The Way Home: A Christian Movie Review

The Way Home

The Way Home: A Reminder of Priorities in Life and Goodness in People

This top Christian movie, The Way Home has a heartwarming message about priority setting and seeing the goodness in people. This top Christian movie is unique because it has no antagonist. It has a simple plot and yet, it has brought forward emotions we can relate to so we can realize what matters most to us.

Main character Randy Simpkins was more preoccupied with workload over family to the disdain of his wife Crystal. Because of this, Crystal wanted them to go on a family vacation. The couple was arranging items in the van when their 2-year-old son Joe asked his dad if they can bring along the black Labrador named Cleo. Randy gently refused then went inside the house to check emails on his laptop leaving the boy and the dog playing in the driveway. In just a few minutes, they disappeared. The couple panicked. Crystal blamed Randy that had he tucked Joe into the van then he could not have wandered off. These scenes remind us to balance commitment towards job and family.

The Simpkins property is a 5-acre land, and for a 2-year-old boy, the area was treacherous. Some parts looked like a forest, having small lakes and swampy areas. There are areas littered with construction materials, equipment and debris. The land description may represent roadblocks in our personal and professional lives. Clearing the litter may give us a better perspective on which direction we choose to go.

One poignant scene worth noting was when Randy fell on his knees in the middle of the woods and prayed to God. He asked for signs to lead him to find his son and to let him not be dead. This scene reminds us that we can turn to God when we are feeling distraught, confused and hurt. Hurting is inevitable. However, lifting our hurts to God allows us to bravely face an emotionally draining situation such as in this story.

The Community Helping Each Other

The film highlights how the townsfolk, the police, firefighters and church-workers came together to search for Joe. It showed us the goodness in people. Some joined to pray with Crystal and gave moral support. At most times, we need words of encouragement to keep our faith and hope anchored. The help extended to us adds up to the spiritual strength we need during our times of desperation.

A retired engineer named Ed Walker joined the search party in spite of walking with a stick because for him, finding Joe unharmed was like saving his younger brother that he failed to do when he died on a road accident a long time ago. He felt released from self-imposed guilt upon seeing the boy.

The reunion scene was indeed a joyous moment for everyone. It’s like finding a treasure like gold. Nothing is more valuable than seeing a lost child, much like we are to Our Father in Heaven.

Dog Jack: A Boy Becomes a Soldier and a Dog Becomes a Hero

Dog Jack

The Christian movie Dog Jack set during the American Civil War where black people are slaves to white people. The main character in this movie is Jed. A 14-year old slave that grew up in General Eli Cooper’s plantation. Although the General treated him better than other slaves. He beat Jed’s father a lot that led to his death.

The film demonstrated how white people treated the black people so poorly in that era. Fast forward to this day, racial discrimination still exists. One race goes against another. Regardless of the difference in skin color, physical appearance or culture, we can find ways to accept each other.

There are several poignant scenes in this film. One worth mentioning is Jed’s scene with his mother handing him the cross and telling him not to forget the Lord. Bitterness was broiling within Jed, so his mother reminded him to hold on to what he knew about the Lord.

Trials in life are aplenty. We can choose to wallow in our sorrow or lift to the Lord all the matters that are beyond our control. Jed escaped the plantation with his dog Jack so he could join the Union army opposing General Eli.

Revenge was his driving force so he can become a soldier. Much like when we face difficult situations in our lives. We were pushed to take action especially when we are deeply hurt. The ones that scarred our heart the most we use as a reason to survive the odds.

Another important character is Reverend Stewart. He showed his vulnerabilities as a person and yet, he protected Jed from bounty hunters by claiming that he is an altar boy.

We may sometimes think we face our battles alone. In moments like this, we get words of encouragement from those we consider friends.  The Reverend told Jed that God and Christ could give him the power to forgive General Eli. It is the same for us. We seek the Lord’s forgiveness so we can forgive ourselves and others who wronged us.

