New World Order: Signs of the End Times

New World Order

We can discuss the Book of Revelations in the Bible allegorically in a hundred different interpretations. It makes for a good film premise. The film New World Order released in 2013 used the mark of the Beast as its focal point.

The story opened with a van containing seven Christians who got captured for alleged treason against the New World Order. Officers brought them to a facility so each person can decide whether be marked or sentenced to death. These scenes gave us a glimpse of what will possibly happen during the reign of the Beast as foretold in the Book of Revelations. Main character Demi knew that receiving the mark means losing her soul that is why she influenced her friend Christen against getting marked.

Then the plot went to a flashback scene when Demi and Jason first met. The rear of her car slightly hit him because she was talking to Christen on her mobile while attempting to leave the parking area. There was an instant attraction between the two. Scenes that followed showed us how simple distractions could lead our faith astray. Demi and Christen left the church early to meet up with Jason and his friend at a bar.

The plot then moved its setting to three years since the inception of the New World Order. A tyrant general called Supreme Chancellor demands allegiance to Lord Aldo De Luca by the registry of a national census. Each person shall bear a mark on the forehead or wrist. Otherwise, they are unable to buy food and will have them listed as an offender until captured or killed. Demi’s parents decided to receive the mark. Her mother turned her in. These scenes remind us that regardless of what our parents or elders decide upon, we can defend the belief that we uphold as an individual. Our conscience and soul is our own.

There were only two critical twists in this story. One, Jason turned out as a traitor. He joined an underground Christian group so that he can kill its members one by one. Second, when they mark Demi to save her life. Christen chose to face the death chamber to keep her faith. It is ironic and yet true that those we think we knew turns out as something else beyond who we think they are to us. It may have been the same notion of the people who came up with this film.

The storyline may be in disarray. But the message of this film is for us to become aware of what’s happening around us. In the end, we all lose our existence in this world anyway. What matters is that our soul goes back to God.

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New Hope: Facing Transitions in Life with God’s Guidance

New Hope

The film New Hope released in 2012 deals with the aftermath of teen suicide. It boldly tells a story about the depths of guilt and hurt in the lives of those affected by this tragedy.

Main character Michael and his family moved to a small town called New Hope. Being the son of a preacher, he is already accustomed to moving from place to place. What bothers him this time is adjusting to his new school in his senior year. Throughout the film, Michael showed us what it is like being a preacher’s son. Like any other teen, he confronts a dilemma of fitting in. The difference is that he valued his parents’ upbringing. He didn’t fight back his antagonist Lucas when he could. He didn’t take advantage of his liking for Jasmine when she was still feeling broken after losing her long-time boyfriend Chase who committed suicide a year ago.

This film has drawn its power to a commendable script. There were several noteworthy scenes. The preacher’s counseling session with Chase’s parents showed us grieving from their perspective. They showed how a mother’s love clings to guilt for as long as she could and a father who contains his hurt so he could keep his sanity day by day. These scenes reflect how each parent wants to get involved in our lives. The same goes with our heavenly Father God who can take our anguish so we don’t wallow in our sorrow for too long. We need to only ask and pray that He guides our way.

Lucas’ character is also powerful in this story. He used his ego to cover up his deep hurt for losing his brother Chase. Lucas pushed himself to become the star player in his school’s basketball team. He bullied Michael as a façade because he couldn’t admit to anyone he is feeling empty inside, not even his parents.

Another noteworthy scene was when he released his anger on a tree. He bought a handful of baseball bats and used each one to hit the tree. We get to feel the hurt he has and releasing it alone than hurting other people. Later on, Lucas admitted to Michael he feels he didn’t amount to anything. Michael reminded him about winning the championship game. He also mentioned not giving up on Lucas.

There were several nuggets of lessons in this film. It is suitable for teens as well as parents. It teaches us about bullying and where it is coming from. By having the right mindset to care for a bully and parental guidance to teens. We can also do it by reaching out to other people. And encouraging one another that God will guide us through no matter how difficult the trials that we encounter in our personal lives. Filling our hearts with God’s love will set us free from past hurts so we can move forward to a hopeful tomorrow.

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Soul Surfer: A Girl’s Determination to Beat Her Odds

Soul Surfer

The film Soul Surfer tells an inspirational story about Bethany, a 13-year-old surfer who enjoys the waves of Kauai Island in Hawaii. Her parents Tom and Cheri were both surfers and equally supportive of her passion. She and her best friend Alana vie for a regional surfing competition, and that is all that mattered to her at that time.

