Movies are a great way to wind down on an off day and relax with your family and friends. However, today’s movie industry is filled with movies that do not meet the mark of having good features with appropriate enjoyment. Many are filled with adult-rated content and are not great for family entertainment and sometimes are not a great way to spend time productively or enhancing your relationship with your partner spiritually. In cases, where you’re looking for good Christian romance movies that speak about love and pure relationships, we have got you covered.

The best Christian love movies include:

  • A good message: The best movies have a good and understandable message about pure and true love and a good and healthy relationship with partners and God. Movies without this message do not act as a good Christian romance movie.
  • Show what’s good and evil: A good romance movie not only explores but also shows what a good relationship is and what an evil one is that will bring more ruin to your life than good. Showing this helps viewers understand how to maintain relationships in God.
  • Have Characters who believe in Faith: Having characters, who are protagonists that live and believe in the Faith are a must for a great movie. This shows how a person needs to be, be it inside or outside a relationship or romance.
  • Have you reflecting: The movie shouldn’t be an endless drawl of information. Rather, it should leave you something to chew on after it is over. It should help you take a step back and evaluate your relationship as well. This also helps young adults think about their potential spouses and relationships and how to handle them.
  • Realistic expectations: A good romance movie in Christian faith is one that shows a realistic depiction of a relationship. It is true that falling love is a beautiful and exciting feeling, but the media should also focus on the happenings of the real world and how this works out instead of imprinting unrealistic expectations on the viewers, thereby making them believe and expect too much out of their relationships instead of healthily pursuing them in God. It should show the commitment and work that happens in a real and truly loving relationship.
  • Entertainment value: It is important that the movie shouldn’t do just about anything for entertainment. This is how bad movies are made as they turn out to be excessively sexual or riddled with horrible and evil concepts. A good movie should entertain without these regardless. Good and clean humour with an engaging story-line can by itself make an interesting and entertaining film. Moreover, such films will also be family and kid-friendly so just about anyone can watch them and have a good and productive time.

In conclusion:

Christian romance movies are a great way to enhance your relationships especially during the holiday season or during events like Valentine’s Day or a quiet Sunday with the family; it is productive and helpful when you find the right one to watch.

The 15 Best Christian Movies to Watch on New Year’s Eve of 2019

This holiday season you and your whole family can sit together and watch great Christian movies. This article has top 15 best Christian movies you can watch this New Year’s Eve.

1. Homeless for the Holidays

This movie is about a person who lives a happy life, but bad things start happening. The movie is a great experience to thank for everything you have been given by the Lord this holiday season.

2. Like A Country Song

The movie revolves around a character who is a country singer. He doesn’t care about his fame and parties a lot. The story is about how he finds his success back and finds his father in the process.

3. Gallows Road

This movie has a story of guilt of committing a crime and fighting the inner demons. The male protagonist gets help from his brother who helps him understand the power of God.

4. Savannah

This true story is about a man Ward Allen. During the 1900s, he left everything behind to live in Savannah.

5. The Way Home

The Way Home is another true, inspirational story that shows family values and the search for a missing 2-year old boy.

6. The Light of Freedom

The story beautifully depicts the battle for freedom during the period of 1861. The Union Army’s involvement in the Civil War starts, while the Underground Railroad is fighting for their freedom.

7. War Flowers

Another war movie showcasing a beautiful story of a mother and daughter. They struggle to survive amidst the raging Civil War.

8. Faith’s Song

This is a great story about a girl who loses her parents in a car accident. She has to live with her relatives. But the relatives have different views regarding faith. It is one of the best Christian kids movies you can watch this new year.

9. In His Steps

The movie is about a man who is homeless and interrupts the smooth routine of a church. The changes in lives are depicted beautifully in the connection with Christian values.

10. Fathers

One of the most celebrated Christian children movies, Fathers is about 4 men who are searching for meaning in their life.

11. Beyond Acceptance

The movie showcases the struggles and acceptance of a foster kid in a family.

12. Revive Us

The concept of prayer, worship, and faith become clearer with the explanation offered by Kirk Cameron to the whole nation.

13. The Last Straw

The mom follows a tradition of making a straw bed for Baby Jesus. Each straw reflects a good deed done secretly by someone in the family for another member of the family. The last straw changes a lot for the family bringing them closer.

