About Crossflix

The mission of Crossflix Inc. and its parent company Christ Vue Inc. is to spread and strengthen the faith in Christ by offering entertaining movies, documentaries, and Biblical education for adults and children. Virtually all of Crossflix’s content delivers a strong faith message. Through its success, Crossflix plans to empower Christian Artists, Directors, Producers, Distributors, and Production Companies. Our documentaries and children’s education, much of it Biblical, help Christians connect with their heritage.

In the pursuit of its mission, Crossflix has produced 50 episodes of the “Crossflix Living Bible Series” to help Christians get better acquainted with the Bible by listening to the words of the Bible against a beautiful backdrop of nature and masterpieces from famous artists. Young energetic Pastors and Christian Scholars then explain the meaning of the Bible’s passages in everyday life. The “Crossflix Living Bible Series” will launch in July 2017 with the first 9 episodes and an additional two episodes will be released every week until all 50 half hour episodes are on Crossflix. Crossflix plans to release new titles every week, and to produce ten of its own faith-based television shows. Crossflix’s unique content will only be available on the Crossflix Channel via a network of streaming and mobile devices including Roku, Google Play, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Crossflix.com.

Christ Vue Inc.

Christ Vue Inc. (“Christ Vue”) is the Parent Company of Crossflix Inc. (“Crossflix”). Christ Vue intends to develop companies in the area of film and television production and distribution within six months to a year. The mission of Christ Vue is to develop companies that empower Christian Films Makers, Christian Artists, Christian Scholars , Christian Production Companies, Christian Film and TV Distributors.