The opening scenes showed us how idyllic life is by the waves and by the shore. Young as she is, Bethany valued her passion for surfing and knew that it was her source of joy. Her character reminds us to identify our God-given talent and make good use of it as it gives pleasure to our soul.

The turning point of the story was when Bethany chose to practice surfing at a far off beach with Alana’s family then join the youth fellowship mission to Mexico. She sends a box of goods instead. She aimed to become the best surfer in the competition. All of a sudden, a shark attacked Bethany and bit her arm away. They met the ambulance halfway en route to the hospital.

In the scenes that followed, we see that Bethany’s parents never blamed Alana’s dad or God for what happened. Alana even had a nightmare about the shark, felt sorry to see Bethany with a missing arm and was by her side until she was able to surf again. The close-knit relationship between the two families showed sincerity and concern over one another well-being.

Several scenes were uplifting in this film. The Islanders called for Tom to see that the shark they killed was the one that attacked Bethany.No one mocked or teased her when she fails to surf in her comeback. Instead, there’s a speedboat waiting for her if she needs to get back to shore. Such is an ideal human relationship where compassion and genuine care prevails.

There’s a brief scene where Bethany questioned why having one arm be part of God’s plan for her. The fellowship teen minister Sara replied that terrible things happen sometimes, but something good will come out of it. True to Sara’s words, she joined the mission to Thailand. She saw the aftermath of a tsunami that hit the town. Bethany was able to share her courage with the kids there and encourages them to swim and surf again. Upon her return to Hawaii, fan mails came stating how her act inspired kids from other places.

The letters encouraged her to join a national surfing competition once more. Her family helped her train to become a strong contender. She almost got first place if not for the biggest wave to come after time ran out, so her final score did not count. Nonetheless, the self-fulfillment was enough for her.  She knew the value of life like surfing, and that is to get right up every time she hits an impact zone, and with faith, anything is possible.

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Reconciliation: A Father’s Selfless Love


The film Reconciliation released in 2009 takes us into a heartbreaking story between father and son Jeff and Grant who have lived separate lives in the last 24 years. The movie started with a scene of the father and son playing cards. Grant was happy and he loved his father. Fast forward to Grant’s adult life, his wife Sara complains about his being distant during her pregnancy period. Unknown to Sara, Grant had apprehensions about facing fatherhood. He hid from her about Jeff’s existence because his father is gay. These scenes show us how an unpleasant childhood affects us when we become adults.

Grant and Sara’s confrontation scene teaches us that marriage works by having trust and honesty with each other. Trust bonds a husband and wife to face life’s challenges together. Morality is the key so one can support the other. Sara demonstrates an encouraging wife who nudges her husband to soften his heart so he can make peace with his past.

There’s a brief scene where a preacher talks about self-hate and shame, and that all sins are forgivable when we repent to God. The sermon may also mean that prolonged sorrow we allow to linger for years cripples our soul. Self-doubt, when nurtured, may make us believe that we are less of a person we are. Society does not dictate our identity. We find our value in our relationship with God.

The story turned when Sara received a call informing that Jeff’s condition is terminal and requesting for his son Grant to see him in his remaining days. Grant’s hatred for Jeff may not come as intense as it was in his younger years. However, he still holds an invisible shield to keep his emotions at bay when he finally came face to face with his father at the hospital. These scenes remind us how old hurts hurt more the hater than the hated person. We get angry for a while that turns into hatred over time, and when numbness hits us, hate turns to indifference for as long as we can bear it. Grant was initially showing polite indifference towards Jeff until he gets confronted by his partner Patrick. His role is also of the essence of the story. He fills the gaps about Jeff’s life that Grant missed.

Finally, Jeff and Grant were able to tell their separate story after they parted ways. As it turns out, Grant’s father and mother kept their friendship until her passing. She was able to share snippets of his teenage life to Jeff. In turn, Grant told his pain of humiliation and what he went through to become a responsible Christian. What is beautiful in this story is the act of forgiving. It is the same as surrendering our brokenness to God. A father gives out his selfless love to his child much like Our Father in Heaven.

