Which are the Christian movies one should definitely watch in your life?

Christian movies

Christian based movies or biblical movies carry always the best stories which are ever told. We have been watching so many movies since cinema has taken place. Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies are the most prominent. If we talk about the list of good Christian movies they carry gospel messages and are also fun to watch. You can even stream Christian films online for free. You can also go to the nearby store to buy the movie and you can utilize your free time.

It has been noticed that Christian media is one of the most powerful tools that is being used by the god to remind us that we are a beautiful creation in this world by him. Through Christianity humanism evolved on the earth and it has been denoted by the name Paradise where the beautiful creation of the god lived. Christian films are the best source to connect with God. This year you would be again reminded about the existence of the god like the previous year. If you are a person who watches lots of movies, then you must watch these new upcoming movies this year.

Spending time with your family is really important and this can be the best way to do that. It can actually double the joy of watching a movie. There is no religion barrier for watching a Christian movie but first initiate should be by the Christians itself. Want to know which Christian movies you can stream? So, here is a list of good faithful and biblical movies.

  • The Least of These
  • Run the Race
  • Breakthrough
  • All Saints
  • The case for the Christ
  • Same kind of Different as Me

These good Christian family movies are going to hit the cinemas and you will definitely love them. Christian movies are the one which will really bring all your emotion out. Literature gives importance to Christianity and it will realize you for what purpose God created you. Want to enjoy your life to the fullest then you must watch Christian movies because it will teach you how to love someone, how to forgive rather than hating. The pleasure of being in heaven is what the Christian movies provide us. You watch movies with your friends more and rare with your family.

If you want to live for the glory of God than the growth in truth and moral message in movies is a must. You see various movies but the way a biblical movie makes you think is just out of the box. Even the person who has lost all hope and faith can re-live his/her life again. It is really inspirational and also includes inspirational quotations. It can really make you transform into a good human being. If you want to see the world from a positive aspect than Christianity is one which will make you optimistic.

10 Best Inspirational Christian Movie Quotes about Faith

10 Best Inspirational Christian Movie Quotes about Faith

Christianity is the best form of humanism. Being a believer of god you must watch Christian faith-based movies. You can find a lot of inspiration in the movies in form of messages and quotes. Movies with Christian theme teach you the importance of faith. There are lots of movies released every year but do all movies give you inspiration? I guess no. Christian movies are the ones which inspire you the most. They contain messages of gospels which you will find very rarely in other movies. You will find the best faith-based movies on Christianity on the internet.

Why faith is important?

It was the time of Jesus where faith was most valued but in the modern era, the faith has been abused. The only way to survive in this cruel world is to have faith in God. True faith is when you drive out from the sea of dark. It is faith who gave you the power to drive out from your difficult time. Faith starts with God and ends with God. We have read about many famous saints and their belief in god. They spent their whole life in worshipping God. In the modern era, we cannot find such devotee. But, watching Christian movies can help you a lot as you will get to know the importance of faith.

Inspirational Christian movie quotes about faith

  1. “I would rather stand with God and be judged by the world than stand with the world and be judged by God.”
  2. “You have got voices pulling you in different directions. There’s only one voice that matters.”
  3. “What are you living for? I resolve to give God everything I‘ve got, then I‘ll leave the results up to Him. I want to know if you’ll join me.”
  4. “When all you see is your pain, you lose sight of me.”
  5. “It’s time to rise up and answer the call that God has given to you and to say I will. I will. I will.”
  6. “God’s good all the time. And all the time, God is good.”
  7. “What if God’s love is like the sun, constant and unchanging. What if you wake up some day and realize nothing can take that away.”
  8. “There is a god who knows exactly what you’re worth.”
  9. “Faith is the only true shelter.”
  10. “The truth of God’s love is not that he allows bad things to happen. His promise that He’ll be here with us when they do.”

These are some of the best inspirational Christian movie quotes from the faith based Christian movies. These movies depict that if you have faith in God you can conquer any hurdle of your life. But, if you are overconfident about your power you will never get success. Believing in god is a must because faith cannot be created by us. God will do all the things that he has promised. It is your duty to walk on the path he has created for you if you want the promise to be fulfilled.

Heaven’s Door: A Girl’s Portal to Healing and Miracles

Heaven's Door

Heaven’s Door tells us the story of a girl named Riley. She had the chance to see a portal to heaven and receive a gift of healing. Riley was having a casual chat with her grandpa about lessons in life and being a responsible adult.  Then her grandpa suddenly felt chest pain, then he fell and died. These scenes show a special bond formed between a granddaughter and her grandpa. For this reason, Riley’s mom Julie thinks it will be difficult for her to accept her grandfather’s death.