The film also revolved on how brave and loyal the dog Jack was to Jed especially when he served as a mascot to the regiment. His skills were valuable. There were scenes that showed Jack running ahead of the corps in spite of the exchange of bullets flying in the air.

The climax of the film happened when Jed learned the truth about his identity before he came face to face with General Eli in the battlefield. The scene portrayed a powerful message of forgiveness that frees the forgiver more than the forgiven, and that’s what freedom from bondage means.

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Why wait? A Crossflix devotional article

Crossflix Devotional Article

A Crossflix Devotional article.

Why Wait? When the World Gives Mostly Everything in an Instant Now.

In today’s day and age, there’s instant noodles, instant popcorn, instant messages. What else? We have mostly everything within our reach.

Our patience need not be tested whenever we order something from fast food chains. That is the beauty of modern-day living. We do not have to wait days, months, and years to acquire mostly anything we want. Even in relationships! Imagine a world where having a boyfriend or a girlfriend is as easy as 1-2-3!

In this case, love is also blatantly compared with a point, click, or a touch of our fingertips, and voila… we have love right in front of our eyes! Magic?

Well, not really. Sad to say, but this culture of getting things in an instant creates a lack of patience in ourselves. We often turn to our phones to get the validation we want. A simple like can make our hearts skip a beat. The same goes with a share, comment, or heart on our profile photos on Facebook.

We check our phones from time to time just to see if our friends have checked out our latest photos. And then immediately get sad whenever we do not feel smothered with those forms of flattery right off the bat.

Sadly this is the reality nowadays. Technology has influenced us in countless ways that we become so depressed because of the culture of impatience.

What does God say about patience, by the way?

“Whoever is patient has a great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered displays folly” (Proverbs 14:29).

True enough, God advocates for patience all throughout the verses in the Bible. The Book of Proverbs has a lot of indications on this virtue that whatever the world may impose on patience, this timeless principle remains the same since the time of Adam and Eve and our other forefathers.

Patience is a virtue we cannot dismiss out of our lives. God did not promote patience just because He wanted us to suffer. Just think about Abraham and Sarah who did not have an offspring until they were so old that they seemed like grandparents already.

What about Jesus who started His ministry at the age of 30? The other characters from the Bible are older when they got acquainted with their missions in life. Noah, Moses, and the others started their ministry at certain ages – not as young as the others.

Hence, when we come to think of it, yes, there may be times when we may feel like we have been left out because of our age. We might get sad thinking about the time we have been waiting for a miracle to happen. Or feel neglected when we feel that God had been deaf with our prayers. Are you praying for that healing? Praying for that broken relationship and for that certain financial provision?

God makes us wait for reasons unfathomable by human intelligence. We are waiting because of a greater purpose. That purpose may still be unknown right now, but it will surely be worth the wait if we just keep on trusting Him with all our heart, mind, and soul.

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Gallows Road: A Christian movie about Brotherhood and Finding Direction

Gallows Road

The Christian movie Gallows Road takes us to a story of brotherhood beyond measure. Main characters Bob and Seth Collins were about to open the Antique Shop. It was formerly owned by the father of the Cain Brothers Maddy and Snake.

Grieving for both the death of their father and losing their shop. The Cain Brothers connived to scare Bob Collins. This led to hitting his head unconscious and setting his house ablaze killing his wife and kids.  Since the plot missed to present how the Collins acquired the shop. The driving force of the Cain Brothers was more of envy than retribution. Envy is a deadly sin that provokes us to act against our neighbor regardless of its consequences.

Jake was unaware of the Cain Brothers’ intention against Bob but joined them for the sake of brotherhood. Viewers can relate to his role when we fall into the peer pressure trap. We saw Jake’s fear when Maddy threatened him with a shotgun and retreated to the vehicle while witnessing what they did to Bob’s family. The feeling he had in that scene is the same feeling we get when we get pushed by peers into a situation we may later regret.

The tragedy has left Bob to become reclusive. This act gives us two things. Either we linger in our sorrow or give ourselves the time to heal so we can move forward. In Bob’s case, he chose to blame God for his mishap that made him stop going to church.

