7 Important Life Lessons Biblical Documentaries Taught Us

The Bible is not merely a holy book but is the text that guides billions and trillions of human beings with its teachings and divine inspiration. It throws light on the relationship between God and human beings, giving lessons of life. It is the most influential and followed book of the world which is well evident from the fact that it is the best-selling book of all time.

Immense efforts have been made to extend the reach of its teaching and producing movies and Biblical documentaries based on it was one of the few moves in the direction. They have made the teachings easy to understand even by a common man and also have shortened the distance between god and human being or is a means to get closure to God easily. You can filter its lessons as per you perception and get answers to every questions of yours. In this article, we bring you some general lessons that can be drawn from the Bible.

Significant Lessons of Bible

1. Obey God and do right always, no matter what – Be always on the right side is what biblical documentaries have beautifully portrayed. God’s sayings are a measure or test to know what is right and wrong in the world. 10 Commandments are the ideal notes to start, though they are not all. The “letter of law “ and “Spirits of law “in Old and new Testament reveals the modes to obey the almighty.

2. Love everyone – Christian documentaries teach to love everyone and have very effectively conveyed the message via narrations as well as picturization which is easily absorbed by the viewers. Love means doing good to all whether your dear ones or strangers. Love is not full of happiness and procurement rather it is giving and sacrificing. Love also teaches refusal if it is done for the benefit of others.

3. Accept the power of others to obey God’s law – The third lesson says that following the sayings of god is categorically right and obeying man’s law is detrimental to the law of- ‘God is never on the right side but you should submit or surrender yourself quietly to the punishment that come on your way of being right’.

4. Be humble or grounded – God looks after and stays close to folks who accept their sins and stay humble. God loves humility and these documentaries shows the instances of humility maintained by folks of the era and conveys messages to stay humble to humanity.

5. Don’t let money overpower your senses – Bible says you should learn to handle money wisely and do not let it handle you as it is the root cause of evil. Handle money smartly.

6. You reap as you sow – Do good if you want your future to be good. God blesses you with what you sow. To reap good future, sow well. It implies to do right to others and not to get involved in sins if you want things to be right with you.

7. Be secretive with your problems – Don’t share your problems, rather keep them confidential. The progression is to keep the problem as private as possible and disclose it if it is beyond your control.

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