Julie herself is going through personal issues including a pending divorce with her husband, Leo. In a confrontation scene with Riley, she explains that love is different from marriage.  They may have separated, but both parents love her very much. Julie manages a full-time job to support her two kids, and that she either needs her mother or a babysitter to look after her children while she’s not at home. We also see that her boss is taking advantage of her situation so he can get close to her.

These are real-life struggles of a single mom. Adding on to her problems was her youngest child Morgan having asthma. Although Leo promised to support them financially, Julie thinks it better to shoulder Morgan’s expenses and care because she was still hurting over a child they have lost previously. The emotional pain of a mother who lost a child was the reason for her to lose faith in their marriage.

The turning point in the story was when Riley almost fell from a massive tree as she was trying to reach her ball. Instead of a free fall, a light caught her up and released her upon nearing the ground with the ball right beside her. That’s when she started to believe about angels guiding her. She discovered her gift of healing when she touched the neighbor’s cat after its owner ran over it in his driveway. Children then came to bring their pets so Riley can feel each one. She becomes weak as a consequence as she absorbs the sickness of those she touched. Later on, she says that her healing was supposedly intended for a blind neighbor.

The words of Julie’s mom were pivotal in the story. It was she who serves as a bridge between Julie and Leo, and Julie and Riley. She makes them understand what is essential to make their relationships work. And believes in another dimension in the afterlife, in heaven and the angels. She says it feels better to think there’s more afterlife so it doesn’t hurt as much. Upon learning about Riley’s healing touch to animals, she also said that there shouldn’t be a charge for imparting a spiritual gift.

The film is full of meaningful insights about living life responsibly. By having faith, we too may find in ourselves Heaven’s Door to bless our family and others.

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Grace Unplugged: A Plug and Play between Dreams and Realities

Grace Unplugged

Grace Unplugged tells a story about a teenage daughter and dad relationship. Having just turned 18, Grace felt that singing alongside her dad Johnny at the worship band was constraining her. She felt that she’s missing opportunities elsewhere. She grew up knowing that her father was a famous rock star.  Who hit the charts on Billboard and she was only a shadow of his fame. She becomes defensive in having her way with her life.

Regardless of a Christian upbringing, most teens are out to prove to their parents that they have gone past childhood. Believing they can handle life’s issues without their upper hand. Grace only knew her dad as a singer.  But she missed to realized his love for family and God that outweighs fame.

The story came to a turn when Johnny’s former manager Mossy came to visit. His father’s former boss offered to include him on tour but he declined. Grace recorded her version of Johnny’s hit song Misunderstood and emailed it to Mossy. After a heated argument with her dad, Grace boldly goes to LA to pursue a singing career. Her naiveté towards her new audience excites her. Having a car, her place, getting dressed up by an image maker and meeting the boss of Sapphire Music provided temporary happiness.

These scenes remind us about having desires that please our eyes and feelings. But it diverts our attention away from God.

Ego overcame Grace that she turned her back when dad asked him to come home. She enjoyed the cheers and the spotlight, but when she’s in her room, she felt the loneliness of being alone and away from home. Grace learned that her new circle of people has underlying motives and adding up the pressure to compose a new song, she felt losing her game.

The self-pressure we impose upon ourselves is no different from what Grace has shown us. We have ego instead of acknowledging that we needed God’s direction and our elders’ guidance to show us a better way than we think we are capable of doing.

Amidst the odds, Grace kept her morals like when she walked out on the TV personality upon overhearing his plans to take her to his place. Another was when she resisted the song about the one-night stand. Quentin who handles Grace’s wardrobe became an unlikely friend. Incidentally, he and his Christian family has seen Grace and Johnny sing together at church a while back. It reminded Grace about getting back into God’s favor. He gave her a book that she read while on the tour that helped her realize that her family and the church was her home.

In a nutshell, the film tells us that all of us may fall short in our roles in life, be it a parent or a child. When we do, we can always turn to God’s love to keep us connected in spite of differences in perspective.

