lives. Their character as individuals and couple teaches us about trust, holding on and letting go when the situation calls for it.

During her detention, she wrote about her experience in a Christian boarding school. She recalled the learnings of faith and initiated talking to God. A female soldier forced her to admit that she is a Christian. She was punished through a firing squad. Miraculously, a strong wind saved her. By then she knew it was God that saved her. She began to feel a promise of hope.

The family continued to suffer but this time, Neng Yee was hopeful. While looking for milk for her second newborn, she found a small Christian group that prayed together. She joined their sessions until they got raided. These scenes mean that even under a pressured condition, Christians will gather to encourage one another using the word of God.

Neng Yee fought for her family’s exit visa. Like planting seeds of faith, she trusted the Lord’s way of granting them their freedom, one day at a time.

Before the Border: A Girl’s Determined Act of Defense

Before the border

Before the Border: A Girl’s Determined Act of Defense

The Christian film Before the Border tells a story about a girl’s determination guided by a principle that everyone has a right to defense. The main character Samantha Johnson was a college student. On the verge of graduation, she was preparing to present a case about the Underground Railroad and legislation governing US border. Unfortunately, another student named Tarquin got interested in the same case. He offered a partnership for the presentation. When Sam declined, he took her notes and conned her to go to the Canadian border if she wanted her notes returned. Otherwise, she gives up her notebook to Tarquin so he can complete the case. Sam accepts the deal including his rule not to use any modern means of transportation to get there.

The first scenes showed the difference in traits between Sam and Tarquin. Sam’s awareness about politician’s ways of excluding immigrants’ rights was her inspiration to pursue becoming a lawyer. She says she wanted to help defend people’s rights for equality especially those who can’t help themselves. On the other hand, Tarquin was the son of a politician who doesn’t care about having dignity in one’s work. He doesn’t care to steal Sam’s ideas for his advancement. In life, we do meet the likes of Sam and Tarquin. This deal sets an example for us to guard not only our written works but more of our guiding principles in life.

Tarquin offered money to hunt for Sam and Jack and prevent them from reaching the border. He reminds us of a rich brat who could afford to pay to get what he wanted. He even raised the amount for grabs upon learning that Sam was heading the border. Towards the end, we learned that what he yearned for was his father’s attention who was a busy politician.

Another notable character is Jack, Sam’s friend who was supposedly a couch potato. Upon realizing that Sam will be trekking to the border alone, he immediately packed things and joined her without hesitation. We have friends like Jack who is readily willing to share our load and go with us in times of our distress. He even gave his clothes to Sam so she could go en-route while he lured the paparazzi away from their track.

While there were setbacks that made their hike more difficult, there were also some people out to help them without breaching the rules of this deal. These scenes remind us to consider people around us willing to help in times of our need. We can also keep ourselves grounded with word of honor the way Sam did. There was an offer to reach the border faster but she chose not to cheat. She kept her word in the bargain.

To conclude, there was not any vital information written in Sam’s notebook. All she wanted was to prove how a determined girl can fight for her goals in life.

10 Things You Should Know About New Christian Movies

Concert for Kids-6

Watching violence-oriented action movies or adult movies on TVs or PVRs is now getting boring day by day. Kids love to watch cartoons and animated movies but they are also swooning towards anti-biblical values.

Now this question is why one should want to watch something new or valuable. By a lot of search and surveys, we came to know that why new Christian movies are worth to watch.

Here are the things you should know about new releases in the Christian movies segment:

1. Christian movies promote lordly values which are good for growing children. Americans of Christian community have great influence of Christian movies in their life and are drastically shifting from watching regular movies to new Christian movies in the current time.

2. Today’s movies have a very rapid decline of truth, marine sexual content and lack of morals. The youth must be fed with good morals ethics and lordly values so that they can have a great guideline for how to live one’s life without much trouble and problem. New Christian films guide you in a very entertaining way.

3. As per the knowledge or choice, Hollywood is not that much bad and we are not against them but the point is they only focus on profit. Being Christians, majority of Americans are helping out the Christian movies to get promoted more and more.

4. Nowadays, most of the Christians movies are well written, entertaining, and inspiring. Moreover, new release Christians movies make you know how you can be contacted with god while doing through everyday situations. Now there are growing number of good Christian film makers, directors and producers who are working to make them more interesting day by day.

5. Earlier Christian movies were not much entertaining and more devotional which are less liked by youth or kids, but now with the passing time, conditions are getting better and people watch them with all their heart.