14. Lost in Wilderness

Lost in Wilderness is about 4 adventurers who want to find their family relic, but have to struggle with the wilderness and each other as well.

15. Molokai

Father Damien travels to the Molokai Island to minister. The island is where the exiled lepers live.

Get your popcorn buckets ready and enjoy all these Christian movies this New Year’s eve.

Why Christians Should Watch Nigerian Christian Movies?

you should watch Christian movies

Believe or not, Nigeria is known as the capital of Christian movies. It has a long history of making entertainment aligned with Christianity and help people feel spiritually stronger.

You can call them African Christian movies, spiritual movies or Christian movies, but they are a necessity for people as they address the daily household issues and offer solutions.

Evangelism and encouragement go beyond the purpose of entertainment

If you are a Christian, watching Christian movies is surely not just about entertainment for you. And that is what the creators of Nigerian Christian movies understand completely. The Christian themes in Nigerian movies go beyond the entertainment and aim to focus on evangelism and encouragement.

Audiences feel, as if, they have lived the scenarios shown in the movies. The teachings offered in these movies motivate to bring change in life.

When watching these Christian movies, it is common for audiences to feel emotions with the characters of the movie. The problems showed in these movies and the scenarios align with the struggles faced by everyone.

The effective impact of these movies is a reason why churches and support groups show these movies and use the presented scenarios to explain and discuss teachings.

Actors value and follow Christianity

Most of the talent discoveries for Nollywood Christian movies involve churches and support groups. Performers, singers, and actors, who showcase their talent in churches, are found for these movies. Hence, the emotions portrayed on screen are genuine. These actors value Christianity and follow it, which makes these movies exceptionally believable and encouraging.

A variety of topics contributing to Christianity

Nigerian movie industry has a diverse profile of content. From showing Jesus’ superiority over evil to addressing sins, the industry offers plenty for a Christian to learn from. There are movies using topics of salvation, witchcraft, voodoo, and other concepts and showing how Christianity is superior to all of them. This variety is what impresses Christians, no matter if they live in Nigeria or don’t.

A perfect blend of stories, acting quality, and messages

Nigerian movies with Christian-themes offer the right balance of stories, acting talent, and messages. The story keeps you captivated and allows you to feel for the characters. The same goes for the actors who work in these movies. They are true believers, which makes their acting talents shine and let the viewers’ dive into the world. The stories and acting quality blend together with the message of the movie. These messages differ from story to story, but all align with the values of Christianity.

If you want to feel touched by stories and understand the power of the Lord, Nigerian movie industry has great Christian movies for you. Every Christian can learn something new with these movies and improve his or her life. The messages and values of Christianity become clearer with the scenarios showcased. With that, you have all the reasons why every Christian should watch Christianity-based movies. If you wish to watch them all, there are online platforms to easily find these movies.

Where Can I Watch Free Christmas Movies?

Merry Christmas

Christmas is just the perfect time to share and strengthen faith in Christ, and this is also when you can celebrate the holidays with your friends and family. No wonder, many movie releases are planned around the holiday season, and if you are someone who is interested in Christian Christmas movies,there’s enough that you can watch at home. Christmas movies that are themed around Christ are huge in number, and there are some amazing streaming platforms that are offering great choices, including new releases. In this post, let’s discuss the varied kinds of ways and means to watch the best Christian movies this Christmas.

Check Streaming Channels

There are dedicated streaming platforms, such as Crossflix, which offers all sorts of Christian faith-related movies, which are ideal for the festive time. You can find basic adult entertainment movies surrounding theme of faith of Jesus, and there are many kid-friendly documentaries, dramas and entertainment shows that the entire family can watch together. If you are selecting a streaming platform for Christian movies alone,find one that’s dedicated to the genre and has more shows. The idea is to select an option that’s not only accessible but is also free. While streaming services do have a subscription charge, the price is actually very cheap and you can literally get access to hundreds of movies and shows for that one price, which makes these almost free.

Television still has some good content

Christmas movies surrounding Jesus and his teachings are also available on channels, but again, you probably have to wait for Christian videos and Christian films to come up. This is also one of the many reasons why streaming services are still better, but let’s not undermine the beauty of television, which offers something or the other for everyone to watch.

What to watch this Christmas?