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Best family movie tips you will read this year 2019

family movie

Watching movies is great fun and watching with your family multiples your joy. We watch various movies of different genres. In today’s world, it is hard to find a good movie which actually shows you the reality. Anyone can be fond of watching movies but there are rare who understands the hidden message behind that movie. Children like watching cartoon movies, teens like watching movies which contain elements of love, adventure or action. But, are these enough for you. Do you really know the meaning of the real power of love? If your answer is no, then you must watch biblical movies.

Impact of Christian movies

The year 2018 has proven a blockbuster in releasing faith movies and those faith movies were of Christianity. It is not bad to follow a path which leads you towards god. Christian movies for children can help your child transform in a positive manner. Feeling the pleasure of being in heaven is what the Christian movies provide us. You watch movies with your friends more and rare with your family. Watching biblical movie will teach you the meaning of family importance. You will start loving others and the feeling of hate will be dissolved. Your kid might find his favorite cartoon character in biblical movies.

Family movie tips 2019

  • Watching movies with friends or watching alone online is common for teens but you must also give time to your family. The best way is to watch Christian movies with your family. Christian movies are getting a good rating in the past few decades and last year has been a blockbuster for Christian movies for the family.
  • You can watch a new movie every week with your family and also you will get more close to your family members. You will be having a topic of discussion which will review everyone’s point of view.
  • Watching Christian movie will regain your faith in Christianity. There is really no harm in acquiring knowledge about other religion which is actually touching your inner soul.
  • The biggest power in this universe is God. Christian movies give you an opportunity of seeking you and your family members in learning and living a life of faith.
  • It is not necessary to watch a faith-based movie. You can also watch adventurous, comedy, fantasy or any other Christian movie with your family.

What matters the most is spending time with your family. It does not matter if you watch Christian movies for teens with your time. Having a family movie night doubles your joy. The reason why Christian movies do not get released in cinemas is that the seats don’t get filled. If you want to live for the glory of God than the growth in truth and moral message in movies is a must. Judging someone is easy but actually understanding it is difficult. If stressed and demoralized you must watch biblical movies because they will give you hope for living in this world.

True Riches in God’s Kingdom

True Riches in God’s Kingdom

True Riches in God’s Kingdom

Jeremiah 29:11:

“For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Have you ever felt discouraged? Do you feel down? Or do you feel tired? Do you feel like nothing falls into place and that everything you do just simply fails?

God is constantly listening. Your every woe will be answered. Just reach out to Him and you will surely find the answers to your deepest questions. This is how prayers work. We won’t realize it, but God is working in ways unimaginable. All He requires is that we trust Him and have faith that everything is going according to His Divine Plan.

The Importance of Work and Prayer

“Build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce. Marry and have sons and daughters; find wives for your sons and give your daughters in marriage, so that they too may have sons and daughters. Increase in number there; do not decrease. Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.”

What must we do to prosper? The Lord has proclaimed, through the prophet Jeremiah the divine formula to our divine prosperity.

This prosperity is richness not in this material world but in the resurrection, as we enter the kingdom of Heaven, where our true riches lie. What do these riches pertain to? How can we attain them? These, God will answer through various instruments.

This passage reflects that we are called to different vocations, “build houses and settle down, plant gardens and eat what they produce.” Some of us were created to be professionals, doctors; saving lives and treating illnesses, some to be farmers, plowing the land and planting seeds to provide food for man and a place of dwelling for animals, some to be brothers, and sisters and mothers and fathers.

We are made for this.

We must work and carry on our daily functions, struggles in love.  One must have a personal connection with Our Lord.”

We must know our Lord. We must know Him and His plans for us, through speaking to him in prayer. “Am I on the right path, oh Lord?” The more we pray, the more we speak to Him. The more we speak to him, the more we can know Him. And, the more we know him, the more we can love Him.

Our Lord has created this world in a specific order. And we must stay in this order, stay in His love for us to achieve eternal prosperity and happiness. This is what He wills us to do. Sure, it may be quite an uneasy path, but in the end, it will all be worth it.

And so we pray, “Lord, help us grow the way You have created us to, may we, through Your grace and goodness, want and pursue, the things that will be for the welfare of our Souls, and will lead us closer to You, in Heaven, Amen.”

Traversing Unknown Road with the Lord

Traversing Unknown Road

Traversing Unknown Road with the Lord

Lk 5,17-26: One day Jesus was teaching and many Pharisees and teachers of the Law had come from every part of Galilee and Judea and even from Jerusalem. They were sitting there while the power of the Lord was at work to heal the sick. Then some men brought a paralyzed man who lay on his mat. They tried to enter the house to place him before Jesus, but they couldn’t find a way through the crowd. So they went up on the roof and, removing the tiles, they lowered him on his mat into the middle of the group, in front of Jesus. When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the man, “My friend, your sins are forgiven.”