6. New Christian movies do not get played on big screen or in theaters but it doesn’t mean they are of low quality or not worth to watch. The cost of throwing movies in theater is a big deal and hence these are streamed on various platforms.

7. We can help such movies in promoting them by ways like:

We can gift the DVDs of new Christian movies to relatives or friends.
Discuss or telling about new Christians movies to friends and colleagues.
Post or share your views about Christian movies on social networking sites because word of mouth can help up to great extent in promoting anything.
Financially support Christian movies makers.

8. Folks from various corners of the world have started promoting Christian movies but to get the whole scenario and perception changes, it will take some time.

9. The Christian movies are not made only for Christians but for everyone. They can prove a great mentor in anybody’s life. So, grab your favorite flavor of popcorn and enjoy your movie.

10. Some new release Christian movies on crossflix.

Savannah: The River and The Way Ahead


Savannah: The River and The Way Ahead

The film Savannah released in 2013 was an inspirational story based on the book Ward Allen: Savannah River Market Hunter by John Eugene Cay Jr. Main characters Ward Allen and a former black slave Christmas were the best duck hunters in town. Ward was the sole inheritor of the Allen plantation who chose to supply the market with fresh fowl as a form of livelihood.

Many may not understand his way of thinking but for him, he considered Savannah River as a serene, predictable place where he and his sidekick can shoot ducks. These scenes tell us how different fulfillment means for a man. Ward was educated but instead of becoming a professional gentleman, he chose to violate local laws in gaming where he defends himself philosophically in the courtroom much to the bemusement of the judge and its audience.

The turning point in the story was when Ward met Lucy. She speaks her mind regardless of its boldness. One notable scene was when her father told her to prefer another man. In her defiance, she told her parents that she is not theirs to dispense or to withhold. She showed a strong attraction to Ward. And shows her parents she can defy them.  Became a factor that led to her disappointment. Ward didn’t turn out as a devoted husband. They fight over his hard-drinking ways. Later on in the film, we see a failed marriage that led to being in a depressed state at an institution. Lessons derived from Lucy’s disobedience include weighing practical reasoning over emotions.

The important thing in man is its meaning. 

Towards the end, Ward sells off his house to give a comfortable life for the wife he neglected. Though his cause of death was not made clear in the film. There’s a scene where he stood in his boat while he basked the ambiance in the center of Savannah River. He mentioned about having practical experience has no value to the world. He believes that it is an important thing in a man’s death is its meaning. Since he once told Christmas that the closest place in nature where a sinner like him can ever come to face God is in that river then that leaves to us to think he may have ended his life there.

Ward left his written articles and the pen gifted by Lucy in a small shack near the river. Christmas grew old telling stories of him to Jack who couldn’t bear to send him to a nursing home. Although they were not related, Jack chose to care for him until he died in his rocking chair at the age of 95. And Jack continued to tell the story of Ward and Christmas to his son. As a sum, the film inspires us to value God’s creation, a friendship that goes beyond a master and slave relationship, and valuing a life’s course regardless of its impact or inspiration to future inhabitants of Savannah.

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Romero: An Archbishop’s Life as the Voice of the Church and its People


Romero: An Archbishop’s Life as the Voice of the Church and its People

The film Romero released in 1989 tells a biopic of a Salvadoran bishop named Oscar Romero who became an Archbishop during the military regime. The story set in 1977 when El Salvador was holding a presidential election in the midst of a troublesome society, guerilla uprising and public unrest.

The first subplot showed us how people risk their lives for their right to vote. Main character Bishop Romero was initially a mere spectator between what goes on with the government officials, the military, the bishops confederate, and the masses as he tries to stay apolitical.

Meanwhile, his friend Father Grande openly fights for the people’s rights. In their short chat, he says to Romero, “I cannot love a God that I cannot see if I don’t love my brothers and sisters that I can see.” Father Grande’s stance is that regardless of tribulations, the Church as well as we hold a moral responsibility towards our brethren in faith.

The scene where armed soldiers blocked the road and won’t allow voters from reaching the poll precinct has shown their determination to vote. No matter the threat, they proceeded to walk and be able to vote.

Father Romero became a hero to his people 

To this day, these scenes speak about what’s really happening during an election in some areas of the world. These scenes tell us that whether it’s 1977 or 2018, situations may be different but the motive is still rooted in greed for power.

Another angle worth noting is the conspiracy within the Bishop confederate. They chose Bishop Romero to become Archbishop because they think of him as a compromise choice with a delicate health condition. This scene has shown us a good example of duplicity.  Sometimes, we need to look closely within the confines of our circle if those we trust are truly trustworthy.