Some of the best Christian Christmas movies to watch this season include classics like War Flowers and choices like Savannah, Romero, and Polycarp. Christian movies are great for a watch for two important reasons. Firstly, it shows the path of Jesus and how He can help us build a true future, sans those sufferings and problems, and secondly, it shows the true value of our families and how people add meaning to our lives. Parents need to understand that Christmas movies are the only way to preach more about Jesus and His teachings, and this is also the only way to get entertainment for kids, so that they feel interested in their faith with a hint of childishness. If you want to try Christmas movies, make sure to sign up for one of the streaming services that are committed to the love of Jesus. It also makes so much sense to find a service that’s easy to and doesn’t charge a bomb. We promise that these Christmas movies and shows will change the way you think of Jesus and his world. After all, movies are a reflection of real life, and when that becomes about faith and Jesus, things only get better.

On the Road to Salvation: Reflections from the Scripture


On the Road to Salvation: Reflections from the Scripture

Mark 1:11

And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you, I am well pleased.”

This passage came from one of the 12 ordinary men who was entrusted by Our Lord, Jesus Christ to be one of his apostles; Saint Mark.

Saint Mark was an ordinary man, who became one of the four evangelists who wrote the gospel. This verse describes explicitly a beautiful event which took place during The Son of Man’s baptism. After the baptism of Christ, a voice from heaven announced those words. And after this, Christ was set out into the wilderness for 40 days. Angels and wild animals guided him.

The beauty of this verse

This passage resonates with all of us today. Living in an age of confusion, restlessness, and depression caused by the lack of truth and interior goodness. We can only experience joy in Christ, the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Love of Our Father. As we wrestle through each day, fighting fires, seeking happiness in the material world. And painstakingly going through the motions from one demand to another, one worry to another, one frustration to another. We feel as if we are worthless being. We are confused about our being and ‘identity.’ We wonder about the reason  behind this ‘miserable life.’ We aimlessly seek to satisfy our hunger with worldly things. In a ‘busy’ world, we seek to please; we ask to impress, we aim for approval, we search for warmth and acceptance; we strive to be loved.

These are all remnants of our ‘human-ness,’ our ‘fallen’ nature, our ‘wounded’ nature. Which we choose to differentiate with ‘humanity’ — the latter used to describe ‘benevolence’ and ‘compassion.’ We define the former as our ‘human frailty.’ The remnants and consequence of ‘original sin,’ it is described as ‘concupiscence’ or man’s natural inclination towards sin.

How His baptism changed everything

Baptism erases the effects of original sin. But the consequence of original sins such as suffering, temptation, sickness, and death, remain after all our sins are forgiven in baptism. It is a reflection of our ‘human-ness.’ But we must not stop at recognizing and affirming the existence of our ‘fallen’ nature.

The beauty of this passage lies in the undeniable and absolute truth reaffirmed and restated in this passage. We are all children of Our Father in Heaven, as we also recognize and recite during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. And if Our Lord is Our Father, then our home is in Heaven beside Him.

Dr. Scott Hahn, a former Presbyterian minister who has found a great love for Our Lady and the Catholic Church described us as “Pilgrims on our way home.”

Saint Mark, the author of this verse, according to Christian tradition, joined St. Paul and St. Barnabas on their first missionary journey to Antioch. On the road to Cyprus, he left them and went back home, because he became “homesick.” In this context, we see that even the Apostles, were not immune to the consequences of their fallen nature. After this incidence, St. Paul felt like questioning St. Mark’s commitment and reliability as a missionary. He might have felt discouraged and possibly disappointed.

Come home to Our Father

We feel our own personal ‘homesickness’ in the context of lust, constantly failing, being discouraged. Departing from our nature to love, making our fallen nature as excuses and justifications. But there is a deeper and bigger ‘homesickness’ in our call to come home to Our Father who loves us and who is well pleased with us! Who else are we set out to please than He who loves us the most, and who is proud and glad of us? St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo wrote, “You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless until they can find rest in you.” Both you and I are not unfamiliar with this restlessness to love Him more.