In this passage, we reflect on a day, during Our Lord’s proclamation. His days of healing and teaching, a multitude of people, even the top authorities regularly visited Our Lord. A group of faithful men brought a paralyzed man on his mat. Motivated by love for this man and the unshakable belief that Christ can heal him, they went up the roof through the path less chosen and removed the tiles, which were ‘impediments’ to get to Our Lord and be healed. Astonished by their faith, and overflowing with love and mercy, Christ treated him.

The Road Less Travelled

Most of us live through a life preferring comfort, going through the leveled path. Getting to the rooftop and creating an opening through the roof is no easy task. We must realize that to follow Christ; we must bear our crosses daily. Choose the path to Christ’s love and everlasting goodness.

There may be instances when we feel like God is testing us. Instead of bearing our crosses with glee, we mope around the corner and question Him, “Why is this happening to us? What did we do to deserve such loneliness?” These are the usual scenarios we go through when we experience trying times.

A Series of Impediments

The men in the passage did not just go through one hindrance, but a series of impediments, one after another. First, the man was paralyzed and cannot walk by himself thus a mat was used to get him around. A multitude of people was in the way, so they went up to the roof to get over this. Up the roof, there was no ready access, so they had to remove the tiles. What great faith they had!

As Christians, we will continuously encounter impediments. There will always be challenges. The enemy, Satan, and the fallen angels will consistently block our paths towards Paradise. Hence we must be vigilant. They will always find a means to lead us to avert from our true calling. Know that the most significant impediment is a sin. Sin draws us away from Our Lord. Sin prevents us from the realization of our true created purpose.

With this, we must pray and ask for forgiveness unceasingly. Every day, every moment is an opportunity to draw us closer to Our Lord. And every time we fall and ask for His mercy, He lovingly says “My friend, your sins are forgiven.”

God’s Ultimate Blessing – Love, Bread, and Fish.

God's Ultimate Blessings

God’s Ultimate Blessing: Love, Bread, and Fish.

Mk 6, 34-44:

As Jesus went ashore, He saw a large crowd, and He had compassion on them for they were like sheep without a shepherd. And He began a long teaching session with them. It was now getting late, so His disciples came to Him and said, “This is a lonely place, and it is now late. You should send the people away and let them go to the farms and villages around here to buy themselves something to eat”.

Jesus replied, “You yourselves give them something to eat”. They answered, “If we are to give them food, we must go and buy two hundred silver coins’ worth of bread”. But Jesus said, “You have some loaves: how many? Go and see”. The disciples found out and said, “There are five loaves and two fish.”

Then He told them to have the people sit down together in groups on the green grass. This they did in groups of hundreds and fifties. And Jesus took the five loaves and the two fish and, raising his eyes to heaven, he pronounced a blessing, broke the loaves and handed them to his disciples to distribute to the people.

He also divided the two fish among them. They all ate, and everyone had enough. Then when everyone finished eating.  The disciples filled twelve baskets with broken pieces of bread and fish. Five thousand men had eaten there.

Do we adopt Christ’s divine sensitivity for those who are intimately around us? Do we adopt openness and flexibility to respond to their needs?

We are all familiar with how quickly time passes by when we do something we truly love and when we are with someone or a group of people we truly love. Christ filled with compassion, He taught the whole day, and the disciples noticed how quickly the day passed. They were worried about the people, modeling the empathy their Teacher had.

What do you have and what can you give?

The Lord decided to give them more than just spiritual food in the form of The Word but also food for the body. Jesus asked the disciples what they have. The disciples started looking at each other. Because they only had five loaves of bread and two fish. It was not enough.

What we give, we will receive sevenfold.

But the Lord can never be outdone in generosity, with His love and compassion, He did not only decide to make a miracle to provide for them. He also organized the distribution systematically and orderly.

“Then he told them to have the people sit down together in groups on the green grass. This they did in groups of hundreds and fifties.” The food miraculously, out of love, fed five thousand men. What we give through love, and with love, given generously, will multiply in grace.

As children of God, we are the leaven of society. As a famous saying goes, “Someone cannot do everything, but everyone can do something.”