In this case, the Bishops elevated Romero. And use him to influence the masses to stir away from government. There are many poignant scenes in this film. During the shooting at the town plaza, we see death and grieving all over the place. Archbishop Romero rejected the violent methods both of the guerillas and the military.

In the end, he got assassinated while consecrating the Eucharist during Mass. He risked his life being persecuted in a society permeated with injustice. Oscar Romero died but his influence to fight for peace and freedom in El Salvador goes on.

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The Miracle of Christian Movies

miracle of christian movies

It seems everywhere you turn for entertainment, you can only see violence and sex, but Christian movies are still holding biblical values and trying to save Christians.

Both adults and children can feel the bliss of Christianity by finding free christian movies.

Believing the true power of Jesus

Christian movies use daily life scenarios to show how Jesus leads our path to a beautiful future. Your problems, your sufferings, and your worries are just temporary and they all lead to a happy future. If you act righteously and believe in the power of Jesus, the future will shape itself in your favor. Christian movies become a visible demonstration of how the life of a person improves with true faith in Jesus.

Learning the importance of family

Christianity teaches us purity and a noble lifestyle, in which, every family member follows the biblical values. Christian values unite a family and allow every member to connect with each other. Teaching Christian values to kids is extremely important to bridge the gap of mindset. At early ages, children can easily grasp the purity of Christianity and Christian movies help in doing so.

There are many ways to find free children movies online. You can grab the best ones for your kids and motivate the biblical values in their lives.

Fighting negativities with prayer

The power of prayer is another teaching that children and adults learn from Christian movies. Whether it comes to saving a marriage or making your evil thoughts go away, prayer helps in every path of your life. Bad thoughts and negativities are the hurdles in your life, which stop you from living happily and follow the true path of Jesus. Watching Christian movies becomes a constant reminder of the actions that take place due to prayer. You learn about the purity of heart, which creates a connection with God and offers strength to fight the evil.

Many online platforms offer the latest Christian movies for free. You can check them out and make your own list of movies to watch. Encourage your kids to watch those movies as well and live a pure life.

Polycarp: A Man of Unwavering Faith


Polycarp: A Man of Unwavering Faith

The story in the film Polycarp took its inspirations from the book “Polycarp: Destroyer of Our Gods” by Rick Lambert. Main character Polycarp was a known aged bishop and a disciple of John the Apostle. He stood as a leader to the followers of the teachings of Christ after the death of the Apostles.

The first subplot focused on Polycarp buying a slave girl for 50 denarii. She became an adopted child in their home. She listens while he preached within the household. However, she is adamant in believing their act of faith as her prayers are left unanswered.

As an audience, we relate to Anna’s emotions when we feel confused after being saved by an unnoticed divine intervention from any form of mishap. There’s still hesitation to look into faith when bad experiences in life outweigh the teachings we hear from religious leaders. In Anna’s case, she came to accept her fate upon knowing that both Germanicus and Polycarp got saved from slavery like herself.

Germanicus was Polycarp’s adoptive son who also serves as his messenger, tasked to deliver the scriptures to other Christian followers. Since the Roman government imposed on publicly worshipping only Caesar as God, the proconsul Quadratus orders to capture and kill those that refuse to renounce their faith. During one of his errands, Germanicus got captured.

However, he has kept his faith to the end. Polycarp mentioned to Anna that he ran to face the lions although it was not shown anymore. These scenes depict the picture of commitment to serve God regardless of circumstances.

Following the death of Germanicus, getting Polycarp captured and killed was the proconsul’s next agenda. Anna ran to his place to warn him. Instead of running away, he told her the analogy of the lampstand that intends to give light to many relating it to the purpose of his life. He stands for his faith amidst an impending persecution. He says one can always hope and one can always pray.

This act reminds us of Jesus Christ praying at the Garden of Gethsemane before he got captured. Polycarp, in the same way, prayed to God to prepare himself before facing Quadratus. He was calm and sure of himself as he defended God as the creator of man and that Caesar is only a man. His stance provoked the proconsul to declare that he has committed treason against Rome. Polycarp was burned at a stake.

The culminating scenes in this film speak volume in terms of losing life for Christ’s sake. In this era, preaching Christianity is still being persecuted in some parts of the world and yet, more Christians are out to spread the word.

Truly, passing on the teachings of our faith is what makes our life’s purpose well served. A grown-up Anna passing on her learnings to a girl in the cell before she faces her own death ended this story.