There is a need for a constant interior struggle and spiritual warfare. When we feel discouraged and frustrated, when we have failed, when we have fallen to sin, when we are shameful of what we are and what we have become, let us come back, make a good confession, look up and hear Our Father says, “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”

Masterless Movie Review


Masterless: A Quest to Seek Your Own Master

The Christian film Masterless opens with a quote “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the principalities of darkness in the heavenly realm.” This quote prepares our consciousness to a concept of two parallel worlds, one for real and the other a netherworld. The story depicts a man’s journey towards his innermost antagonist and that is himself.

Masterless is an allegorical film that shows what it is like for the main character Kane to go through a mental and emotional battle to enable him to overcome stressful issues that came his way. He was a driven architect who goes for having his own way until he got laid off. These scenes reflected how we put our careers on a pedestal as if our existence depends on it.  When our stature falls, our disposition crumbles. During the transition period, we drift from feeling secure to uncertainty like being in limbo and that is where the journey of crossing over the realm of self-doubt becomes a test.

Kane’s wife Emy is a Japanese girl who gave up their traditional beliefs. She embraced Christianity and became a wife to Kane in spite of the difference in race and religion. Although frail and sickly, she is a source of moral support to Kane. She urged him to talk to their local priest and read the Bible.

There were several nuggets of wise words imparted in both worlds. The Masked Dark Master says a dagger represents a poison, first to the mind than to the heart.  In reality, it means self-justification when there’s a lack of better judgment until the wound runs deeper to hurt the heart. Pain and rage lead to the death in spirit. And the best way to combat them is to have Hope so we can overcome our own weaknesses.

When Emy got hospitalized, there were some noteworthy scenes that followed. Her Japanese mother brought into their house a red printed jar that symbolizes their racial beliefs. Kane’s act of fighting her back in words and breaking the jar means he fought against submitting to the old Japanese religion. He was firm in keeping his faith.

Kane got a new job where he leads a team. His busyness again consumed him to the point of forgetting his wife as she lay in a hospital bed. When she died, Kane thought of taking pills to end his life too. These scenes remind us how success, money, and fame block us from those people who truly mattered to us.

The quote “Who’s next, my Lord?” means that the dark side of our nature is just lurking overhead waiting for an opening where it can affect our brain, heart, and soul. We should always be on guard with our thoughts and feelings so we won’t go astray from the path towards our true Master, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

My God is Bigger than My Fears

The Bible

My God is Bigger than My Fears

Popular literature claims that we are living in an age of fear. Most of the lives we live influenced by fear. Fear of failing, fear of rejection, fear of being broke, fear of discomfort, and fear of defeat. Fear of even the smallest things.

Why do you keep staying where you are? Or why do you keep doing what you do? Why do you keep thinking the way you do?

Fear, according to the dictionary, is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat. It is a mental state that overcomes our body and paralyzes it or pushes it to act within what is known, what is familiar, what is within your comfort zone.

In the parable of talents, the slave who buried the talents entrusted to him was in great fear. He was afraid of the potential dangers of cultivating and multiplying them. He was comfortable with the idea of the talents staying underground, safe from all of those who had evil plans on it. So when the master came back, the master was disappointed. We have a huge tendency to be like this slave.

If Our Father is the King of all Kings, then we’re all princes and princesses in Our Father’s kingdom! We are members of the highest royal family. What must we fear?

“Tell everyone who is discouraged, be strong and don’t be afraid! God is coming to your rescue…” Isaiah 35:4

In times that we are down, in times that we are afraid, in times that we feel small and insignificant when the Devil says “You can’t!” you must look up, for He is always, invariably, lovingly gazing at you. Just as a father wants all things good for his child. Have you ever seen a father who purposefully puts his child in danger?

May we all have the faith of a small child three to four years of age. Like a toddler taking his first ever steps in the world, we must have absolute confidence in all things that Our Lord has put before us – where certainty ends, faith begins.

Our fear of suffering and discomfort prevents us from partaking in the loving passion of Our Lord.

And every time we stumble, when we take a wrong step; when we follow the wrong path, and we end up falling into a dark pit of uncertainty, Our Lord Jesus Christ comes to our rescue and picks us up,  and urges us to try again. Most days we feel like our fears are so large, large enough to crush us and block that glimmer of hope from reaching us. We must think, “My God is bigger than my fears!”