“Lord, help us to be sensitive to the needs of those who are intimately around us. May we not feel frustrated or discouraged when You call us to respond with flexibility. Teach us, Lord, on how to change our plans to do Your will. Help us to recognize that You provided all that we need. Let us become generous, cheerful givers and sharers of Your Love. Amen”


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10 Reasons why you can’t miss Christian Movies 2019

Christian Movies 2019

We have been watching so many movies since cinema has taken place. Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies are the most prominent. Genres like fictional and non-fictional can be seen under these categories. The year 2018 has been a good year and has released many faith-films which were proven to be blockbuster. This has the made the year 2018 super hit. Everyone likes to watch movies from kids ranging to adults. After watching the faith films last year you might be craving for more faithful stories this year. So, you don’t have to wait anymore as the film city is going to release the best Christian movies this year based on the theme of faith.

  • Movies as a tool for the society

Obviously, its modern era and who would not be interested in movies? It has been noticed that Christian media is one of the most powerful tools that is being used by the god to remind us that we are the beautiful creation in this world by him. Through Christianity humanism evolved on the earth and it has been denoted by the name Paradise where the beautiful creation of the god lived.

  • Coming close to God

Christian films are the best source to connect with the god. This year you would be again reminded about the existence of the god. If you are a person who watches lots of movies, then you must watch the new and upcoming movies this year.

  • The growth of Christian movies

The trend of Christian films has been grown steadily in the last few years. With slow growth, it’s time to watch what new in cinematic is going to hit your mind. Movies are the source through which you can relate to the problems in our society or someone who is a more devotee person he/she won’t miss this chance to watch Christian movies.

  • Valuable message

Christian movies give a good message, which imparts character. Whether with family or friends you can watch them with anyone and you will feel spell bounded.

  • Also made for movie buffs

Who won’t like to watch a good movie with a good message? In fact, the people who love to watch Christian movies based on faith should definitely watch these movies. You will experience the power of love, hope and also how to forgive someone over hatred.

  • An enviable list

Christian movies 2019 will prove this year to be a noteworthy year for faith-based movies. Hollywood will release its best Christian films this year. Like previous year this year will also be a blockbuster year for Christian movies.

  • Wide range of choices

Movies like “the least of these”, “run the race”, “breakthrough” are going to hit the cinemas. Christian movies are the one which will really bring all your emotions out. You can also take a glimpse of the Bible through these movies. Jesus was the one who has the power of both life and death.

  • Christianity as a subject

You must also grab the knowledge of Christianity because it is considered a way to god. Literature gives really importance to Christianity because it really makes you realize that you have been created by God so you should do justice to god.

  • A good hobby

Like any other movie genre, Christian movies can also be binged watched. All one needs is a subscription to online streaming services, or a DVD of the movie.

  • Reasonable priced

No matter what the format is, Christian movies are always affordable. Since they appeal to a large audience and are a holy way to spend your time, they will never cause a hole in your pocket.

The Ultimate Offering

The Ultimate Offering

Mark 11:41-44 41

Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts. But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents. Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”

Are we willing to serve Our Lord? What are we willing to offer up for Him? How much are we willing to offer up for Him? Jesus Christ, Our Lord, and Savior, willingly died on the Cross to save us. We must remember that Christ did all of those consciously, choosing to protect us from eternal damnation. Imagine the pain, the fear, the misery, the loneliness our Lord must have gone through, taking the form and flesh of a true man. All of these he did out of service, out of genuine care, out of pure love!

As Jesus watched, he saw rich people, people of high material and political standing, putting their money in the temple treasury; where people put their gifts for god. These people placed vast amounts of money.

Jesus created Perfect Man and Perfect God, knew that these amounts were only a fraction of what they can honestly give. A poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins. Christ knew that it was everything that the woman owned. How was she able to do that? She did it out of service, out of genuine care, out of pure love!

As we go through our days, going through our daily tasks, let us watch, as Christ has watched those people giving in the temple, for opportunities to turn all our thoughts all our actions to be of the highest value in the eyes our Lord. How? Do you ask? By being ‘contemplatives,’ may we take the time to contemplate, the root word being ‘temple,’ a place where we make things Holy by offering them up to God. And we cannot just offer it up; we need to ‘add value’ to our thoughts and actions by adding love to the equation.

“Lord, thank you for giving me a heart of gratitude. Help me, with all my strength, with all my heart, and with all my mind. So I could add love to all of my thoughts and deeds. May I learn, through your grace, to love you more, through the tasks I go through, through the people, the souls I interact with. Amen.”