The turning point in the story revolves on two scenes. One with guilt-stricken Jake and the other with God-fearing Seth. Still deciding if he will join Bob in taking vengeance through arms. While Jake fails as a family man, his employer and friend Frank encouraged him to get through his inner torment and fix his wrongdoings. It was Frank who expressed the message of this film. He said that everyone has abilities to get out of their Gallows Road. He also stated that Jake was not lost but just in the wrong direction.

When we have a friend like Frank, he is a blessing. His friendship extended understanding when Jake needed it the most. On the other hand, Seth showed Bob his loyalty by being at his side even if he knows that Bob may hurt him. This act reminds us that the bond between siblings runs deep. A brother can and will defend a brother against all odds.

The culminating scene in this film was when Jake sacrificed himself to save the boy. Bob forgives Jake seeing that he risked his own life to save Bay. This act means each of us has the chance and the choice to do the right thing and make amends for any wrong we may have done. This Christian movie Gallows Road reminds us to choose wisely which direction to go.

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Christian Movie Review: All Saints

Christian Movie

All Saints: Planting Seeds of Faith

Based on a true story, the Christian movie All Saints tells us about a salesman turned Pastor named Michael Spurlock. The Council assigned him to assess and sell the property where the church was situated. His acquaintance with the elderly townsfolk gave him a peek into the history of the place and its people.

These scenes remind us to look beneath the surface of our problem so we may better understand it before deciding how to resolve it. Pastor Michael agreed to issue flyers to invite more people to attend the church service. He showed us his openness to consider options to save the church.

On another sub-plot, Korean refugees from Burma came to town as a result of a civil war. Due to limited food stamps and with no potential employment available, they went to the church for refuge.

There were fifteen families needing food and shelter, and the church was up for sale. A compelling scene was when Pastor Michael was having a pep talk with his son about the Koreans fate after the church gets sold. During their exchange of thoughts, the son’s reply was, “Aren’t you God’s help?”

Another scene was when Pastor Michael was out in the fields one evening when it rained. He went into the bedroom to tell his wife that God made him realize he has land and farmers. His idea was to come up with a farm to feed the people and pay the mortgage.

Both scenes remind us about the skills and resources that we can make good use of when we are in a life-changing situation especially if it will impact the people around us.

Pastor Michael led the Korean farmers to till the land and plant vegetables. Then the challenges unfold one after the other. They needed equipment for watering the field. Pastor Michael required to keep the Koreans committed to their tasks even when they face problems of their own. Heavy rains came, and they try to salvage crops as much as they can.

There was an offer to take in the leafy vegetables across town, but their vehicle got impounded resulting to the leaves getting spoilt. In our life’s course, challenges are aplenty. They may come one after the other or sometimes, drown us until frustrations engulf us.

These scenes teach us about surrendering to God what is beyond our control so He can have His way with it.

In his last mass, Pastor Michael invited the churchgoers to go out in the field to tell everyone that they may have failed to save the church, but they were able to care for one another regardless of racial differences. The sermon moved the Bishop who decided to vacate his post so there will be funds to save the church.

These ending scenes demonstrated hope against all the odds. The film All Saints plants seeds of faith and hope within us where we can draw spiritual strength from when we need it.

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Love according to God

Love According to God

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?” (Romans 8:35)”

“Nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:39)

Love According to God

That’s what the Bible says about God’s love for men. It encompasses His love for His Son, Jesus Christ. God equates to love. This love is the kind of love that we see from God. He is the God of love, grace, and mercy.

In reflection, we as humans, as people searching for love most of our lives, tend to look at love as emotions. We end up lonely every time we think of the state of our relationships. Questioning God, ending up impatient and lacking trust in Him that He will provide us with what’s best for us in His own perfect time.

Our tendency is to look for love in different areas of the world. We seek for worldly things, habits, experiences, and people. Consumed by different vices like alcoholic drinks, gambling, overspending, and dwell on various addictions. Thinking that through these we will get the love we deserve.

