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Crossflix provides your family with thousands of Christian Movies , Documentaries and Educational Videos all in one place. Crossflix is the best alternative to mainstream Television. Mainstream Television has indecent sexual images, offensive language and socially negative behavior in much of its movies and television shows. Crossflix in contrast is a family clean channel that carefully curates its content. This family friendly Channel aims to Entertain, Educate and Inspire its audience. There are 100,000,000 Christians  that go to Church every week in the United States alone, yet many of those same Christians Subscribe to Secular Streaming Channels that attack Christianity. We have no hidden agenda, and only aim to spread the word of Christ through great Movies, Documentaries and Educational Videos for Adults and Kids alike. Crossflix is a safe place for you and your kids to get inspired and get connected with our heritage.

Our Christian Streaming Channel is made up of Christians who care very much about you and who understand your challenge in finding the right programming for your family, that’s why we came up with Crossflix: a unique Christian Movie Channel that provides thousands of Christian Films, documentaries and educational videos all focused on Christianity.
We bring your family the best Christian programming. We offer the best inspirational entertainment all in the comfort of your home.

Crossflix Needs Your Help, Christian Streaming Television Needs your Help, Christianity Needs your Help!

Why Christian Streaming Television Matters!

Christian Streaming Television promotes the gospel in an entertaining way that kids and young Adults can relate to. We license Christian content and that helps Christian Actors, Filmmakers and Distributors spread the teachings of Christ. Crossflix launched a little over a year ago and has since become recognized as a leader in Christian Streaming. Although there are 271,000,000 Christian Brothers and Sisters in the United States alone Christian Streaming Television makes up only a tiny fraction of 1% of Mainstream Christian Streaming Channels. We created Crossflix as a Christian alternative to Mainstream Streaming Television and its negative political messages and attacks on our Faith. For us to Grow we need your help! SUBSCRIBE or DONATE NOW.

Join us in our Journey to bring you the Best in Christian Entertainment and Education because we can’t do it without you. Operating a Channel that offers Quality Christian Videos, Documentaries, Christian Animated Biblical Education for Kids and Christian Educational Videos is very expensive. We have to pay licensing fees for content (which helps empower Christian Filmmakers), staff, rent and marketing among other expenses. We can grow to be a real alternative to Secular Streaming Movie Channels, but we can’t do it without your help. WE NEED YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS AND WE NEED YOUR DONATIONS. DONATE NOW!

Education through Entertainment

We don’t only keep you and your children entertained, but, also try our best to educate. We do this with the help of the movies and Christian Educational Videos on our Christian Movie Channel.

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Our Christian Streaming Channel provides your family with the Christian movies New Releases, Christian Documentaries and Christian Educational Videos for Kids and Adults. We offer you a 30 day-free-trial. You can cancel anytime by either going to our website or emailing us at at: contactus@crossflix.com.

After the 30 days are up, we charge a nominal fee for your access to thousands of Christian movies online, Documentaries, kids’ content and Educational Videos which in many cases costs less than the price of one movie you would buy per month. We are confident that you will love Crossflix and together we can make it grow with more Quality Documentaries and Education and upcoming Shows we plan to Produce. Become a Subscriber today! Start your free trial now.

We are always here for you

Get the Best Christian movies, Videos and new releases at one stop. Help put your kids on the right path by guiding them to Our Channel where they will surely get inspired by watching Christian Movies and learn through our Christian Educational Tools. Remember we are always here for you, should you have any questions at all about our service or how to access it on your tablet, device or Television don’t be shy contact us at: contactus@crossflix.com.