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Crossflix – Listen to Christian Music Free

Christian Music

Christian music is well-known for being devotional. However, there is more to this kind of melody other than just praising the Lord. It is a common belief that more people should be exposed to this music, so as to build character, wisdom, and knowledge about ourselves. The following point illustrates how beneficial Christian music is to the society:

  • Completely family-friendly

In various music streaming services, it is highly likely for children to stumble on to content which is not appropriate for them. Since parental controls on all music services are not possible as it sounds weird, it is time for parents to expose their children to Christian music first. The music has every values of a good entertainer and teacher. It helps in instilling good morals and respect others while doing everything is a specific beat and rhythm. This music appeals to all people of all generations, which is why it touches the heart.

  • Brings us closer to the Holy Spirit

Christian music is known to enrich our lives while providing wholesome entertainment. There are lots of devotional songs which praise the nature of the Lord, and help us be connected with Him. Artists like Hillsong, Lecrae, Chris Tomlin, Jason Crabb, and Kirk Franklin are known for incredible Christian music which should be listened by people of all age groups. At this generation of materialistic affection, moving closer to god is a massive thing as it makes us humble and wise.

  • Reasonably priced

A lot of streaming services offer Christian songs at reasonable rates. There are radio stations which broadcast Christian music channels so people do not have to pay a lot for their favourite songs. Also, there are some paid streaming services which let people listen to Christian music for prices less than secular services. This helps people come closer to the God without paying much. All paid music services allow unlimited downloads, which is a great deal. This way people can listen to the songs on the go and play them whenever they like.All the streaming apps accept major payment methods like Apple Pay, PayPal, etc. so purchasing or renewing a subscription is very easy.

  • Multiple genre

Those who believe that Christian songs are only devotional have not heard a lot of these songs. The biggest advantage of this music is that it covers multiple genres, and is deft in arousing various feelings. You can choose to sit back and listen to relaxing ones, or pump yourself up before a presentation by listening to motivational ones. There are songs which also help you overcome your struggles and make you feel better about yourself. As a matter of fact, the selection of Christian music is more vibrant than other types. Radio stations will be able to play all kinds of Christian songs, and entertain their audience.

The given points explain how Christian music is advantageous for people from all walks of life. Many service providers are now offering special packages for those interested in these songs, which customers should definitely check out.

Top 7 Reasons Why We Love Christian TV Shows

Christian TV Shows

Christian TV shows at the moment are one of the top searches all over the world. People of all religions and faith find them interesting as it sets the standards when it comes to preaching about life. The following reasons tell why everyone loves watching them:

Good stories

A lot of Christian TV shows are credited to have great stories. This is why many of them have continued for several seasons and continue to wow the audience. The target audience of these shows is both religious and non-religious people, so the story does not discriminate. The values and essence of the story makes the shows amazing for both children and adults, which helps in building character and showing the right path in life. Christian shows consider it a responsibility to impart wisdom and knowledge about life, something which cannot be acquired quite easily.

Humanity is promoted

The goal of Christian shows is to make sure that the goals of the religion and upheld. At the centre of this lies humanity, which forms the core of Christianity. You can pick up any Christian TV show and see how they promote embracing the society and building it up rather than putting each other down. Since the agenda of the shows is to promote togetherness and love for all, there is always a dash of goodness in every episode.

Good entertainment

Entertainment and values are both enriched in Christian movies. This combination is a rare feat for TV shows, as most shows are filled with filth and hatred towards each other. One will never be able to find violence in a Christian TV show as the religion does not believe in it. However, this does not mean there will be no laughter or feel good moments in the episodes.

Rejuvenates us

After a tiring day at work, one can happily choose to sit back and enjoy some hours of Christian shows on their TV, to rejuvenate their soul and go back as a happy person. Happiness of the mind can be achieved easily, but these shows provide peace to the soul.

Worthy pastime

Why choose something that promotes useless comedy, violence, and fear when you can readily watch a show which makes you proud as a human? Christian shows are directed towards being an enriching experience of emotions, which is the typical life of humans.

Available in multiple genres

Unlike other shows, Christian TV shows are known for empowering individuals and making them realise that they are the best as a person. During pastime, one will find them quite pleasing as they show both struggle and success. Covering life’s qualities over different genres is what makes these shows great.

Reasonably priced

Many providers allow people to stream Christian shows on the internet. One can also choose to go to an offline store and purchase the DVDs of these shows to enjoy them at their convenience. Furthermore, many providers let users watch these shows for free, making them a great option for watching. If one is looking to save money and get ample entertainment, these shows are the way to go.