Real love is not like that. His desire to love is sincere. God wants to empower us and be the best at everything that we do. The love that we have from God is never-ending that we do not have to seek refuge from temporary sources of this feeling. With God, there is an overflowing love.

No other human possession or affections can compare with God’s love; He gave His Only Son Jesus Christ to save us from our sins. Imagine a Father who would send His Son to die. Who would do such a thing? No one else can do that for you and me only God.

He Sacrifices His Son

Jesus died to redeem us from our sins. He gave up His life to spare us from the wraths of hell. That’s how powerful God is.

God created us with a true purpose. We were given the chance to live in this world to marvel at His gifts to us. He gave us a family and more to experience life to the fullest.

He gave us our talents to share with the world. God granted us values and virtues to be instruments of His love. He gave us the free will to search for our purpose.

This is how amazing God is! We were bestowed with all these presents to experience his great enthusiasm for us. God is a God of love and will always be. He is our loving Father, a God of ultimate compassion for us. There is no reason for us to feel unloved.

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Why You Should Recommend To Watch Christian Movies For Teenagers?


Teenage is a very important phase of life during which the child grows into an adult. During this phase of life teenagers go through many influences in life which to a large extent determine how their future would shape up. The choices that they make have a major impact on their life.

Hence, it is important that they get the right message during this phase of life. Christian values can help teenagers to determine what is right and what not and make right choices in their lives. Christian movies for teens are a great option to impart the Christian values in the teenagers as well as provide them with an entertainment option.

Teenagers watching Christian movies – Benefits

Christian movies offer great life learning around various aspects like morality, good -bad, right things to do etc, which would help teenagers to build up right perspectives about life. These teenage movies like Christian Kids movies cater to themes which relate to the specific age group. They necessarily might not be stories from the bible but could contain characters similar to real life to which the teenagers can connect. The benefits of watching Christian Movies for teens include:

  • Source of learning: Christian movies cover a wide range of aspects which provide scope for teenagers to learn many things regarding the good aspects of life. During this phase of life, there are many factors which influence the thought process of the teenagers. There are many sources that they seek to learn new things and to satisfy the questions they have about life. Christian movies with focus on teenagers provide them with the right source which imparts the right knowledge of various things in life.
  • Connect: All the stories in Christian movies are not based on the stories from bible. The movies are more contemporary and are picked up from real life situations which the teenagers are likely to encounter. These stories narrate a situation and offer a solution. Teenagers would be able to connect their own life with the stories in the Christian teenage movies and thereby develop an understanding on the things which are considered as good and the ones which are not.
  • Entertainment: One of the basic perceptions as far as learning especially in regards to a good Christian way of life is to sit in the sermons and being sermonized to on how to live a good life. Teenagers would find this boring and not an attractive option especially with a wide variety of entertainment options being available. Christian movies new releases for teens are made keeping this aspect in focus, to develop an entertaining content which would attract the attention of the teenager as well as impart learning. There are many good movies which are made in this genre which manage to serve the dual purpose.

Changing trends require change in approach in the way things are done. Christian teenage movies are one such innovative way of reaching out to teenagers to provide the right advice which would help shape a good future for them.

Joy in Christ Jesus

Joy in Christ Jesus

Joy in Christ Jesus 

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 15:13)

Are you joyful with your life right now? How are you feeling right now? If you are not feeling joyful right now, what makes you feel lonely instead?

Does your heart leap with joy, the kind that genuinely comes from the inside? Yes, joy is different from happiness. Happiness is externally inspired while joy, on the other hand, can be founded on internal motivations.

God wills that we be joyful, experiencing it through the power of the Holy Spirit. As one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, joy in Christ Jesus is meant to be experienced if we live in the Spirit.

“Rejoice in the Lord.” (Philippians 3:1)

This is a clear manifestation of God’s will for us to remain joyful. It’s not just about thinking happy thoughts; it’s more about a longer lasting feeling of satisfaction with God by our side.

