Before the Border: A Girl’s Determined Act of Defense

Before the Border: A Girl’s Determined Act of Defense

The Christian film Before the Border tells a story about a girl’s determination guided by a principle that everyone has a right to defense. The main character Samantha Johnson was a college student. On the verge of graduation, she was preparing to present a case about the Underground Railroad and legislation governing US border. Unfortunately, another student named Tarquin got interested in the same case. He offered a partnership for the presentation. When Sam declined, he took her notes and conned her to go to the Canadian border if she wanted her notes returned. Otherwise, she gives up her notebook to Tarquin so he can complete the case. Sam accepts the deal including his rule not to use any modern means of transportation to get there.

The first scenes showed the difference in traits between Sam and Tarquin. Sam’s awareness about politician’s ways of excluding immigrants’ rights was her inspiration to pursue becoming a lawyer. She says she wanted to help defend people’s rights for equality especially those who can’t help themselves. On the other hand, Tarquin was the son of a politician who doesn’t care about having dignity in one’s work. He doesn’t care to steal Sam’s ideas for his advancement. In life, we do meet the likes of Sam and Tarquin. This deal sets an example for us to guard not only our written works but more of our guiding principles in life.

Tarquin offered money to hunt for Sam and Jack and prevent them from reaching the border. He reminds us of a rich brat who could afford to pay to get what he wanted. He even raised the amount for grabs upon learning that Sam was heading the border. Towards the end, we learned that what he yearned for was his father’s attention who was a busy politician.

Another notable character is Jack, Sam’s friend who was supposedly a couch potato. Upon realizing that Sam will be trekking to the border alone, he immediately packed things and joined her without hesitation. We have friends like Jack who is readily willing to share our load and go with us in times of our distress. He even gave his clothes to Sam so she could go en-route while he lured the paparazzi away from their track.

While there were setbacks that made their hike more difficult, there were also some people out to help them without breaching the rules of this deal. These scenes remind us to consider people around us willing to help in times of our need. We can also keep ourselves grounded with word of honor the way Sam did. There was an offer to reach the border faster but she chose not to cheat. She kept her word in the bargain.

To conclude, there was not any vital information written in Sam’s notebook. All she wanted was to prove how a determined girl can fight for her goals in life.