Fireproof: Watch on this Valentine’s Day 2019

fireproof movie on valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is one for celebrating the romance and togetherness between couples. Although a typical V-day means going out on a date, but one can also choose to spend quality time with their loved one by watching good Christian online movies. Fireproof is a movie which is available on online streaming services and it concentrates on love between two people. The following reasons state why it is a good watch for V-Day:

  • Marriage takes work

Marriage is in many ways like any other relationship, but differs when it comes to commitment and togetherness. Both partners need to work to make the marriage last long. This is one of the truths of life people do not discuss a lot, maybe because we are now in a different generation. People think that being in love mean never saying sorry, what people do not understand is that being together means always forgiving each other and believing in the relationship. The sad part is that after marriage, people tend to display “buyer’s remorse”, which is not evident while the same people are dating. One needs to take time to invest emotions into the relationship and have patience so as to build a strong faith of love.

  • Falling apart happen even in the strongest of relationships

People have seen a lot of friends fall apart, but the same happens in marriages as the partners are a lot like friends. Since friendship is the first step towards love, a marriage is also a lot like friendship. However, people do not consider each other top priority after getting married, and show less interest in each other. Marriages can also fall apart due to events like bankruptcy, affair, etc. What people must understand is that falling apart happens due to all the mistakes and wrong emotions piling up since long before. The effects of mistakes are slow but steady, which many people fail to find out. Which is why partners should take care of the little things and ensure that they keep each other happy, just like in the beginning of the relationship?

  • Separation creates more problem than it solves

A divorce is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Every problem can be taken care of if the partners are willing to go the distance and solve it together. The chain of events which kick starts after a divorce can affect the person’s feelings in a drastic way. At the end, both of them will be scarred as they decided to part ways and not face the struggles together.

  • This is what a true Biblical love looks like

The father of the male lead advises to hold off the divorce for some days and gives him a book to teach him what he was missing. The book provided him essential guidance and brought him closer to his true self. His dad told him he was getting away from God in simple ways, which is why this problem was upon him. The man makes amends and makes everything right in the end, in true biblical fashion.

Other than these points, the importance of Christian movies is cemented by the fact that it brings relevant topics like adultery and bitterness. On the other hand, the Christian films have no blasphemy or inappropriate inuendos. This V-day, Fireproof must be on your watch list.

Here’s Why You Should Watch a Christian Movie Once A Week

Christian Movies

In the frenzy of peppy chart busters and jaw-dropping backdrops, in the fantasy of ‘Infinity Stones,’somewhere down the line, our faiths seem to be flickering. While we are bogged down by the pace of our everyday rat-race that apparently leaves us enervated, and we are bedazzled by the glitters of the success-ladder, rekindling our faith in truth, unconditional love and compassion become the only way we stay grounded to our roots.

Here’s a list of Christian movies watching which our hope and faith ought to be strengthened, preventing us from going astray in life.

  1. Grace Unplugged: This movie pivots about a father-daughter dynamic, wherein Christianity plays the driving force of the protagonist.Released in the year of 2013, Grace Unplugged portrays a father, who had fallen prey to drug abuse during the heyday of his rock scene and had found his hope of life in the path of Christianity. His daughter wants to be what he was, despite all his cautions. Devoid of the mainstream cheesiness, this movie is a must watch for re-establishing hope in the worst hit times.
  2. Soul Surfer, PG:Never give up attitude towards your dream is what this movie depicts. A surfer girl, Bethany, survived a shark attack. Despite losing her arm, she re-steps into her dream world. To top it all, the photographic experience along with the lovely musical background score leaves an even more intense impact on the viewers.
  3. Unbroken:Path to redemption: This movie pivots about the life story of Louis Zamperini, a survivor of the Second World War, who reeling from his nightmarish experience, gets married to a young woman, Cynthia Apple white. When his inner demons tend to ruin his marriage, he is stirred by the inspirational words of Rev. Once, he embraced the Christian faith, he starts to learn how to forgive his prior oppressors and spread the message of unconditional love and peace.This one is among the most praised Christian faith movies of the recent times.
  4. God is Not Dead: A light in the darkness: A setback of his beloved church being burnt down brings along a number of adverse situations in the life of the protagonist. While things take a turn to the adverse conditions, Hill, the protagonist, gets aid from his atheist brother, a lawyer in order to rebuild his beloved church.
  5. Miracles from Heaven: They say, when medicines don’t help much, it’s your prayers that can be the best healer. This movie reinstates the faith in miracles, with the story of a little girl, Anna. Her illness is incurable as a rare case. With the relentless prayers and help of her mother, she starts healing in a miraculous way, rendering the doctors and her family in surprise.