Do we experience beauty in the works of God? If so, that is a joy as well. When you feel down and do not know what to do or who to turn to, remember that God wants us to experience joy and eternal pleasures.

These truths are in the form of God’s wisdom. God’s wisdom may not be the shortcut route we are imagining, however. We may encounter difficult times ahead when we follow God’s will. However, this is where authentic joy abounds.

The Bible, in fact, is filled with the ways to live and find joy in Christ Jesus. As long as we live up to these principles, we will definitely feel lasting joy. The Ten Commandments, for one, is a great source of tenets we can refer to when we feel lost. By honoring God and our parents, loving our neighbors, and caring for the people around us and for God’s creations, we can never go wrong.

Part of living with joy is resting in God’s promise of a great life as long as we trust in Him. Sure, there may be times when we underestimate God’s plans for us. We worry too much, ending up miserable because of the littlest things. And forget that God has an ultimate plan for us. We just have to have a firm trust in Him.

“You have turned my mourning into dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy.” (Psalm 30:11)

The verse above just states how God can readily turn our mourning into joy. It reminds us that God does not forget His promises. He loves us so much that He wants to bless us with everlasting joy and peace.

When we manifest a joyful heart and being, trust that it will radiate onto the others we encounter. We will serve as the gem in the pile of rocks, with God by our side. And bring light and life to the people around us. We will be instruments of joy, ready to spread this contagious feeling to the ones who need it the most.

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Why Do People Like to Watch Christian Movies Nowadays?

Christian Movies

Nowadays people have been fed up with that old stuff of content shown in generic movies where people are usually depicted scenes of crime, adultery, sorrow and fraud, which adversely impacts the mental state of people and makes them unstable as well.

On the contrary side, a Christian movie does not only provide quality entertainment but also makes them peaceful as well. Almost every current Christian movie delivers some meaningful message which is generally not in the case of other mainstream movies. Faith-oriented movies cover all range in Hollywood in the modern time.

Ranging from Biblical epic “Son of God” to encouraging story of “God’s Not Dead”, faith based movies are bringing big stars and a huge audience.

Here we tell you the reason behind watching Christian movies by the folks and why do they like to watch them.

They strengthen the central value of Christian faith

Faith-oriented movies have a manner of depicting sincerely held Christian value in order to provide them new expression and life. You usually come to hear phrase like “unconditional love”. Christian movies enable you to watch value become personified in new characters, unforeseen relationship and exclusive settings- and usually form a contemporary prospective that enables you to develop deep interest straight into the movie.

They deliver a good way to participate in wholesome family time

The entertainment world is completely loaded with movies that glorify- lust, violence, greed, addiction and so on. So people seek for faith-based movies as a substitute- as a way to encourage and give optimism in what can sometimes appear like a desperate and lost world.

They consist of powerful script depicting in an entertaining way

Contemplate about Bible- it is an assembly of tales that ultimately create an epic tale. Now also imagine about faith films- they also provide a glance at the untold stories of folks, life and relationship. In specific, faith-oriented movies portray the exceptional struggle that convey actual life as a Christ follower. Just like we acquire the lesson of living from the stories of Bible, we can pick up lessons about the life from the portrayed stories in such kind of movies.

Faith-oriented movies can be thought provoking, emotional and even funny- all these features enable audience to draw any other movie. Such movies reflect that without ignoring the struggles.

They further support to spread the word of God

Movies can be a significant way of introducing folks to the reality of the gospels in a relevant manner. It is a key of reaching folks who are great pictorial learners. Biblical stories come to life in such kind of movies and you never realize when you capture the words proclaimed in the holy bookies,so people are making their life better by learning crucial life lessons with the help of these movies.

Some Christian movies like Letters to God, Heaven is for real and all others movie by Kirk Cameron and Alex Kendrick have an exceptional position in hearts of several folks. Due to the complete package of entertainment and inspiration being offered by the best Christian movies, it has become the main reason of people’s interest towards them.