About Crossflix: Your #1 Source for Christian Films and Christian Videos

At Crossflix, we provide the best Christian videos and films for adults and families. Our mission and the mission of our parent company, Christ Vue Inc. (Christ Vue) is to share and strengthen faith in Christ through content that delivers a strong faith message. Our Christian videos provide an alternative to secular television programming that is all too often filled with explicit or graphic material.

What kinds of Christian videos can you watch on Crossflix?

Crossflix offers a wide variety of Christian videos and films for adults, youth, children and families including:

Inspirational Christian videos for youth

Whether you are looking for Christian videos for youth ministry, or a particular Christian youth video series, with thousands of faith-based films and videos, you can find content to inspire, motivate and teach youth about God’s word.

Christian videos for kids

Quality is important at Crossflix. We carefully screen all Christian films and videos that are available on our site. You will have peace of mind knowing that your family is watching the best Christian movies for kids, high-quality Christian cartoons for children, and Christian family-friendly movies.

Funny Christian films

We recognize that while our viewers appreciate content that is educational and inspirational, sometimes they simply want to be entertained. Our huge vault of videos includes Christian comedy from some of the funniest Christian comedians. We also have funny videos for student ministry, funny church bloopers, and all sorts of funny church moments.

Christian music

Crossflix also supports Christian musicians and songwriters. Download Christian video songs from some of your favorite Christian artists. You can find the top Christian songs 2018 plus Christian song videos from previous years. And 2019 Christian music videos will also be available for download as they become accessible. We stay current on both films and music.

New Christian movies

Each week we provide our members with access to new Christian movies. Watch the latest Christian films with us. Our parent company, Christ Vue works closely with Christian artists, actors and actresses, producers, directors, and filmmakers to ensure that you get the most current Christian movies along with all your favorite classics.

Our Christian films are available anytime 24/7. You can access free video downloads so that you can watch anytime (even without Wi-Fi access). Your membership includes thousands of Christian video clips and free Christian videos.

Download Christian films from top filmmakers, producers, and directors.

We want to provide Christian families with information that is entertaining, educational, and inspirational. To view our full list of films, you can search by genre, category, or date. We offer new Christian movies 2018 plus:

Christian movies 2019

What are your favorite faith-based movies 2019? With thousands of films to choose from, there’s a good chance you can find your top 2019 Christian videos on Crossflix. Plus, download or stream your favorite Christian movies.

Our library of Christian entertainment and Christian educational videos is expansive. And we are continuously adding more.

And when new faith movies come out this next year, 2019, we will make them available to you as soon as they are available to us. As Crossflix grows, we aim to empower even more Christian artists, directors, producers, distributors, and production companies to continue creating new Christian content.

You see, as we grow, the entire Christian film community grows. With increased membership, we are able to purchase rights to more Christian films and videos, which can help fund these critical projects. To see what the Christian film production community has been up to in recent years, access our list of 2018 Christian films or our list of 2017 Christian films.

Connecting Christians with the Heritage through Christian Films

We aim to connect families and adults to their heritage through our various Christian series, films, and movies. Our Christian documentaries include our most popular series, the Crossflix Living Bible Series.

This series includes 50 episodes designed to help Christians understand the beautiful words of the Bible. Listen to scripture against a beautiful backdrop of nature and masterpieces from famous artists.

Tune in to young and energetic Pastors and Christian Scholars who explain the meaning of the Bible’s passages in everyday life. The series launched in July of 2017 with its first nine episodes with two new episodes every week thereafter until all 50 half-hour episodes were available.

How to Watch Christian Videos from Crossflix

With your Crossflix membership, you can enjoy newly released Christian titles every week plus access to the thousands of films and movies in our vault. These shows can be accessed by streaming them online or you can downloaded on your television, or mobile device. Our faith-based television shows can be viewed on the Crossflix Channel on different streaming and app devices such as Roku, Google Play, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Crossflix.com.

About Christ Vue Inc., the Parent Company of Crossflix

Christ Vue Inc. (Christ Vue) is Crossflix’s parent company. Through Christ Vue, our intention is to further develop Christian film and television production and distribution. We empower Christian filmmakers, Christian artists, Christian scholars, Christian production companies and Christian film and tv distributors to continue making faith-based programming.

We recognize the impact that TV and film production have on people and we aim to provide Christian alternatives to mainstream content. Christ Vue and Crossflix were founded by former Hollywood producer and director Alan Mehrez and his wife, Aileen.

Unhappy with the increasing amount of graphic and explicit material that has become commonplace in mainstream television and movies, Alan left Hollywood and the film industry, and he and Aileen moved to Florida. But over time, they realized that they could use their knowledge and experience in the film industry to provide alternative films and videos for Christians. The content on Crossflix is clean, family-friendly and faith-based.

Alan and Aileen are on a mission to share Jesus to the world by promoting Christian actors and actresses, Christian filmmakers, and Christian producers. Through Crossflix they provide Christians around the world access to quality Christian videos and films. And through Christ Vue, they are able to support and empower those behind the quality Christian programming on Crossflix.

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