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Crossflix is a free platform for people with love for Christian movies. You are offered different Christ related content, new releases, documentaries, and educational content at one place. You can get easy and trouble-free access to the videos through our digital streaming network at any time of the day or night. SIGN FOR IT TODAY.Have you tried to develop the habit to watch Christian videos on a Sunday Afternoon?Foremost, it is hard to search for the quality movies for Christian on the major mainstream networks such as Netflix. And on Sunday, the local Christian store that sells Christian videos remain closed.

Crossflix presents you free access to the Christian content all day and each day!

Whenever you look at a Christian video from Crossflix, you can be confident that your dear and family ones are watching inspirational, uplifting content that is clean and fresh. We are with the aim to provide our audience with entertainment, education and bring joy to our audiences face by providing them with the best movies for Christian available today.Crossflix offer movies for kids and adults alike.Subscribe Crossflix for Access to All Types of Free Christian Entertainment Crossflix is designed to provide you with both information and amusement. By getting our monthly subscription, you will get access to the latest movies for Christian of 2017, 2018 and 2019. Also, you will get instant access to the top-rated Christian online entertainment from the earlier years.The programming of Crossflix includes a variety of genres. These genres include Drama Christian films, Comedy Christian entertainment; Love Christian based movie, Christian movies, Movies on Christian marriage and other excellent Christian entertainment.Why opt for Crossflix? Because we are on the mission to give you and your family with the best Christian entertainment of all the time- at an affordable rate that your family can easily afford.(Click here to discover how you can try Crossflix for free movies online).

How the journey of Crossflix started?

Crossflix came into the picture with the help and assistance of Hollywood movie producer and director, Alan Mehrez and his wife, Aileen. Alan was brought up in Los Angeles. His family always took the path of faith, and his role model was his Godfather, Charles Lederer.Lederer was a well-known and major American screenwriter and film director who wrote screenplays such as the original “Oceans 11” along with Frank Sinatra, “Mutiny on the Bounty” along with Marlin Brando, and “Gentleman Prefer Blondes” which starred Marilyn Monroe.Rising up in the industry, Mehrez had the chance to act in the movies along with stars like Doris Day and Nancy Sinatra.The love of industry eventually drove him to make a career as a movie producer and director. And then he has produced several films such as Bloodsport franchise (which also launched actor Jean- Claude Van Damme’s career).Alan had the opportunity to work with various famous actors and actresses in Hollywood. Though as time progressed, so did the industry. Movies that would have once received an X rating are now considered as R movies!Not only are movies have become more sexualized and risqué, but even mainstream television has changed the opinion of “family” TV. Now, the Christians are much more uncovered against the violence, sex, and foul language than the past times.

Wouldn’t you rather let your family watch Christianity based movies?

Alan got fed up with Hollywood and mainstream television and so did his wife, so they both left the industry and relocated to Southern Florida. Still, in trauma by what was happening in the industry and the distributing influences on already emotionally vulnerable teens and young adults, both of them realized that they need to focus on the movies about faith in God.

They searched for all the Christian based entertainment movies on mainstream channels such as Netflix and Pure Flix. Though, they still felt that there is something more to be done. The reason they knew the industry so well, Alan and Aileen were determined to do something about it. Why not start a Channel which is dedicated to videos?

With the assistance of their inner circle of family and friends who had the similar desire for more Christian films new releases, and videos for kids, families, and adults, Alan and Aileen came up with Crossflix. The primary and sole purpose was to be an online resource for the best and excellent entertainment for adults and children.

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For a restricted time, Crossflix is available for the first 30 days for free of cost. That’s correct! Get access to hundreds and thousands of Christian based content online right now with your 30-day trial. And you can call off anytime, we ask no questions. You can do this by visiting our website or by emailing us at contactus@crossflix.com.

How much time do you with your family spend watching TV? According to the US Department of Labor, the standard person between ages 15 and 44 watches two hours of TV per day. And those over 65 watches four hours watch TV on average.

What if you can use those hours to strengthen your walk along with Christ rather than filling up your mind with unenthusiastic news and explicit content? What kind of shock can Content related to Christianity have on your family?

With Crossflix, we want to instruct you and your family as well as entertain you. Additionally, to Christian- based comedies, dramas, and action films, you will also find religion Christ films online which are designed to educate you more about God’s word.

Once the 30 days have passed on, a small monthly fee will be charged for a small monthly fee for constant access to our video library which is full of Christ preachings.

Why Videos and Programming is a subject for Christians?

According to a report done by Focus on the Family, membership in mainline Protestant churches that have come to believe many of the secular beliefs of the world is in decline.

There are over 271,000,000 Christians who reside in the United States. Although, those who follow the teachings of the Bible are in fact on the rise!

In a world of instant availability to all kinds of information, people need more resources and access to truth and the teachings of our Lord and our Savior, Jesus Christ. They are eager for it!

Sign up today to get free and easy access to the best Christian movies online.

Christian streaming television endorses the gospel in an amusing way that those young and old can recount too, without changing the message.

At this time, television makes up only up to 1% of the mainstream Christian streaming channels- which is a tiny fraction of the market. When you support us, we are able to certify the content related to Christianity which helps Christian actors, filmmakers, and a distributor to extend the message about the preachings of Christ.

Since the launch of Crossflix last year, it has been recognized as the leader in Christian streaming, providing the best movies to the Christian audience. Although, maintenance of this drive necessitates require ongoing support. Creation of high quality, Christian videos are becoming expensive. Things such as secular programming, licensing fees, staff, rent, and marketing require a huge cost.

As dissimilar to the secular programming, when you subscribe to a Christian TV channel, you are sustaining and empowering the Christian filmmakers and other different Christians involved in the industry.

Are you interested in helping us with the cause? You can easily do this by becoming a Crossflix donor. The subscriptions and donations done by you enable the Christian filmmakers to continue the making of quality programming. Your donations are important and help in feeding the hearts and souls of our family rather than exposing them to violence, sex, and negative shows and movies.

With your support, we can maintain the growth and become a real and genuine alternative to the secular streaming movie channels. DONATE NOW TO SUPPORT CROSSFLIX.


Surely you can find Christian films on Youtube or on Netflix, but can you get the same quality level? If it is the youngest members of the family watching, what else will they be exposed to on these networking channels? With Crosslfix, you can become confident that your family obtains quality, family friendly Christian content which is really good!

Access free Christian based content new releases 2019, 2018, 2017 and earlier years.

Watch the popular and entertaining flicks such as the Last Ounce of Courage, the 2012 movie which is about the war on Christmas or new Christian films such as Faith’s song or Polycarp.

We present you with literally thousands of documentaries, educational videos and the excellent Christian content to choose from. And with your subscription and support, we will persist to add new programming to the channel. So, you have nothing to lose. Try us for 30 days, and if for any reason, you make up your mind to not continue with us, you can simply cancel your membership on the website or write us an email at contactus@crossflix.com


Thank you for your support!

Thank you for your support!