China Cry Movie Review

China Cry

China Cry: Keeping Christianity under Communist Invasion

The Christian movie China Cry is a riveting drama based on the life story of the main character Sung Neng Yee who became Nora Lam. The setting was in Shanghai in 1941, a decade before China’s Great Revolution. The Sung family belonged to the privileged class. Neng Yee was their pampered princess. Her childhood lifestyle ended when the Japanese army invaded Shanghai. These scenes tell us how a war between nations affects people from all walks of life regardless of stature.

There were several heartbreaking scenes in this film. Dr. Sung got detained in the hospital for days and was unjustly accused of stealing a large amount of money from the hospital. Soldiers marked their door and forced them to leave the house. These scenes pushed her to desire her professors’ respect. She fulfilled a feat when she ranked third highest honor on graduation day. She claims it as a moment that eased their humiliation. It reminds us that those who suffered quietly the most strive harder to overcome trials in life and those whose hurt runs deep endures pain in suffering. For Neng Yee, her graduation was the quiet victory that made her become strong-willed.

The film intensively deliberated on the depth of Capitalism and Communism’s ideology. In that era, officials of the New China insinuate that machines will replace workforce in all professions in the future. They believe that societies will collapse due to modern technology that is why they must impose forced labor.

Neng Yee married Cheng Shen who migrated from HongKong. Both knew the repercussions of their union and yet, they chose to stand by each other until the end. Love and commitment held their marriage especially when each of them went under detailed questioning about their personal lives. Their character as individuals and couple teaches us about trust, holding on and letting go when the situation calls for it.

During her detention, she wrote about her experience in a Christian boarding school. She recalled the learnings of faith and initiated talking to God. A female soldier forced her to admit that she is a Christian. She was punished through a firing squad. Miraculously, a strong wind saved her. By then she knew it was God that saved her. She began to feel a promise of hope.

The family continued to suffer but this time, Neng Yee was hopeful. While looking for milk for her second newborn, she found a small Christian group that prayed together. She joined their sessions until they got raided. These scenes mean that even under a pressured condition, Christians will gather to encourage one another using the word of God.

Neng Yee fought for her family’s exit visa. Like planting seeds of faith, she trusted the Lord’s way of granting them their freedom, one day at a time.

Before the Border: A Girl’s Determined Act of Defense

Before the border

Before the Border: A Girl’s Determined Act of Defense

The Christian film Before the Border tells a story about a girl’s determination guided by a principle that everyone has a right to defense. The main character Samantha Johnson was a college student. On the verge of graduation, she was preparing to present a case about the Underground Railroad and legislation governing US border. Unfortunately, another student named Tarquin got interested in the same case. He offered a partnership for the presentation. When Sam declined, he took her notes and conned her to go to the Canadian border if she wanted her notes returned. Otherwise, she gives up her notebook to Tarquin so he can complete the case. Sam accepts the deal including his rule not to use any modern means of transportation to get there.

The first scenes showed the difference in traits between Sam and Tarquin. Sam’s awareness about politician’s ways of excluding immigrants’ rights was her inspiration to pursue becoming a lawyer. She says she wanted to help defend people’s rights for equality especially those who can’t help themselves. On the other hand, Tarquin was the son of a politician who doesn’t care about having dignity in one’s work. He doesn’t care to steal Sam’s ideas for his advancement. In life, we do meet the likes of Sam and Tarquin. This deal sets an example for us to guard not only our written works but more of our guiding principles in life.

Tarquin offered money to hunt for Sam and Jack and prevent them from reaching the border. He reminds us of a rich brat who could afford to pay to get what he wanted. He even raised the amount for grabs upon learning that Sam was heading the border. Towards the end, we learned that what he yearned for was his father’s attention who was a busy politician.

Another notable character is Jack, Sam’s friend who was supposedly a couch potato. Upon realizing that Sam will be trekking to the border alone, he immediately packed things and joined her without hesitation. We have friends like Jack who is readily willing to share our load and go with us in times of our distress. He even gave his clothes to Sam so she could go en-route while he lured the paparazzi away from their track.

While there were setbacks that made their hike more difficult, there were also some people out to help them without breaching the rules of this deal. These scenes remind us to consider people around us willing to help in times of our need. We can also keep ourselves grounded with word of honor the way Sam did. There was an offer to reach the border faster but she chose not to cheat. She kept her word in the bargain.

To conclude, there was not any vital information written in Sam’s notebook. All she wanted was to prove how a determined girl can fight for her goals in life.