A Boy Called Po: A Special Child’s Wandering Thoughts

A Boy Called Po: A Special Child’s Wandering Thoughts

Autism is a delicate topic to discuss. A Boy Called Po is a film that talks about the challenges a widower faced while grieving the loss of his wife and being a committed father to a child with Autism.

David intentionally hid Beth’s passing from Po thinking that he might not understand. Little did he know that Po worries about the sadness he sees in him. We get to see David in us when we think it is better to wallow in our own pain than hurt our loved ones.

Five months passed and Po was still asking where his Mom was. He begins to drift into his fantasy world making it difficult for the teacher to get his attention. The principal told David to transfer Po to special education as he cannot thrive in a regular school.

The challenges he faced while dealing with therapists, insurance coverage, medical bills, and his projects at work. He is an engineer who experienced difficulty connecting with his son.

Po was actually a smart kid who loves complex math and enjoys reading the stock market pages of the newspaper.  Inside his fantasy world, he meets Jack who asks him for advice in whatever situation he gets into.  Po was normal on that other plane. He sings Dancing with Myself and tells Jack that for him, the song meant that he is confident being himself.  Since he gets bullied in school, he meets Amelia who talks to him and reads to him topics that interest him.  Later on in the story, we realize that Amelia is Po’s another imaginary friend too. We have seen here the picture of Po’s colorful mind.

There were several heartwarming father and son scenes throughout the film.  When Po used ketchup and mustard to draw a rainbow on the wall, David already turned his back and missed the boy’s remark you’re my rainbow Daddy. Once in a while, Po says don’t be afraid Daddy. Later on, he told him it means to not be afraid of him for the way he is.

David’s dilemma was whether Po stays in a facility so he can work. Meanwhile, Po was contemplating on staying in his fantasy world. Amidst the complexities in their intertwined lives, David finds comfort in Amy, Po’s last therapist who became his confidante.  Amy gave him moral support and encouragement on moments he needed it the most.  It was she that made him realize to choose Po over his career.

Towards the end, David reimbursed his 401K which turned out as a larger sum than he expected. Po asked for his signature and it allowed him to enrol at a high-risk stock trading that paid off. Finally, David told Po about his mom’s death, brought him to her grave and for a brief moment, he sees her in his thoughts and she held his hand. And having his thoughts wander is alright.

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