These are a handful of the best faith based movies watching which can certainly help you sort it out and mend it with hope and love at the adverse crossroads of your life.

War Flowers Movie Review: A Tale of Sorrow and Hope

War Flowers

War Flowers: A Tale of Sorrow and Hope 

The historical-drama film War Flowers deals with emotions from the perspective of a soldier’s wife and daughter. Set during the Civil War, Sarabeth and daughter Melody stayed at farmland. Sergeant John Ellis who owned this farmland joined the Confederate Army.

The story began with a brief scene of a shooting. Melody appeared by the windowpane wishing for his father to come home soon. Every child whose father is a soldier can relate to Melody’s longingness for a father’s presence. There’s always that special bond between a father and daughter. It was her doll and bear that connects her with her father. It kept her in believing that he will return.

What this movie is all about

There were several poignant scenes in the movie. Sarabeth has shown us her sorrow while reading her brother’s letter. She was looking for news about John. Another heartbreaking scene was when her baby Isaac died, and Melody saw how it broke her heart. The pain runs deep for a wife. She is uncertain about her husband’s fate. She’s a mother who is unable to save her baby from sickness while he was out at war.

These scenes explain why Melody kept the truth about her father’s death so her mother can continue to hope that he will be coming back for them. Apart from food shortage, there’s an unruly neighbor Rufus and soldiers who passed on their land while exchanging bullets in the air. Sarabeth needed to have the will to secure their safety and Melody made sure to remind her that the Lord is taking care of them.

Other notable characters were that of Gen. Mcintire and his son Lt. Louis. When his two sons fell in a close encounter, he told Louis he can give his life for the cause but does not want his remaining son to die at war. In an incident, one gentleman shot Louis. He was wounded and end up where Sarabeth is staying. Upon reaching back the Union line, his father ordered his men not to allow his son to cross the line again. The General knew that duties lead to repercussions while they fight in battle. In this case, a father only wanted to spare his son’s life.

What Sarabeth and Louis shared in their brief togetherness is a decent affection for each other. She knew her boundaries as a married woman, and he was a gentleman who respected the fact that both woman and child belongs to another man. Only after Melody confirmed her father’s death were they able to acknowledge looking forward to a future together. Sarabeth was a woman of dignity despite the hardships she faced. Louis was an honorable man.

The film War Flowers resonates to time for sorrow and a time for hope, a chapter in life that ends as the war ends and a new one begins.

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Like a Country Song Movie Review

Like a country song

Like a Country Song Movie Review: An Emotional Tale of Ego and Reconciliation

Adversities happen to lead us to make life better and not bitter. The 2014 Christian drama film Like a Country Song tells a tale how ego impacts lasting hurts for and between one another. Lead character Jake Reeson was a rising country singer in a local town in Nashville. He ruins his budding career by partying and womanizing. His ego served as a façade to shield his pain growing up without a father. Many among us can relate to the kind of ego and pain that Jake had. We turn to our ego to show others that we are tough even when we are hurting inside.

Ego may come from past hurts that were not resolved and forgiven. Jake’s father Bo left him and his mother Mia after the untimely death of their daughter Lily. For years that passed, Bo harbored guilt and Mia made Jake believe that his father died when he was young. All three of them suffered from pain that lingered and affected them separately through the passing of time. By their characters, we may realize how important it is to face an accidental death of a daughter as a family. Instead of running away from the pain and pointing who to blame, Jake’s parents could have shown moral support for each other. It has taken years before Mia was able to forgive Bo. Those years in between could have given them three a period of moving on. Had their healing process came earlier, forgiveness and reconciliation could have happened sooner.

The turning point of the movie

The turning point in the story is when Jake’s old flame Becca gave him a Bible as she was about to leave him again and this time, it is for missionary work in Haiti. Jake reads Matthew’s verse about casting burden when one is weary and God will give him rest. On another scene, Bo turned to the same Bible verse for spiritual strength so he can face Mia again. It is when both Jake and Bo acknowledged their own faults that paved the way for their reconciliation as father and son.

Some incidents in our lives we may forget and yet, there are some that should have been forgiven. The underlying message content for this story was clear and that is every heart that’s been broke could be unbroken. We can correct all the lies and angry words that were once told to one another. Life’s trials may come as messy but when one is willing to make amends with an open heart, there will always be room for the truth, for accepting a fault, for mending the bond of a family and for moving on with a fresh new start.

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