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Bible Movies Are So Famous, But Why?

Bible movies

Movies on Bible have been immensely popular till date and almost every movie has turned out to be a blockbuster. Biblical movies have one and other lessons to make viewers aware of it just like Bible. But have you ever thought why these movies are so famous?

We all are aware of the Bible but not all have read it.  Biblical movies have facilitated its stories a pictorial narration which makes its lessons easy to understand as well as remember. These movies are really great for teaching not only children but folks of all ages. They are the source of direction for folks who want to know about God, purpose of their existence and the real extract of life. The wide variety of stories in Bible offer new messages and inspirations to millions and movies based on them have very finely inspired viewers the difference between right and wrong, Directions of righteousness, correction, Reproof, submissiveness, doctrines etc.

Check out some of the reasons of its popularity

  • It aids to identify  good and bad-

Numerous movies and documentaries reveal humans refusing the existence of God.  Many of the movies have depicted bad examples and have also disclosed is outcomes.   Have faith in God and do not let your success go in your mind. Those who disgrace god’s law themselves pay heavy price for their distrust and its violation.

Viewers get to learn to know about bad and how to stay away from it. We all have come to know God better and more clearly through the real-life documented movies in the Bible. Not only adults but it has facilitated kids too to accentuate the being of God with us.

  • Get answer to your question based on life

We all have seen that good suffers mostly, but why? Also why evil exists?  These Bible movies assist us more intensely to get answers to such questions. Without the Bible, answers to significant questions of life would remain unanswered; its understanding too will not be easy for all in the absence of movies. Movies enable us to understand better the answers of questions of life.

  • Bible Movies encourages mankind

Such movies have very clearly signified that God has his eye on everyone on earth and has special warmth to those who serve him which is highly encouraging. It denotes that the creator- God will heal all your pains. These Bible stories based movies are extremely encouraging and remind us of celestial and amazing powers of God. Such movies have the potential to lift up spirits during tough phase of life.

  • Know the motive of Bible stories easily-

Many stories of the Bible have the reason and a purpose and movies on such stories help us to stay encouraged or motivated in hard times and learn lessons with great ease.  These movies are for our eternal advantages.

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7 Important Life Lessons Biblical Documentaries Taught Us

lesson biblical documentaries

The Bible is not merely a holy book but is the text that guides billions and trillions of human beings with its teachings and divine inspiration. It throws light on the relationship between God and human beings, giving lessons of life. It is the most influential and followed book of the world which is well evident from the fact that it is the best-selling book of all time.

Immense efforts have been made to extend the reach of its teaching and producing movies and Biblical documentaries based on it was one of the few moves in the direction. They have made the teachings easy to understand even by a common man and also have shortened the distance between god and human being or is a means to get closure to God easily. You can filter its lessons as per you perception and get answers to every questions of yours. In this article, we bring you some general lessons that can be drawn from the Bible.

Significant Lessons of Bible

1. Obey God and do right always, no matter what – Be always on the right side is what biblical documentaries have beautifully portrayed. God’s sayings are a measure or test to know what is right and wrong in the world. 10 Commandments are the ideal notes to start, though they are not all. The “letter of law “ and “Spirits of law “in Old and new Testament reveals the modes to obey the almighty.

2. Love everyone – Christian documentaries teach to love everyone and have very effectively conveyed the message via narrations as well as picturization which is easily absorbed by the viewers. Love means doing good to all whether your dear ones or strangers. Love is not full of happiness and procurement rather it is giving and sacrificing. Love also teaches refusal if it is done for the benefit of others.

3. Accept the power of others to obey God’s law – The third lesson says that following the sayings of god is categorically right and obeying man’s law is detrimental to the law of- ‘God is never on the right side but you should submit or surrender yourself quietly to the punishment that come on your way of being right’.

4. Be humble or grounded – God looks after and stays close to folks who accept their sins and stay humble. God loves humility and these documentaries shows the instances of humility maintained by folks of the era and conveys messages to stay humble to humanity.

5. Don’t let money overpower your senses – Bible says you should learn to handle money wisely and do not let it handle you as it is the root cause of evil. Handle money smartly.

6. You reap as you sow – Do good if you want your future to be good. God blesses you with what you sow. To reap good future, sow well. It implies to do right to others and not to get involved in sins if you want things to be right with you.

7. Be secretive with your problems – Don’t share your problems, rather keep them confidential. The progression is to keep the problem as private as possible and disclose it if it is beyond your control.

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